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  1. I have just had a consult with Dr Linsell in Rockhampton... he was amazing - put me completely at ease. My quote was $11,500 for BL+BA. I'm thinking I'm def going to go with him
  2. Hi Ellaiss - I had a recent consult with Dr Linsell, and he quoted me $11,500 I think it was, which was including a lift...
  3. Hi ladies! I'm looking for any ladies who have the same stats as me, just so I can get some sort of a rough idea as to what the end result may look like! I'm 177cm tall, sit around the 70kg mark. I've had one consult, and the Dr recommended tear drops 420cc...I'm thinking I won't get enough fullness up the top, so he also mentioned that I could consider 450cc rounds...which should give me the D-DD I'm after. I'm currently a very deflated 10-12B. Is anyone able to share photos and give me the details of what they got please?
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