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  1. Thanks ladies, still feeling the effects of the anaesthesia today and really dizzy and nauseous. Using lots of ice and have only needed one of my painkillers so far. They make me woozy so just taking baby steps. x
  2. All done and recovery is ok so far. No really pain at all just tightness and muscle soreness like I’ve done a mega weights workout, I’m hoping they don’t change size too much though as the swelling goes down. Bit concerned I’m not going to make my c cup dream 🤗 so happy to be on the other side!!
  3. Yes less than a week! Nerves have well and truely set in, I’m still so worried over my size choice that I won’t get the result I’m wanting too - looking forward to it though just the same.
  4. thanks for sharing! can I ask why your surgeon recommended the tall height? I actually chose it because it looked as though I'd get more upper fullness and mine said I could easily choose either way. love your result!! I'd love to be able to have the 330cc mod plus or 350cc but I'm not sure if my width would allow it, I've only been offered implants with a 11.5cm width.
  5. I bought my compression bras last year before I made the decision not to go ahead with my surgery - now I've looked at them im not sure they are the right size, one is a medium and the other a large! I hope you're able to find a solution @Mumma-K I imagine the girls in the office will be able to offer advice. I'm not looking forward to the compression top stage (or any of the healing tbh! nerves are kicking in now) I'm also booked in with Sam Cunneen for my BA in a couple of weeks, how are you finding your recovery?
  6. not one to go! 2 and a half weeks so the countdown is on just about. yes my goal is definitely natural as thats my overall style.
  7. I’m a 34a band I (12a) yep the 345 are same width but higher projection (4.9 vs 5.9) is not sure of my exact weight but I’m around 55kg and 165cm tall. I’m a fairly slim build but carry my weight around my tummy legs and butt. I wear a size 8-10 but my band is 12 which is odd, I’ve always measured that way though. It’s interesting that you managed to get such an increase from 75cc! I just don’t get the projection thing tbh and how to interpret the difference (it seems that a little makes a big jump in size - is that right?) it’s unfair that it’s so difficult to ask for a rough cup size - that’s how our minds work 😂 although I do appreciate why it is the way it is.
  8. I think that’s why I’ve put so much pressure on myself to choose the right thing first go, it will be tricky for us to find more money to replace them just for a size change. This morning I’m back in the land of doubts haha thinking #%*^ it I’ll get the 345’s just in case! My surgeon said if left up to him he would choose the smaller size but I will definitely think they are too small, they will give me the shape and fullness with subtle side boob. He prefers to use smaller implants. He also said the 345’s would be fine also and not too big for my body but will create more cleavage. He said I might get a c cup but will probably be a b. that bit really scares me as I want to be at least a c but not a dd. I would hate it if they were too big and also too small. I’ve gone with his choice in the end because I am too stuck in the middle in terms of which way to go. Is hard to come across examples of ladies with smaller implants and the tall implants even more so - to have an idea of what to expect. Thanks ladies!
  9. Thanks ladies. Hopefully it all comes out ok - I’m still floating around the idea that I will be too small but I definitely know I’d prefer my end result to be natural and not overwhelming. Argh I imagine it all becomes easier on the other side 🎐
  10. definitely have been inspired by your journey @Kaleidoscope_Eyes both results have been amazing. I'm most likely starting at a smaller size pre op but I think I would feel similar to how you did with the larger size option (345cc HP) I've decided on shape and fullness over projection. thanks for sharing your journey! somehow, apparently I'm able to carry both heights, I'm not tall but I have a longish body. I like how the tall may give me a bit more fullness up top as I've gone with an anatomical implant.
  11. Im a bit nervous at choosing a tall implant but hopefully ill get a good result - fingers crossed (now im worried it will be too small!) 😛
  12. Phew I’ve finally made a size choice! 305cc mod plus tall height teardrop. Still not sure if it’s big enough to achieve what I want but apparently it will give me a great shape and complement my lifestyle. Now a couple of weeks wait until surgery...!
  13. My sizes are 295 or 345, same width 1 cm projection difference. I have my last appointment before surgery on Thursday.
  14. Has anyone done this? I can’t pick between the options I was given, I’ve been thinking of showing my PS a couple of new photos of what I think I’d like to be and let him decide what works. I am totally stuck and can’t make the call!!
  15. Haha no I'm pisces! my next consult is the end of the month, my surgery is mid July. Thanks for the explanation in cc's @Wanting boobs thats a good way to put it - I wonder how so little can make so much difference though in photos I've found online of the 2 different sizes - I imagine thats the projection.