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  1. Had rhinoplasty and septoplasty done by dr pipayas in Thailand ppsi hospital almost a year ago now I'm devastated with the results nose looked much better before the nose does not suit my face and people said your face looks really different and looked at me very weirdly I cried the whole time I was in Thailand especially when the cast was removed and I got to see what I had done to my face I got told it was still swollen and would go down 10 months later and my nose has not changed at all. I'm really scared to get a nose job to fix it I'm not sure what to do. I'm looking for any recommendations of people who have been very unhappy with their surgery and what they did to fix this and any info on plastic surgeons for nose correction surgery. Currently I am left with what looks like a swollen tip my nose gets blocked I can't breathe any better if anything it's worse and it looks like I have a droopy nose (hanging columella not to mention it looks wonky. I have attached photos
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