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  1. http://saferbreastimplants.org/about/the-14-point-plan/ i found this website site very helpful when making my decision to have implants put in, I cancelled my first surgery last year because I was concerned. This More or less mirrored what my surgeon told me during my consult. How did you get back into training @I HaveBoobs I’m only 2 weeks post and just walking on the treadmill and did 5 mins of lowest resistance bike today, felt fine afterwards and I had been told it was fine to do so. The bike wasn’t the best tbh so it’s just walking for a bit longer for me. I’m curious how you felt going back to exercise at 6 weeks, did it take awhile to build up to your old routine or were you able to do most things at 6 weeks comfortably. Thank you
  2. All done and recovery is ok so far. No really pain at all just tightness and muscle soreness like I’ve done a mega weights workout, I’m hoping they don’t change size too much though as the swelling goes down. Bit concerned I’m not going to make my c cup dream ? so happy to be on the other side!!
  3. I bought my compression bras last year before I made the decision not to go ahead with my surgery - now I've looked at them im not sure they are the right size, one is a medium and the other a large! I hope you're able to find a solution @Mumma-K I imagine the girls in the office will be able to offer advice. I'm not looking forward to the compression top stage (or any of the healing tbh! nerves are kicking in now)
  4. Oh that’s hard. At 17 months you might be able to encourage bub to climb into your lap. Like you say, asking bubba to hold your neck tight and holding their body very close to yours and using your back and knees to lift may help. Take care.
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