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    Victoria, Australia
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    BA on 17th Oct 2017: Mod Plus L:300cc / R: 350cc . Plus Alloderm Dermal Graft for extra pocket control/support.

    (I used to have implants during my 20s, but found a rupture and chose to remove and wait until after having kids to replace implants again)
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    Dr Douglas McManamny on 17 October 2017
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    175cm / 59kg / 10A
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    Mum of 2
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  1. O my goodness - they are sensational. What size and style of implants did you go with?
  2. @lychee @oncewasasurfboard That's true that about the dominant side healing at a different rate. My right started out super high actually I think you guys have a beautiful result btw It's true that we overanalyse things about ourself, we are more critical of our own body . That's why I have a hard time accepting compliments because I struggle to see what others see. I've decided to keep them hidden away in my bra and try not to look at them too much until I'm 3 months post lol! By then they should have settled and look a lot better apparently
  3. @Emily Rose thank u so much. I need to stop focusing on size and remind myself where I started, but it's harder than I thought. Now I completely understand the "wish I went bigger" movement hehe You're only 1 week behind me in recovery stage, but I have to say that I noticed a lot of changes in past week ! They softened up more in that time with pec stretches I've been doing (my PS advice) they are 'sticking out' more week by week. I was worried because they were looking flat 2 weeks ago ..
  4. @thumper14 I have boob envy.. you look amazing! I wish I went with bigger size, I feel like mine get lost under my clothes everyday ! ****** Update! 4 weeks post op.. 300/350cc MP+ ...... they're softening up this past week Considering where I started I feel a lot better about my body now and more in proportion.. I have this annoying piece of regret in my mind though that I didn't choose a bigger implant size . I NEVER thought I'd care about that (I was just happy to get boobs lol), but now I really wish I had more volume and cleavage . That's my only c
  5. I was wondering if anyone has implants which 'squish' and feel soft when lying down? Is the Natrelle/Inspira 'responsive' gel SOFTER than the Mentor 'Cohesive I' ? I was told they're exactly the same once under muscle, but now I'm curious if that's really the case i figure all implants need to retain their shape in some way, but noticed some reviews where girls say they still feel soft even when laying flat. Are they just lucky? Or is it the brand/type of implant?
  6. Usually 2-3 weeks for swelling to go away, from my own experience. psychologically i adjusted differently with each surgery . Now, it has taken me only 3 weeks for them to feel 'part of me' and I forget they're there actually. I love having boobs and my clothes look a million times better. However with previous Saline textured implants I never got used to the feeling of them in my body and hated them from day 1. Plus a bunch of other complications but I won't bother with writing essay now lol Without implants, everyone accused me of being underweight and not eating enough b
  7. I buy clothes from Iconic but haven't got any bikinis yet. But it was recommended to me by someone else who buys swimwear from them. I literally have nothing for Summer so will be buying a bunch of styles real soon! I guess u can't really go wrong because it's free delivery and free returns. I've ordered clothes from them before and they let u try things and hang onto them for 100 days in case you need to return/refund .. love it
  8. Oh wow that's a perfect example of the drop and fluff process! They look amazing now so imagine your cleavage after d&f in 3-6 more months I hope my cleavage comes closer together
  9. Hi I hope I can contribute here and help. I'm not sure if I agree with the 'smaller one catches up' theory because I have asymmetry and if anything you'll notice asymmetry more with implants. Unless your asymmetry is really minor! With my previous breast aug, I had 25cc difference which wasn't enough, with my current BA I have 50cc difference and they look much more even. I have similar stats, 175cm & 59kg with a small ribcage and 28" under bust measurement. Over muscle size will look different to under muscle size. Curious to know why did PS recommend overs? I've noticed ppl g
  10. I've seen what happens with d&f with cleavage and shape after 3-9 months... but what does it look like from SIDE on? Right now my boobs look pretty flat with not as much projection as I thought I'd have. Although I'm in early weeks po, so I'm curious to see if there's many changes to the actual projection after d&f.? The strange thing is that from the front they look big, but then side-on they look tiny! Any pics of d&f progress side-on view would be appreciated..
  11. This website has heaps of options for swimwear (and good prices) The Iconic: https://www.theiconic.com.au/womens-clothing-swimwear/?page=1&sort=popularity&price[]=*-50&price[]=50-100 i just filter the price to exclude anything over $100, and thousands of options come up I'm surprised because I wouldn't normally look on their site but they have a huge range of swimwear and nice options
  12. @E1098 even though mine are looking bigger as they are dropping (I'm only 2 weeks out) I'm in same boat as u and have boob greed for sure, which is why I was so curious to see if u were happy now as they dropped more. I've heard most go up at least a bra size after a few months. So I'm holding onto that hope lol I wish I went at least 50-70cc bigger... I could've easily wore a bigger size but my nerves made me too conservative pre op. Like u said, even tho most would say an extra 50cc or so wouldn't have made a massive difference in volume, but it would've been a wider diameter
  13. Even my 14 yr old niece has bigger boobs than I did pre op, otherwise would've been nice to hand my bras over to her
  14. @TheFox can totally relate to what u wrote. Because I was pregnant and breastfeeding for most of time that I explanted, it was only obvious after I stopped bfeeding, then everyone thought I was unhealthy and underweight.... but really it was just because I had no boobs. amazing what a difference they make. Then I started wearing a padded wireless bra 1-2 sizes too big for me so I could insert extra 'full cups' into the bra. This was to get me by until my BA in Oct, and made my clothes look better. Not the prettiest bra but it was the only one that sat right and smooth under clothes.
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