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    Victoria, Australia
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    BA on 17th Oct 2017: Mod Plus L:300cc / R: 350cc . Plus Alloderm Dermal Graft for extra pocket control/support.

    (I used to have implants during my 20s, but found a rupture and chose to remove and wait until after having kids to replace implants again)
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    Dr Douglas McManamny on 17 October 2017
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    175cm / 59kg / 10A
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  1. Thanks also ask about Mentor Moderate Plus profile. For BWD of 12cm, u could probably fit around 300cc or 325cc in that profile but projection is around 3.8cm. Which is still a decent projection but slightly less than HP. But if you wanted more cc's then you'll definitely need to go High Profile to get around 350cc or 375cc in Mentor.
  2. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :) Surgery updates!

    Agreed! I hope everyone stays on this thread during the months post op so we can compare drop & fluff pics too hope everyone is doing well with recovery so far ..
  3. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :) Surgery updates!

    Yes it's so consuming isn't it! I have looked at so many boobs over the past year lol I'm so excited to finally wake up with my own set this Tues At your next pre-op consult take your time and really weigh up ALL your options. Ask their opinion. Take your fave tops or work clothes to your next consult to see how the sizers look in them. Good luck x
  4. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :) Surgery updates!

    Very exciting... you have chosen an amazing PS, you're in great hands..! With regard to cc choice, when you tried on the sizers, did you take any photos? It's also a good idea to try on sizers with a few different tops/shirts from home to see how they look with those clothes. I would definitely call PS and ask to go in again for peace of mind because it sounds like you're not 100% sure. I have been in twice since my first consult and luckily did so, because I changed my mind with size. Initially I wanted to go with 225cc or 250cc because I was scared of going too big. I have gone up in size two times since then lol. My surgery is on Tuesday The mistake I made initially was that after I tried on the 250cc, I didn't even want to consider anything any bigger so I didn't try many others on. But after I went back in, I tried on heaps of other sizes just to compare and the bigger sizes weren't as 'over the top' as I thought they'd be Ultimately it's what suits your frame and BWD and the sizers give best idea of final look
  5. From all the pics I've seen, I've always really liked the look of High Projection implants on a petite frame. because the narrow width fits your chest perfectly (allowing for perfect amount of cc's). And the extra projection will help for post breastfeeding breasts too. but the reason why some people rate HP poorly is because high profile won't look good on someone with a wider chest AND especially if they don't get enough cc's to fit their BWD. BWD is so important to match the right implant for YOU... If you're 12cm BWD approx, then I think these implant sizes would be great: Mentor High Profile: 375cc (12cm wide & 4.8cm projection) Natrelle™ Inspira™ Style SRF/SSF Full Projection: 335cc (12cm wide & 4.7cm projection) the Inspira style implant is designed with more Silicone fill and more of a full look. If I were you, ask to go back again to see PS and try on more sizers. But ask them to write down the Implant brand and dimensions for each recommendation for you. I made mistake of choosing an implant too narrow for me many years ago when I used to have implants. Booked in for BA again this Tuesday 17 Oct.
  6. I think the cc/volume they all said is reasonable. But wow they all recommended such different types of implants/surgery.. no wonder you're confused. Regarding all the implants mentioned ... do you know the Brand names for each? Because Allergan's 'Moderate profile' is apparently the equivalent of Mentor's Moderate Plus profile. Also, what is your BWD?
  7. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :) Surgery updates!

    That's great that you didn't need the breast lift and still got amazing result! Congrats! Your post op pics are impressive
  8. That's a fair point actually ! I will def have to ask PS or nurse that question and see what they say . Will update here after I speak to them
  9. Where do I start (BA)

    ideally just look at Breast Aug examples of women who have similar Stats & Breast type to yourself.... Height / weight / bust & underbust measurements / hips / etc & your starting Bra size is important. 300cc on someone who wears 12A or 14B is not much, but 300cc on someone with 10A bra or a petite frame will go a long way. This is a rough guide, but an article I read said: bra size 8/10 +200cc implant = 1.5 or 2 cup increase bra size 12/14 +200cc implant = 1 cup increase Most common sizes chosen are usually between 300-400cc. But you choose whatever size you feel suits you best.. ..I didn't really know what suited me until I tried on the actual sizers at my consult. ...Most ppl go under muscle but your PS will make their recommendation at your consult. . .. I personally prefer round implants, because they use the softest type of Silicone gel & have a smooth shell (so they move around more freely than a textured shell). PS can help u decide at consult which implant type works best for you but! if I had choice to travel, I'd fly to Sydney and book with Dr Michael Miroshnik ! Good luck with your research x
  10. found this report from the FDA. MRI is def the way to go. Initially 3yrs post op, then every couple years after that. Have a read of the screenshot attached .... 👍🏽 Apparently most common cause of rupture is from damage during the surgery (from sharp instrument), so I guess the first MRI you do is most important to check that out
  11. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :) Surgery updates!

    Hi @MissF I think you are first one in the October group to have their BA? Good luck tomorrow !
  12. BA and I have young Kids

    @tsal yes that's a good point, my son kicks a lot when I change his nappy! Only a few weeks to go, booked in for 17th Oct. how quickly time is flying
  13. BA and I have young Kids

    Hope you're feeling a bit better now than last week? How is your pain? That's great that hubby is helping out. is this the longest time you've spent together 24/7 with hubby & kids? Hehe . I'm wondering how we'll go when I'm home all day with mine Will have to work out a floor mat for changing my toddler's nappies and clothes too once I'm on my own with recovery
  14. October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :) Surgery updates!

    Thanks @lychee I'm the same with shopping too haha! Even though mum isn't supportive of plastic surgery I honestly don't hold it against her, as it's not for everyone. I haven't told her that I'm having BA for that reason as she'd just get super worried leading up to it. I'd rather tell her after I've done it so she doesn't try to change my mind.... and then maybe she'll think it's a good thing once she sees I'm more confident in clothes etc I wish time would hurry now I'm looking forward to my pre-op coming up soon . I'll be going on my own to that one too lol
  15. Dr Miroshnik - Anyone unhappy with their result?

    @sweet_suga @Louis Honestly if I lived in Sydney I'd be happy to book with Dr M for BA. And Dr Tav was on my shortlist too! It's too hard to travel interstate now with my young kids. Have booked instead with an amazing Melbourne PS though Also a Dr M but Dr McManamny lol