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  1. Hi everyone! First post here... Just a bit of background on me, I am so indecisive when I have options and even after hours of research on rhinoplasty I can't come to a conclusion on whether to travel Thailand or stay locally for the surgery. I guess what I am really weighing up is cost for service. There are obviously shocking surgeons in any country, except in Australia they seem to be shocking and still expensive! Has anyone here had experience with getting rhinoplasty in Thailand or even both Thailand and Australia? How much was the price difference really? If you had been to Thailand, where did you go, what surgeon and did you go through an agency like cosmeditours etc.? I would actually prefer to book my own travel and accommodation but not sure if any of these agencies let you do that? What was your post-op care like and how is your recovery? I have heard the whole service experience over there is a million times better than here... true? Anyone know of a surgeon who has heaps of before & after photos in Thailand? Thank you all!
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