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    BA - 350cc left, 325cc right; round smooth dual-plane
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    Dr Guy Watts - September 2017
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  1. @HXC. Wow they look fantastic for 9 weeks! Hoping mine get to that, but again, quite tan. I've been told about the "worse before better" thing too, mine don't seem to be looking worse just yet... Did the same happen with you? @MrsGreatfull00. Is the scar tape comfortable to wear? It's a bit pricey too, so I havent gone that route. Here are photos of my scars too, top pic is the lefty, bottom pic is right.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm now 6 weeks post-op and have been doing scar treatment for the past two (silicone gel and scar massage morning and night). I was wondering how everyone's scars are healing and what they look like healed (or healing)? I have a darker skin tone too, so if anyone else is quite tanned, it would be great to see pics.
  3. Oops, I'm booked for the 13th not the 15th, but same week boob buddies Photos and in-person can definitely give different suggestions, let me know what you end up deciding after your CosMedi consult!
  4. For the consults, they were roughly the same price - I think Dr Murray's was $160 (half deposit to book and then the rest on the day) and then Dr Watts was a bit more expensive at $200. Dr Murray's prices for BA are a pretty pricey all up - I think it costs something like $11k for the most basic BA (smooth, round, above the muscle) and then goes up from there depending on whether you get teardrop, dual-plane, etc. Hospital and anaesthetist fees are another cost on top of that... I can see if I can find the exact pricing sheet they gave me when I get home if you like. Dr Watts does a package deal for Mentor smooth round implants which actually includes the hospital fee, anaesthetist and his surgery costs at $8990, or $10500 for anatomical. The price is the same regardless of implant placement. You can also choose to have the Keller funnel as well, which is an extra $250.
  5. True, I think that it is standard, but my surgeon was going on leave this month until the start of September so I got a nice early pre-op, more time to anticipate now I guess haha
  6. Hey HXC, good luck for your surgery this month! The consult I had the other day was actually my second consult with that surgeon so it was actually confirming what I wanted and going over all the pre-paid info like fasting, where to get the post-surgery garment, scar creams, etc. Getting to be so real now!
  7. Let's kick off the September BA group! I just had my pre-op consult the other day, and I am getting so excited for my surgery day Wednesday 15 September. I'm having the procedure done with Dr Guy Watts; 350cc smooth round, dual-plane placement. The only thing that isn't set in stone is the profile - Dr Watts said he will have both moderate plus and high profile on the day and will see which one fits better when I'm actually cut open. I'm quite petite apparently, so I'm borderline for the mod plus and may have to get high profile in the end, but I really appreciate Dr Watts even having both options there! He said he will also bring a 325cc implant because my lefty is a bit smaller than the righty, but, again, will see how it goes and will do whatever looks and fits the best on the day *EDIT* - booked for Wednesday 13th September
  8. Thanks so much for replying. I've had a few consults and have actually chosen (and booked!) with a surgeon I quite like and very much seems to know what will suit me, but of course have questions leading up to my second/pre-op consult. I completely didn't think about profile too much and was definitely more focused on the size; I realise that how they look in the end very much depends on what you start with! I have zero upper pole so high profile seems to be a good fit (and pretty much the only option each consult told me so I just assumed my research would stop there), but seeing so many great results with moderate profile I was curious what circumstances it would be the better choice.
  9. They look fantastic! Can I ask what your stats are, and what you got done (round vs teardrop, high profile, etc.)?
  10. I've had two consults - one with Dr Glenn Murray from Absolute Cosmetics, and one with Dr Guy Watts. While I actually quite liked Glenn, I can definitely see that some people would be put off (and some girls on this forum have, reading back). He's quite quick in the consult, which could be taken either to mean he's so used to doing this procedure, it's like nothing to him; or it could come off a bit rushed. He was running late when I came for my consult that day too.. Besides that, he's also a cosmetic surgeon rather than a plastic surgeon. Just something to keep in mind. I'm most likely going to go with Guy. I was planning on booking another consult with Sam Cunneen because I heard good things, but I quite like Guy's results (his instagram page is @drguywatts), and also that he seems to be really into his work which I find reassuring! Dr Guy is extremely professional too, I found and answered all the questions I had, so much information, which I really loved!
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