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  1. Hey @Nelly22 what's the strap? I take my post op bra every night to shower & yeah loving how everything is looking! Will need to take a new pic as last one was day 8 & im 2 weeks in tomorrow!! Taking exercise easy as Dr Greensmith didn't want me doing anything to raise my blood pressure too much in first 4 weeks so vessels etc can heal. Are you just sitting upright in the bike as Leaning forward using upper body on bike handles sounds like a challenge! Go you in your keen!
  2. What bra did you ladies get - mine is pretty comfy to wear (like I'm happy to use it for next few months weather or not I have to) @shy_girlfirst time I washed my hair was day 7 after had tape put on at checkup. Bit awkward but ok..... now day 12 minor issues and have good arm range, even been trying tops on going shopping with only slight discomfort. But I only had implants - no lift so guess depends what you get done. Nipples just sore so just been putting paw-paw on them. Changed my scar micropore tape today myself & wasn't too bad! No soreness - just unnerving. @Nelly22 yeah get the back pain from lying on my back at night mostly - side boob near ribs hurts most but not unbearable - just when I touch it..... using muscles to lift kids though I'm sure doesn't help! & yeah feeling fat! Walking a bit but lack of gym is getting to me! (Pic is my post op bra)
  3. Hi @MrsGreatfull00, yes day 10 for me now & feeling great!just have to remind myself not to go too OTT with strength based daily stuf! Helps that I'm visiting my mum so she can do the stuf I can't but never figured I'd feel this good so soon! @Jessicar looking amazing! You must be so happy!
  4. Hi @Nelly22, Dr Greensmith used drains as they assist with the removal of excess blood/fluid from the op site - this means your body doesn't have to try absorb it, leading to less tightness due to excess fluids & possibly less bruising, in 24 hrs their was quite a bit in mine (one bottle/drain per side - pics in my photo gallery of one of them) & I was glad my body didn't have to try absorb it. Just a bit uncomfortable when they pull them out the next day! I had my dressings removed and just little strip of tape applied to scars 7 days after op & I change the tape myself weekly for 6 weeks & then just massage Vit E cream into it. As long as all looks good should be no need to go see Dr/nurse until then. I am seeing mine 3 weeks post op but only because I fly back to QLD & won't be back till September. My worst pain is in my back from lying on my back to sleep, other then that side boob hurts most to touch - bra is firm but not overbearingly tight so maby you need bigger size. Hope that helps & all goin ok xx
  5. Pics up in my private album, think if you add me can see @tsal @Mumof3boys @maddyadelaide @QueenA2017 @Sarahwantsboobies2017 @asianbabe @MrsGreatfull00
  6. I'm just living in tracksuit pants & bought a couple of buttun up blouses that I wear like T shirts. Best thing!!!
  7. Drains are little tube coming from side of breast into a small bottle on each side to assist removing excess fluid / blood that would otherwise cause more swelling & tightess in breast after surgery.... they remove them the next day which is bit uncomfortable but manageable. . Glad they did this! @tsal
  8. Lol.... was not the best feeling I must admit..... but when it came out I heard a funny pop sound & started chuckling coz in my head it looked awful (but it really wasn't) .... maby I'm just weird Recovery is going great, can brush my hair, make a cup of tea n do general basics.... barely using panadol & it's only day three .... my mum is being awesome though & helping lots! Going for little walk soon. Just have to make myself take it easy! Still long way to go though... hate sitting up in bed though coz just feels wrong @Hollywood05
  9. Hey Everyone, just letting you know everything went perfectly yesterday. Dr Greensmith & all the hospital staff were so friendly and amazing I felt so at ease. Had my drains removed today which was interesting but feeling much better, they look like they are going to be the great natural size I was chasing which is great! Got 375 cc mod plus under the muscle (I'm 171 cm & a fit 74kg) now just to try and relax which is nicely as huge fit-fanatic & weight lifter. Try get couple pics up when I can. ?
  10. Yaaaaay @QueenA2017 thats great news! Can't wait to see pics once your able! I'm still a little sick & its only 6 days away so i'm hoping will be ok! bit worried. Yeah just curious how big that size looks! wishing you a speedy recovery xx
  11. I had my Skype consult on 16th may & surgery booked for 31st may so only waited two weeks. I know that you have to have one week between consult and surgery with new laws though. @tsal
  12. Need to make me a boobie instagram i think!!! @Sarahwantsboobies2017..... just added you Yes i know the feels @MelanieJaneMum- mine op is in 7 days and i'v had a bad flu/chesty cough for the last week now!!! freaked out a little! - just make sure you don't take medication thats on the 'do not take list' like aspirin - made sure its panadol base and no fish oils etc.... or just call the clinic and check thats all the stuf your on is ok. Hope you feel better soon! I'm hoping mine is all gone in next day or two!!! xx
  13. I know, can't believe its only 10 days away!!! come round so quickly!! very excited!! @tsal
  14. Yes I'm booked for 31st may so can update @tsal...
  15. Hi @Ella79, what about the size are you unhappy with? & what size did you go for?
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