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    300cc round smooth dual plane unders
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    Dr Greensmith
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    176cm 58kg - pre op 10a at biggest

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  1. My kids are 6, 10 yr old twins and 11. I didn’t tell them anything. I suspect the 11 yr old boy might know what I did but the rest definitely haven’t cottoned on. None of them have even asked anything except my 6 yr old daughter asked if I was having a baby because my boobies looked bigger. I just said no - sometimes they grow....... she totally accepted that explanation.
  2. I'm 176cm 58 kgs and got 300cc round dual plane. They look perfect on my body and I'm so happy with them. I think I could have pulled off a bit bigger but not much. I have a really small waist and frame so any bigger would look quite fake I think. In saying that they are smaller but look big on my body...... if that makes sense. I will try and upload photos to my gallery if you want to add me. Hope this doesn't confuse you but I think it all depends on body type.
  3. 300cc round smooth dual plane unders. Day one post op 3 months post op.
  4. I had mondors on each breast I found them about 3weeks after surgery. It was totally fine and they went away by themselves by week 5.
  5. I'm 176cm 58kg. I got 300cc round xhp dual plane. I'm 6 weeks post op now and loving them!! My surgeon was Awdrew Greensmith from the Melbourne institute of plastic surgery.
  6. I had drainage tubes post op and it was totally fine. I got lots of fluid from one hardly any from the other, im happy I got them because my swelling was minimal even when I got them out.
  7. Niltiac

    Boobs in July ?

    Post Op day 4. Feeling really good. Swelling has definitely gone down they are starting to settle into place and I'm out shopping and being a tourist. I fly home on Tuesday so I'm meeting with my surgeon on Monday to change my dressings and get the all clear to fly home. Looking a bit wonky but they were sisters not twins before I had the surgery. I'm off all the pain killers just taking my antibiotics now. It's feeling less weird taking my bra off too. Good luck for the up coming surgery's.
  8. Niltiac

    Boobs in July ?

    Hey team! I got my drains out yesterday, it didn't hurt but felt very odd. I think all the anesthetic had worn off by that stage so after I got some lunch I started to feel pretty average. Just ever so slightly sick, and a bit breathless so I rested up at the hotel for a few hours before going for a walk at dusk. It was good to get out of the hotel but I was breathless and had to walk slow. Managed to sleep all night without needing panadol. I keep waking up and I'm lying flat on my back though. I must slip down from all my propped up pillows. It's not sore in anyway so I'm hoping that's ok?? Woke up feeling slightly sick again today so I'm taking probiotics to try restore my gut health. All the drugs must have destroyed it. Lefty is more swollen and sore still but hopefully that goes soon. Otherwise feeling ok. Best of luck @Bonny6 it's over so quick and then you will have boosams!!!
  9. I'm feeling great. Surgery went really well. I had my drains removed a few hours ago then came back to the hotel and slept for an hour. I ended up getting 300cc which feel huge!! Still very tight and sore but it's totally manageable.
  10. Niltiac

    Boobs in July ?

    @Mrs Freckles glad your feeling better today. The pain in my left breast is worse than my right so I'm just doing small shoulder rolls and an arm exercise my surgeon told me to do. It's almost in my armpit?? I can't wait to get my drains out but I'm worried about how swollen they will get when they are out. When are the other surgeries in July?? If yours is coming up feel free to ask any questions xxx
  11. I had my surgery with Andrew Greensmith today. It was wonderful! The staff were amazing and Andrew is a really lovely man. I'm feeling really good. I have All the usual symptoms tight in the chest but not soo sore. I would recommend Andrew 100%. He came to check on me a few times, then when my partner came to get me he came out to meet him too and they ended up having a big chat about surfing. It was really good.
  12. Niltiac

    Boobs in July ?

    Hey beauties! My surgery went really well! I woke up from the anaesthetic and burst into tears, I was very emotional and shaky. When I was taken to recovery I vomited and then rested for about an hour before asking for some pain relief. I had half an endone and that really helped me. I wasn't sore but the top of my chest was almost throbing..... but I think it may have been muscle spasms. I ended up getting 300cc smooth round under the muscle. I was feeling really average not sore or even too tight just nauseous and nodding off lots. When my taxi arrived I vomited again and felt instantly better. Taxi to the hotel was fine I was just scared of him stopping suddenly. My fiancé and I just hung out, I had to get him to take my track pants off but I managed my knickers myself and was ok to get myself up off the toilet (I just did like a squat kind of so I was using my legs). I had panadol at 6:30 so I'm just up and waiting till 10:30 so I can have them and half an endone before I go to sleep. Managed to eat dinner and fell asleep for about an hour. Feeling really good just tight and it's like my back is a bit sore in between my shoulder blades. When I take a deep breath it hurts slightly but noting major! I'm so happy. Getting my drains out tomorrow at 11. I will try and update my journey regularly. @lovejugs I didn't do anything to prepare, I just had an electrolyte drink, lip balm and my panadol beside the bed for when I got home. XXX
  13. I'm having surgery with Andrew today. He's so lovely and so are his team. I will update you later when I'm out of surgery and feeling up to it. I'm having 280-300cc unders. Depending on what he thinks during the surgery.
  14. Niltiac

    Boobs in July ?

    Good luck to all of us getting boobs today!
  15. Niltiac

    Boobs in July ?

    @Lee_newboobs I'm taking high dose Vitamin c after the surgery its really good for recovery, I wasn't sure if I could take it before so haven't been, but I just read that @Bonny6 has been able to take it. I was also going to say magnesium would be good too. Im flying into Melbourne tomorrow then having a consult at 4. Excited to hear when my surgery will be and what size I'm will go. the 11th can't come soon enough! I just want to get it done and into recovery. Hope everyones weekends have been good.
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