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  1. Thanks @pink butterfly. I think you’re right about being led up the garden path with this. That’s how it feels.
  2. Still procrastinating about what to do. My husband thinks I should get the 3 sessions of the Intensif done. He doesn’t want me to have a tummy tuck. He’s happy with the way I am. He just suggested that I go ahead and do it since we paid the $1500 and he doubts we’d get a refund. I got an opinion from another Dermatologist who has a few skin tightening devices. He recommended the latest Thermage. Still, he said the chances of a good to great improvement would only be 30-50%. At this point, I feel like what I was told I’d get for my money and what I am getting are two totally different things
  3. Thanks for this information @TheFox I'm still deciding what I'm going to do. So far, I haven't been able to find anything to make me believe Dr Chok's recommendation will actually work. Unfortunately, I've gotten opinions to the contrary. I got opinions from two plastic surgeons during the week and both suggested surgical. They also felt a mini tuck wouldn't be appropriate because the looseness is above and around my belly button. One said it is definitely not non surgical. I also met with a dermatologist. She thought it was unlikely to work as the skin on the tummy is thicker than the skin on the neck. She was only aware of these sorts of devices working on areas of the body with thin skin such as the neck.
  4. Actually, I have lost about 2kg since the before shot was taken. I’d wanted to give this treatment every opportunity to work so I’ve been very focused on my nutrition and have changed my gym routine. Dr Chok said he is a surgeon. He is also a member of the Australiasian College of Cosmetic Surgery. He doesn’t offer tummy tucks and other surgical procedures at his clinic though. I’m starting to wonder if he’s recommending RF and microneedling because that’s all he offers. It’s hard to know who to believe. I spoke to a plastic surgeon years ago and he recommended a tummy tuck. Dr Chok said a tummy tuck won’t fix me because they would pull the skin down but he said I need the skin pulled to the sides. Thanks for this info. I definitely need more information before I do anything else.
  5. UPDATE: I met with Dr Chok to discuss my concerns. At one point, I was asked for more money. He said if he had to factor everything in for everybody the real number that he’s crunched it to be, is usually around $2500 to $4000. He doesn’t believe in charging people upfront $4000 because they wouldn’t go ahead with it. He said, “Most people would go like, I’m just gonna wait”. I talked to him about my scars after the Pro Shock Ice procedure. He said that’s actually good. He said it means it’s working. As Dr Chok put it, “They are not scars. They are remodelling points”. He said the scars will fade away not in years but in months. It’s been 1 month. I also talked to Dr Chok about not seeing any change after the 6 treatments that I've had. He suggested he do 3 treatments with the Intensif, which is microneedling. I said I can’t afford any extra money and he said he could do this at a discount. Then he said to forget the money, he’s not going to charge one extra dollar. He said it’s $1500 all up, fixed. But then he said that creams would cost extra. I’m not sure whether to go ahead with this. I’ll need a numbing cream 30 minutes prior and I’ll also need to take a tablet. It sounds painful.
  6. Here are some photos of my tummy: 1. The photo where I'm wearing plain leggings is a before shot. 2. The photo where there are red lines on my tummy was taken one day after the Pro Shock Ice. 3. The photo where I'm wearing leggings with pink stripes is what my tummy looks like today. The lines are still visible but brown and I'm struggling to spot the difference between the before and after shots! Not the results I'd expected. Especially not for $1500!!!
  7. 32mummy


    Hi gem88, I know this thread is a couple of years old but I was wondering if you went ahead with the Thermage skin tightening and if so, how did it go?
  8. My first pregnancy 6 years ago caused me to have loose skin and fat around my belly button. I went to Dr Chok at Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery for a consultation to see if he could fix it. Dr Chok said he could using radio frequency. The device he recommended was the Lutronic enCurve. He told me he didn’t perform liposuction anymore because he didn’t have to with the technology available today. I asked how good the results would be and he said he could achieve ‘perfection’ if that’s what I wanted. He showed me some impressive before and after photos (not his own work) on the internet of what to expect. He then showed me the room where the enCurve was and said I could try it right then. At this point, I felt pressured and I had my 3 year old son with me. I declined but Dr Chok insisted I could do a shorter session. I still refused but felt pressured to book. It’s 7 weeks later and I’ve had 5 treatments with the enCurve. My tummy still looks and measures the same. I paid $1500 upfront. Now I’m waiting to see Dr Chok in 2 weeks. I’m feeling very stressed now while I wait to speak to him. To make matters worse, after the fourth treatment with the enCurve one of the staff tried another device, the Pro Shock Ice, on my tummy as she acknowledged that the fat around my belly button was being very stubborn. It’s been 2 weeks since and it seems this procedure has done nothing except leave me with scars on my tummy. I’ll try to upload some photos.
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