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  1. BAM

    Breast Enlargement

    great advice here xx
  2. It’s normal to over analyse too when you get close to surgery, he may have elaborated as much as he could while maintaining confidentiality but if you’re really concerned it’s an elective procedure and you don’t need to go ahead until you feel safe and ready. Lots of ice packs, lemonade or something similar for the first couple days (I was battleing nausea from the anaesthetic and pain drugs) decent tv viewing. Bathroom set up with essentials in easy access and same with kitchen snacks and some meals ready to go. Lots and lots of pillows haha
  3. BAM

    Side Boobs

    Yes I will at my next appointment but it was more of a general question to what others have found were safe and comfortable for them.
  4. BAM

    Side Boobs

    Wow I hadn’t realised there were exercises to be avoided. I have anatomicals too so i’d best be doing some research before I start attempting to build up to my weights and push ups in a few weeks. What is considered a ‘safe’ upper body weighed exercise? Can you still do bent over rows, flys with light weight, biceps etc? Is yoga still ok where you put a lot of weight through the arms in certain poses? I hope everything works out ok @boobiebuf once you see your ps, there’s so many questions that need answering it’s so easy to miss something!! Good luck
  5. Curious how long others felt pain after their ba, everyday I notice that I have more movement, today was the first time I’ve driven and been able to do a load of washing. I wasn’t expecting recovery to be so intense. This week I’m sleeping better which is awesome 👏
  6. Any thoughts on alcohol post op? My husband offered me a glass of wine and it made me think, one question I forgot to ask the dr was when is alcohol ok. I’m aware that alcohol impedes healing but I’m curious if the odd glass in moderation is ok once I’m feeling up to it.
  7. http://saferbreastimplants.org/about/the-14-point-plan/ i found this website site very helpful when making my decision to have implants put in, I cancelled my first surgery last year because I was concerned. This More or less mirrored what my surgeon told me during my consult. How did you get back into training @I HaveBoobs I’m only 2 weeks post and just walking on the treadmill and did 5 mins of lowest resistance bike today, felt fine afterwards and I had been told it was fine to do so. The bike wasn’t the best tbh so it’s just walking for a bit longer for me. I’m curious how you felt going back to exercise at 6 weeks, did it take awhile to build up to your old routine or were you able to do most things at 6 weeks comfortably. Thank you
  8. BAM

    Clothes Post Surgery

    during my pre med call, the nurses advised me to bring track pants or something else loose to put on, they have to help to dress you and said you'll just want to go straight home to bed. I bought a couple of cheap soft big stretchy t's from target for $5 that were easy to stretch into, comfy to sleep in and apply ice packs. whatever you choose, make it soft, loose and comfortable. I did find it painful to move my arms in the first few days especially, I couldn't even manage to put a cardi on without help, I found my tops easy enough with a little help from my husband or son. In spring you may want to consider some loose fitting shorts or harem pants with a loose baggy top/tshirt, you won't want to be wearing a tank as you'll have a lot of swelling and your compression top on, just plan on what you can go to bed in easily.
  9. I have a new strange sensation that I’ve been considering ringing my doc’s office to check, I haven’t had any issues that I’ve been overly concerned about apart from using my arms too much too soon. I have weird flu like feeling in my boobs, it’s like mastitis, they feel like they have a fever 😆 no redness, swelling or heat, just this strange shivery hold cold type feeling. Anyone else have this or other strange feelings at 2 weeks post?
  10. @JD mine don't feel heavy at all but I don't have large implants, I can't feel them but its early days so my upper pole swelling still has to go down. as I mentioned before, the lower half is numb so it kinda doesn't feel like my tissue yet, I'm not sure if you've had babies yet but all the sensations I have had apart from the pain feels a lot like engorgement and mastitis in the first week of your milk coming in 😛 good luck with yours @Tori14
  11. It’s a strange sensation! How are you going with your recoveries now you are nearly at the 6 week mark @Mumma-K @Mmm22 starting to feel like you’re healed and back to normal hopefully 😊 I’m so bored! Missing my barre classes badly 😂 it’s my me time from kids
  12. Out of curiosity, I am about day 10 po I am very numb on the lower half of my boobs, ladies that have been there, done that before me, how long did it take for feeling to return? It’s a bizarre sensation! 😄
  13. my PS said the anatomicals age better because of how they don't pull down on your tissues as much as rounds, that made the decision for me, I had been thinking of rounds too for the softer feel. However I want them to look good for a long time and having a natural look that will age well was more important to me, mine are too new to know how they feel yet but I've seen some ladies videos of the 'squish' test and they seem pretty soft. I think its better to make the decision on the look you want more than the feel possibly. Recovery is ok, I am so bored this week though, I miss exercise a lot! My range of movement with my arms is limited, despite doing my stretches, but everyday is better. The first 4-5 days were hell! Glad to be through that bit. Swelling is starting to go down, still very swollen in the upper part of my chest, so its too early for me to get a good idea on what my result will be like once it goes. I'm able to breathe better now too which is awesome, I think that must mean my chest muscles are stretching and relaxing finally.
  14. BAM

    Reaching after BA

    I can't wait to be able to stretch my back and shoulders - so tight from sleeping semi upright and keeping my arms in limited motion!
  15. BAM

    Reaching after BA

    So please to hear stories of being able to pick up little ones, my 4 year old is over 20kgs so I’ve been snuggling on the couch with him but I miss picking him up already! When did everyone return to light exercises to keep their muscles awake? I was thinking about stationary bike or treadmill at the gym soon, it’s raining so much where I live so getting outside is hard. I usually do barre classes and play badminton but I do think I can return to those for a long while yet.