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  1. Hi all, I’m having a tummy tuck with Dr Mark Lee in Perth soon. Im so excited, as it is something I have wanted done for years. How long until you are up walking around and feeling not to bad? Thanks :)
  2. Hi all, Can anyone give me a recommendation for a good plastic surgeon in Perth. I am wanting to have a tummy tuck early next year and I am finding it hard picking a surgeon. I'm debating between Dr Mark Lee and Dr Anh Nguyen. If anyone on here has had this operation in Perth, I would love to hear your thoughts
  3. Lis74

    Advice please

    Hi, My 21 daughter wants to go to Thailand to get a breast lift and implants. Any advice would be great thanks :)
  4. Lis74


    Hi, I'm thinking about going to get a lift and implants in Phuket at PIAC. I have had 3 good reports from people I know and they think I'm mad getting it done in oz. It is $12,000 cheaper for the operation than in Perth. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences over there. Cheers
  5. Hi, Thank you for your reply. I will keep you posted
  6. Hi, I am getting a breast lift and implants Next year and I would love some feed back On Dr Mark Lee. From all the web sites I have Seen so far he looks very experienced. I have a appointment with Dr Lee next month But any feed back would be great. Thank you
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