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  1. Hi watergirl, I am sorry to hear you got breast implant illness. I have been investigating this. Even talked with my surgeon on the risks. I am finding it hard to really understand as the symptoms are very vague ( I could easily list several symptoms on the list that I have on and off due to my own hormone fluctuations ). I know tonnes of people who have implants for years with no issues. I know that in 10 years I will have to have a check and maybe another surgery anyway - so if there are health concerns i’ll take them out. Its easy to say do as I say, not what I do. Implants have been around for a long time and only in recent years with social media, people are doing their own anecdotal research. It’s just not enough for me to feel I shouldn’t get them. I am not getting textured as they have been proven to cause cancer by medical research. Thanks
  2. Amazing! Very kind man and super confident with what he is talking about. Everything he recommended is what I was already thinking so felt confident with him ☺️ Thank you so much for the recommendation! I have no idea what breast size I am as I have barely anything and always felt too insecure to get sized professionally. I think almost a b cup but I emphasise the ALMOST part. I was wanting to go up to a D so that is exciting you got there with the same cc! Are you happy with the size? Anything you would suggest for picking the size/implant? I want to get more volume at the top of the breast, compact and good side profile. ☺️ Are you happy with the overall volume and profile with that size? I am almost a b cup and have minimum breast tissue to work with. ?
  3. Hey ladies, Just had my first consult today with Dr. kollias in Adelaide. He recommended me 375cc, round, high profile implants, dual plane. I liked the look too in my sports bra but have zero idea what they will look like nude. Anyone have similar sizing want to give me a look ? or what size did you get with pictures?
  4. Thank you! I did see a lot about Dr. Kollias but was discouraged when I couldn't find a website or anything. How was best to contact him?
  5. Has anyone had a breast augmentation with Dr. Lam in Adelaide? I just started researching for myself to get a breast augmentation in Adelaide and his reviews look really good. His website doesn't have before and after pictures though and I want to hear more details from ladies who have gone through him.
  6. Hi, I am wanting a BA under 6k. I am a simple case, happy with my shape just want to go from an A cup to a C cup for wedding in October. I have seen good things about TCI. Anyone had surgery there please comment and tell me who your surgeon was! Thanks in advance! I am so excited for this journey!
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