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    Victoria, Australia
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    Booked in! 17th Oct 2017: deciding on size/profile still (maybe mod 300 or mod plus 375cc) . Plus Dermal Graft for pocket work.

    (I used to have implants during my 20's, but found a rupture and chose to "remove without replacement" so I could have more kids, then get implants back in after kids )
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    Dr Douglas McManamny on 17 October 2017
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    175cm / 58kg / 10A
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    Mum of 2
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  1. Dr Miroshnik - Anyone unhappy with their result?

    @sweet_suga @Louis Honestly if I lived in Sydney I'd be happy to book with Dr M for BA. And Dr Tav was on my shortlist too! It's too hard to travel interstate now with my young kids. Have booked instead with an amazing Melbourne PS though Also a Dr M but Dr McManamny lol
  2. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :)

    I went by myself as my friends had work, hubby had to babysit my kids, my mum doesn't approve of this type of surgery, but I felt like it was a good thing in a way, because I could ask any questions I wanted one-on-one with my PS without anyone else there to influence. I figure that I'm the one having to the surgery, so only I can make the call on what I should do etc Would have been nice to have my mum there if she was open to this kind of thing though .....
  3. Dr Miroshnik - Anyone unhappy with their result?

    Lol no news is good news? I can't imagine anyone being unhappy with his work good luck with choosing your PS.
  4. My explant was actually after 1st baby, so i know what u mean lol . Have had another bub since then too. Lots of ups & downs for me over the years
  5. I wore the same type of compression 'boob tube' thing they made me wore for previous BA lol. Can't remember how long I wore it though. Most explant healing happens in first 6-8 weeks, but they will look most normal after 2-3 months after skin retracts more & the dents even out. It kinda looked like a scoop in my upper pole area but over time that fluffed up. 5 months post explant they actually looked really good! But then I fell pregnant again . And after pregnancy/breastfeeding they obviously didn't go back to how they were
  6. I actually have done this! But have kept them out for nearly 3 years now (in that time I have been pregnant & breastfed). My BA booked for October (bring it on lol) I was 10A or 10B cup but now after my last pregnancy I'm a deflated 10A cup although my skin did retract a lot during the first 6 months of explant healing, I do still have some loose skin and strange scars . My new PS is going to do a 'scar revision' and remove some of that loose skin for me. So yes , a BL or Internal Bra or something similar is a good idea (esp if you're downsizing). I wouldn't say don't do it, i think it's a good idea to get a much better BA outcome. but just be prepared for how they'll look while waiting for your skin to retract. It's an emotional journey. They change a lot after first 8 weeks. Before that you'll notice lots of dents but be assured they will even out and fluff up after 4-6 months. You can get away with wearing heavily padded bras during the colder 6 months of the year until surgery. You'll probably just notice more when u want to dress up or formal dress.. that's the main thing I struggled with Feel free to ask me anything else x
  7. Post here if you've had Moderate Profile implants .. happy with them?

    I have quite wide spaced breasts so will be getting implants around 13.5cm too. I was worried about looking too wide and flat but glad to hear they look natural. What size are you downsizing to? I'm so nervous about my upcoming surgery.. I keep asking myself "why r u doing this?" Lol
  8. Best lip balm or moisturiser

    Lmao ! That image is in my head! But the look on your face finding her would've been priceless
  9. Best lip balm or moisturiser

    Just be sure to use the Bepanthen Antiseptic cream not the Barrier Cream (for baby) hehe
  10. Post here if you've had (or having) Moderate Profile implants (Round Silicone by Mentor or similar style/brand). Any size/cc .. happy with them? There is not too much info online about it so thought I'd start this thread ..Share pics or your journey below ..Pre surgery stats and bra size post op
  11. Best lip balm or moisturiser

    You're welcome @LaurenT i kinda came across it by chance and haven't looked back. Also another tip .. I avoid lipsticks but if I wear it it make my lips cracked/flaky, so I sometimes use Bepanthen cream on lips at bedtime. It works it's magic overnight and they're healed by morning. Obviously you'd only use it at night though, coz it's not really meant to be a lip balm lol People use it for tattoo healing and tattooed lips too, so that's where I got idea.
  12. Best lip balm or moisturiser

    Ok so here is my suggestion.. and I swear by this. I have chronic dry lips, to the point where they crack and bleed. I have literally tried e-v-e-r-y thing to fix them! Apparently, with healthy lips, regular lip balms will work but it just aggravates severely cracked lips more.. So I can't use any pharmacy brands as they irritate. This is amazing stuff and $28 (I get it from Myer or David Jones) Elizabeth Arden 'Intensive Lip Repair Balm' Small amount for day .... thick layer for night treatment . love it
  13. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :)

    Totally understand your thoughts. Have you looked up the exact implant dimensions for that brand of implant? I would measure it on your chest at home. to see if they give good cleavage and if much difference between the two types he suggested. I personally can't have high profile as my ribs protrude too much making implants stick out too much. I am deciding between Moderate or Mod Plus (Mentor round) but will most likely go for Moderate profile
  14. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :)

    Hi @lychee congrats on booking surgery. Who is your PS? Which implant profile and shape are you going with? It'll be October before we know it!!
  15. Borderline lift - girls who went ahead?

    Hi Honestly if you are 'borderline', then it's not worth BL surgery being young and before kids. My boobs changed moreso after 2nd baby and of course skin isn't as firm once you hit 30's and over too. They will change again so unfair Perhaps consider an "internal bra/lift" procedure with a BA. It would give you that extra support u want, without the vertical scars.. not many PS's in Aus do this, so it's worth researching someone experienced in it. It's an internal mesh used (some use Strattice some use Alloderm or Galaflex) and it helps support the implant. good luck and hope this helps x