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  1. I'm LOVING how I look in my new bras with clothes - it's exactly what I had hoped for ? Will certainly need new swim suits when it warms up! I didn't end up gaining any weight but was doing a lot of walking & eased back into gym around weeks 3-4. Up to 4 days a week now with weights but can't do everything - lat exercises feel weird still! Boobies were a great excuse for me to take a gym break haha and get into a new routine!
  2. I did my first bra shop last night - just got two basic t-shirt bras, smooth without underwire but they have a deep plunge and thin straps so I still feel sexy!! Plus they're super comfy!! I did try on a bunch of super sexy bralettes and they looked hot AF but wasn't in the mood to spend lots of money haha! I was a 10c before but that was in push up bras so probably a true b cup. Measured at a 10dd but the lady said I could be 8e as well depending on the bra. It's sort of what I expected but still is funny to hear!! Got the all clear to do pretty much everything at gym too which is good because I'm starting to feel a bit sluggish. My friend got her boobies down yesterday so I'm really excited to see how she goes on her journey!
  3. @Nelly22 I have the same thing with my chest shape which my PS warned me about RE cleavage but he did an amazing job so while my boobs are wide, I always knew they would be. I'm also trying to be patient as he has said they will drop and come together as they soften. Hmmm I must be the only one without boob greed!! Maybe that is because my PS went the larger size in the end so I think they're plenty big haha!! They're not too noticeable in my winter clothes but tight tops & dresses...wowsers!! I have my 6 week appt on Thursday so should get the all clear to go bra shopping...and then straight on to wedding dresses - woot woot!!
  4. @Nelly22 that is so cool - go girl!! I had my 3 week check up yesterday & can go back to gym next week for light weights for biceps & legs and then weeks 5&6 I can add in some shoulder & back exercises but nothing overhead. I imagine I'll be pretty weak...and embarrassed cuz I like to think I'm normally one of the more badass chicks in the gym haha!! Got my tape off & my scars are very minimal - I'm so impressed!! I have to keep tape on just the scars which is barely visible so my boobs really look like me now ? I love them!!
  5. @Rubix I have internal stitches with tape holding the incision together and I think the tape will stay on for the full 6 week recovery. I see my PS on Thurs for my 3 week po appt so I think they might at least change the tape then. I've got bio oil ready to go though for the scars!
  6. @Sarahwantsboobies2017 thank you!!! ? Xxx @Nelly22 normally he is sharp as a tack and I didn't detect any nervousness (although he said he definitely was!) but when he actually got down & asked, it was the most uncomposed I've ever seen him...but I was equally not smooth in my response haha!! All part of the natural reaction though. I mostly wanted to keep it just for me but I told a few friends before and a few more after out of excitement. I don't care what people think, just want to look amazing & be confident for me which is what I think what we all want!
  7. @Nelly22 LOL well his face would have been near my ladies when he was down on one knee!! We were celebrating our 5 year anniversary, went for a cocktail before dinner at one of our places, then he suggested a stroll along the river to kill the last 10 minutes before our dinner reservation and that's where he said some really lovely things - which he's said before so I didn't suspect anything - then said "and babe one more things..." and then down on one knee with the proposal!! I was totally in shock but SO happy!! And the ring is perfection ? My boobs are feeling pretty normal now, I can sleep on my side which is great and the gurgling feeling is gone. The skin is still sensitive like its sunburnt with some pins & needles but that is normal, just the nerves healing. Swelling is down so much & there is a lot more movement in the skin. Love the size & shape and more confident wearing tighter tops and not caring if people notice. I've told my close friends but didn't really want to advertise it!! They're not noticeable in some of my clothes but then again it's winter...summer tops & togs will be a different story!!
  8. I have another item of clothing to add to my shopping list now...a wedding dress!!! I got engaged last night!!! We had an amazing date night out to celebrate our 5 year anniversary & it was a total surprise but we're both over the moon happy & excited ? Will have to joke with my surgeon at my next appointment that he did such a good job on my boobs that my boyfriend just HAD to marry me, haha!!
  9. Hey Hun, I'm 2 weeks po too & I struggled the first week - are they too big/wide, feeling the outside of them with my arms, not wanting to wear tight clothes...taking a shower is still a weird experience for me! After my first po consult though, all that went away and each day I love them more! We have to remember that the swelling will take a long time to go down & they will continue to soften over months, even year to year says one of my friends! Some of my clothes definitely don't look the same - loose tops hang differently & I lose my narrow waist (but my boobs look good!) but haven't tried on a lot of my clothes yet to check, like my dresses. I don't have any more bloating so not feeling fat anymore, but as a slim person, I think slightly more form fitting clothes will suit me better to show off my now emphasised hourglass figure. Be patient with the changes but get excited about shopping!! I think we all are!! Try on lots of different things to see what looks good & what makes you feel good ? I'm sure you look amazing x
  10. I was also told to wait 6 weeks but might start doing some light leg training in weeks 4-6. Being a regular gym person, I thought it would be hard for me but I don't miss it at all! I can quite clearly hear my body telling me that it is recovering & I have no desire to work it any harder than I am & to just slowly & progressively get back into things. Plus my appetite has been really low so I'm not concerned about over eating or putting on weight! Being careful about my new investment is WAY more important to me anyway ? It's definitely been very helpful to have you ladies to bounce thoughts & feelings around as only we know what we're going through!
  11. @Sarahwantsboobies2017 @Nelly22 I'm 13dpo and I think feeling very similar to the two of you! I'm not in pain anymore, just a bit tight around my armpits & underneath my boobs. They're definitely starting to feel more like a part of me & I love seeing the changes from week to week! My bf totally loves them & has been very patient with me as I haven't really been in the mood but he's finally gotten to enjoy them recently ? I still have my tape on so haven't seen my scars but I see the PS again next week so I think they'll change it for me then. Starting to feel more confident wearing tighter tops as they're not overly obvious in sweaters...but I think I might surprise a few people come summer!! ?
  12. Had my 1 week post-op appt with my PS and apparently I was only the second case that has been this difficult for him but he was SO pleased with the result - his face totally lit up when he saw how I'm going/looking and that has made me so excited & happy!! Due to my natural chest shape & muscle connections, it was tricky to get the right dual plane placement without the implants being too wide or natural breast tissue "falling off" the implant but he nailed it...which is why I went with him!! The gurgling fluid feeling is normal & my swelling is progressing down nicely. Can't wait for them to drop & come together as they soften ? He said I could start sleeping on my side whenever I'm comfortable but maybe use a pillow. I can start some walking around the neighbourhood but to not let my heart rate get too high as blood flow can affect swelling. I have to remember to that even if I'm feeling ok to not overdo it with picking things up as I'm still fragile. So hard to let go of my independence!! Overall, the exciting reality of it all really hit home today & I'm so happy with my decision ? Really wish I felt like drinking because this seems deserving of a wine haha!!
  13. I'm one week post-op and haven't experienced anything like that. I have low energy so I get tired easily - possible it's just that you're more easily getting physically exhausted from small things as your body recovers...but as with everything, if you're concerned don't hesitate to call our PS!
  14. I have the sensation that there is fluid or air moving around in my boobs, mostly after I bend over or down, eg to put on a sock. I've read about it before so I'm fairly sure it's normal but will ask my PS tmrw when I see him. @ambz93.xx my PS ended up going with the largest implants we had on the day so I might be one of the few that don't suffer from boob greed, haha!! I'm keen to hear why but I'm certain it has to do with my natural anatomy & which size would best suit my structure & desired look.
  15. My post-op instructions just say if sleeping on my side is uncomfortable than sleep on my back. I'm most comfortable standing or sitting upright so sleeping propped up has been the best but I'm slowing getting slower down. My upper back has been sore though but the heat pack is helping!
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