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  1. I haven't had any other consultations yet, maybe i'll schedule one with Dr Nettle. I don't mind travelling but i have no idea about surgeons overseas which is what worries me. Yeah i was told his pretty good which is why i chose him for my first consultation, but i don't really see any of his patients posting feedback post surgery. Nah i haven't looked into Dr Greensmith, is he based in Sydney? The only other Dr i was going to consult with was Dr Shahidi as i know a few others who have used him with good results. When you say Dr Greensmith is cheaper by 5-6k is that including hospital and Anesthetist fees? Breakdown of my quote: Surgeon's Fee: (Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and Nasendoscopy) $13200 - $1100 Rebate = $12100 Hospital Fee: $5050 Anesthetist Fee: $2400 - $600 Rebate = $1800 Total cost for surgery after rebates = $18950 I guess after rebates the surgery will cost less then 20k, that's assuming i actually get the rebates as they are "estimates".
  2. Hi all, I had a consultation with Dr. Marcells and was quite happy with everything discussed. The cost of surgery including hospital fees etc will be around 20-21k. What's everyone's thoughts on Dr. Marcells? anyone who has used him in the past with some feedback would be great. Do i have other options at this price point? such as going overseas to a better surgeon etc Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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