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  1. @Kismet I did end up getting 375ml with the anchor lift. I'm almost 4 weeks post op ??
  2. Just wanting to know any ladies that got 375ml or cc extra full profile dual plane with a lift (even without). Where you happy with the size? Pictures would be amazing too!
  3. I am 165cm tall and weigh 60kg, and wanting boobies like these. I am needing a lift and looking more like an anchor lift. Would I still be able to achieve these breasts?
  4. Just wanted to see if you used a loan who did you go through. Not wanting a big bank more of a personal loan from a private bank. What was your payments like and what was the maximum price you could borrow?
  5. Thank you for your reply. I am located in Bundaberg QLD. I'm getting married in October and just wanted to know latest I can leave the surgery so I will be comfortable on my wedding day ?
  6. Currently looking at getting a BL and BA through either Dr Edmond Ek or Dr Dilip Gahankari. Has anyone gone through these doctors and what are your thoughts. Also what would be a good recovery time before October and I'm open to any doctor suggestions.
  7. Thank you heaps. I'm still waiting to hear back from another surgeon closwr to where I live but if by the end of this week (I emailed last week) I will go with Dr Gahankari ??
  8. Hey did you have a problem or any negative comments about dr dilip gahankari? Currently looking at him to do my BL and BA ??
  9. I'm now looking at Dr Edmund Ek. I can't find any bad reviews and alot of girls have said he is great. Anyone gone through or heard of him?
  10. Hey I'm looking at getting a breast lift and implants and wondering if anyone has advice or gone through dr sheree moko or dr Jeremy hunt? I live in Australia. Also money is tight as we are planning our wedding for October and want to get the girls fixed before then. Also what would be a good recovery time before October and I'm open to any doctor suggestions.
  11. Hey I've been looking around at getting my boobs fixed after having my 3 kids (no more for us!) And I've been looking at Dr Sheree Moko. Has anyone gone through her and what's your feedback? I'm needing to make my decision asap as I am getting married early October and I want to be comfortably healed by then. I'm also been looking at Dr Terrence Scamp. Open to any advice too. TIA!
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