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  1. Thankyou. I ended up having surgery with Dr Cheng today. I ended up with 535cc hp dual plane.He seemed sure it would suit my shape (aka biggish bum) so I'm hoping the result will suit me. The staff were just awesome.
  2. Thankyou for your comments. I'm not sure how to reply to you directly @Mrs Freckles but that would be great. I have my consult on the 7th of July and I'm excited all over again as the lady I spoke to to book sounded all over it and lovely!
  3. I had an appointment with Dr Szalay today which went horribly. I was scheduled at 10am and waited until 11:45 for my appointment while his receptionists ignored the fact I was waiting that long and didn't acknowledge it. It took a lot of planning to organise my 2 small children to be looked after and I was excited. When I finally went in, 10 people were waiting & I said to him I was worried about lack of time & he acted quite strange and was muttering things like hmm I don't know what to do etc. It was quite bizarre, I ended up walking up quite upset. I rang a surgeon recommended by my mum, dr Cheng, and the response I got via phone and email was amazing. I feel so secure and was wondering if anybody had the same experience with consultation and results.
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