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  1. @maddyadelaide I am allergic to panadeine forte, so I'm currently taking celebrex (anti inflammatory) and panadol and today have just stopped taking endone (as the worst of the pain has stopped) also been given a course of antibiotics which I'm still getting through.
  2. @maddyadelaide I wore just trackpants and a zip up hoodie to my surgery. so glad I did as it was easy to get into post surgery, and have been wearing this sort of thing since (currently 3 days post op) keep everything you need within arms reach. I found the little neck/travel pillow fantastic for sleeping at night, I have been able to sleep half upright with this. also the day of my surgery i washed my hair then had my hair parted and plaited so that way it would stay like that for the first couple of days without having to wash or use dry shampoo. I know that you're told to we
  3. @MrsGreatfull00 Hi all I'm currently 3 days post op and just starting to feel better, the first 2 days were pretty full on with post op pain, but as long as you follow your post-op pain management plan and sleep as much as you can it makes it bearable. I'm so happy with my results it's definitely worth all I have gone through!! good luck to all the remaining May ladies and to the others that are currently recovering hope you are all going well and are happy with your results!!
  4. I was wondering if any of you lovelies had used and upright bed pillow in your early recovery and if you did, we're they any good? I'm considering buying one just not sure if they are any better than a tri pillow
  5. Thanks for the welcome @MrsGreatfull00, yes that's right 10th if may and cannot wait, a mixed emotion of nerves and excitement, it's been a long time coming!
  6. Hi, I'm booked in for 10th May, getting very close and very excited and nervous all at the same time!
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