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  1. I am a size 8 and I went 400cc hp brazillian furries over the muscle. My PS recommended 440 but I went smaller as I still wanted to fit my clothes and look reasonably natural. It put me at a 10E bra size. It is hard to find sexy bras that size.. most have thick straps and full coverage.. so that could be something to consider. I feel like they’re a pretty normal size. I tend to get comments from males that they’re natural and not fake looking like others they’ve seen and from female friends I get told they look huge when I’m wearing fitted clothes. ? I was worried about making the wrong decision as everyone says go bigger.. but I reasoned that if I went big and didn’t like them., I couldn’t really change them.. yet if I went smaller and wished for bigger.. I could always wear push up bras. Thankfully I actually love the size I chose. All the best with your decision and your surgery. ?
  2. I have overs. I'm 61kg, 165cm and got 360CC HP round brazillian furries. I was basically deflated though so had heaps of skin to fill out which is why my surgeon suggested those implants. Everything went well, I love them and my recovery was very easy. Best of luck with your upcoming surgery.
  3. I've been getting occasional boob pain too.. like little electric pulse feelings in my nipple or incision areas. It doesn't last for long and I find just putting pressure on it helps. I had it on my incisions the other day while driving and didn't realize I was rubbing them until I was stopped at the lights and I looked over at the car next to me and saw the guy looking at me ?? I had my first tattoo laser appoint yesterday since I had my surgery. I had to wait 2 months after the surgery to get it done in case of infection. It didnt hurt as much on my boob as it did on my leg this time.. so maybe I'm still a bit numb in that area?? I'm enjoying bra shopping and can't seem to go shopping without checking out the lingerie shops. I'm going to be so broke!! Please tell me I'm not the only one!! How's everyone else going?
  4. I got a bad cold one week out from my surgery. I panicked and went to the chemist with the list of meds I couldn't take and told them I had to be well within a week for surgery. They were really good with finding what I could take and giving me tips. My tips would be: drink lots of fluids, keep antibacterial hand sanitizer with you at all times and use it whenever you're near someone sick, Take vitamin c, get plenty of sleep, At the first sign of sickness get to the chemist or dr and ask what you can take. Good luck with staying healthy and for your upcoming surgery!
  5. I wear size 6 to 8 in Portmans dresses. I went from a B cup to an E cup. My size 8 stuff all still fits. Some of my size 6 fit but are quite firm on my bust.
  6. I'm 163cm and 60kg.. I have 360cc round overs. They're brazillian furries. I was a b cup before and I'm now an E cup.
  7. I got sized today. 10E!! I think that made me realise they're plenty big enough! I think I was just feeling like I could have gone bigger because my clothes all still fit. I bought a few nice new bras. Will be fun to shop even more now I know my size. I have cleavage in some things like sports crops but not usually in other things. One of my scars is quite raised but the other is really flat and neat. Hoping the scar gel helps.. but may need to look into laser.. keep us updated on how it's going Kismet
  8. Mine are going well. I know what you mean about boob greed.. I love them, but at the same time they seem so much smaller now and I do sometimes wonder if I should have gone 400CC like my Dr originally suggested. I think it's at these times that it is good to look back at before photos. I'm only just starting to be able to push mine together to create cleavage. They're very firm still so I'm looking forward to them softening more. I'm finally free of dressings!! I have started my silicone scar treatment now and as of next Tuesday, I can get sized and go shopping!!! ? Hope everyone else is going well!!
  9. My incisions are longer than yours @asianbabe. I think because I have Brazilians and they can't be pushed into a smaller opening. I've been getting lots of comments from people that I've lost lots of weight.. I'm actually heavier than pre surgery.. have been eating heaps and of course doing no exercise.... but I think having a bigger chest is making the rest of me look smaller to people who don't know??!! ?
  10. I only told my sister and 3 close friends and then one of my friends blabbed to her friends. We were out for her birthday and they asked to see them!! So quite a few people know now. I haven't told my kids (6 and 10), because they're no good at keeping secrets and I'm a teacher at their school.. I don't need the whole school talking about it haha. I've just said that my back is sore when I can't lift my youngest up on swings etc.. and that seems to be working. I feel like it's not that noticeable in clothes anyway so people probably won't realise. Mine aren't so noisy anymore.. but the incision areas are very very itchy!! I can't wait to get my stitches out on Friday and to stop wearing waterproof dressings. Is anyone using scar treatment? When has your surgeon said you can wear normal bras? @Fitchick14 sounds like a lovely proposal!!
  11. Huge congratulations Fitchick!! That's very exciting!
  12. I've been feeling weird sensations too. My surgeon and nurse both warned that I may feel 'gurgling or squelching' and my post op paperwork says it will resolve over a few weeks. It's a weird feeling. I don't have any restrictions on sleeping positions just that I need to wear a supportive crop while sleeping. But then I have Brazilians so that might be different..
  13. Hope everyone is going well. It's comforting to hear that others have the same symptoms. At my checkup the day after my surgery.. the nurse said I would need to get a smaller bra as the swelling went down. She suggested the post surgery ones from Target and said I could change to that in a few days. My post surgery one was rubbing under my arms and causing a sore, red rash... So today I went in search of a different one. I tried the target one but actually got a two pack from Kmart for the same price. It has a zip front and removable cups.. I just took them straight out. It feels firmer and way more comfortable than the target one.. but you can't adjust the straps. This is them... http://www.kmart.com.au/product/2-pack-zip-front-wirefree-crop-bras/111581
  14. Hey lovely, I haven't been on any painkillers (only took two the night of surgery).. and I still have this bloating. The nurse at my check up said it was from the anesthetic and it would go in a week or so. It feels like everything is so swollen. I've just been drinking lots of water.
  15. @ambz93.xx I now know what you mean about the itchiness. I'm 4 days post op My incisions are so itchy.. It's driving me crazy!! I'm still very swollen and a bit tender in the center and at the sides but not really any pain still. I think I overdid it on day 2.. I went wedding dress shopping with my sister and we walked around shops all day. I was a bit achy that night. So I made sure to rest yesterday. I drove last night and that was totally fine. I'm catching up with a friend this morning who doesn't know I've had surgery. Trying to work out what to wear so it's not noticeable. Have you ladies told people? I've only told my sister and 3 close friends. Hope everyone is going well.
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