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  1. Hi there, I was wondering about whether I will need a lift as well as implants. I am a 27 year old with a 32D natural breast which is not my preferred shape, and I am looking to augment these using implants to achieve a natural, yet fuller 32D or DD. i hate the way my breasts sag but have been told that an implant could lift them? I just lost 10kg so my boobs are like sagging pancakes!! Also, any recommendations for surgeons in Sydney? Preferably East or North side, but I am willing to travel. I have booked in a consultation with Dr Bezik in Bondi and am looking at Dr Miroshnik but his prices are extortionate?!? Also, if I was to get the lift would I likely lose all feeling in my nipples? Any advice or or similar experiences would be amazing ! Thank you in advance, D
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