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  1. By now you will be about 2 months post op and your boobies would have changed a fair bit, drop n fluf will be well under way and they will start to feel softer I hope you are feeling better about them now they have started to settle a bit, they will continue to change for a good 6-9 months, so try to be patient and trust the process 🙂
  2. Hi there. If your going under the muscle which sounds like you will be remember you can loose up to 50/60 CCs as the muscle compresses the implant. I'm 5'7 and 58 kg with a 13 cm BWDand have 440 cc anatomical implants, was a 32A (10A) before my BA now a 10 DD/E depending on the style of bra .25 cc is negligible and you won't notice a difference in reality it's only 3 table spoons. This was taken around September last year
  3. I think we are all a litt to hard on ourselves when it comes to our boobs and yes while you may have felt that your surgeon did not explain everything in detail to you about removing the old implants to do the lift I'm sure your boobs look great to anyone who might see them. I too was not 100% happy with mine when i first had them done as my boobs were slightly different sizes (had the same size implants inserted in both sides) and told that they wouldn't look that different (well they do, lefty is almost 1 cup size bigger ) and I'm still almost 95% certain that my left Anatomical implant is
  4. I would say yes to both girls, no guestamation to bra size but I'd guess anywhere between 290 and 330 cc implants. Try to get your head out of bra size if your looking for inspo as surgeons work in Ccs not cup size so it will be different for everyone. A 400 cc implant will look very different on someone who is 5'5 and 55 kg compared to a 400 cc implant on a 5'7 60 kg person it all has to do with your breast footprint and BWD (breast width dimensions ) shape of your breast bone ( chest ) ect and existing breast tissue. Hope this helps
  5. He's not in Melbourne but if you can trave (Sydney )l Dr Eddie Donna is very good with big implantsif you google him he has some great before and afters
  6. Hi i was 44 yrs old when i had my BA i didn't need a lift as i wasn't saggy just empty after breastfeeding 2 children,. It will depend on how much sagging and existing breast tissue you have weather you need a lift or not, a friend of mine was borderline needing a lift and was told by her sergeon if she didn't mind going bigger to fill out the existing empty breast tissue then she wouldn't need the lift ( her boobs look amazing ) so if you have a fair bit of breast to fill then a small implant won't give the lift you want and you may need the lift as well. I had mine done in Perth whic
  7. Dr Guy Watts is a fantastic surgeon he was a very close seccond to the surgeon who i went with (Dr Sam Cunneen ) give both of them a call and see who you feel the most comfortable with. Good luck on your BA journey Hi Nadya i had a consult with Dr Briggs during my research stage and while found him very knowledgeable i felt a litt rushed through my consult and he didn't answer all of my questions just gave me a pamphlet on breast augmentation and said if i had any more questions to book another consult so was not overly impressed with him, i hope your experience will be better.
  8. I have to agree with Lovley, your lips are young and youthful looking they are naturally full if you want to enhance them then a good bold lippy and a lip liner can work wonders.
  9. Ooh let me kniw how it goes, id like to try making sourdough, and don't feel bad at the slime not working I've tried many different recipes and the only one i can seem to get right is fluffy slime 😅
  10. Ok guys so who's been cooking/ baking up a storm during this isolation time. 😂😂 My kids said to me the other day that my cooking was fancy enough to go on Master Chef or MKR , must admit I have been cooking and baking things I wouldn't normally have the time to do but with spending more time at home I'm experimenting in the kitchen and have realised that I am actually quite a good cook, I surprised myself over Easter and pulled off a home made Pavlova 💪💪. What has been some of your triumphs.
  11. This forum is a great place to start as it has real life stories from actual patients , if you click on the find a clinician tab a list of all the plastic surgeons will drop down but Dr Tavakoli , Dr Miroshink, Dr Eddie Donna,Dr Ellis Choy are some of the names that come to mind for Sydney surgeon's read their bios and if you like the sound of one and their reviews then book a consultation as then you get to meet face to face and you can see if you feel comfortable with them plus having an idea or some pictures of what you're wanting to achieve is good to show the surgeon. 😊
  12. Are you starting with the same amount of existing breast tissue or have similar breasts to the before picture as if not then your post op result will not look like the after result . All a Breast Augmentation dose is give you a bigger version of what you have . As a guess I'd say they'd be a moderate plus implant , my best advice for you would be to find pictures of women with similar stats and before pics as yourself and then look at their afters and see if there is anything you like. Good luck on your BA journey 😊
  13. Hi @Kaleidoscope_Eyes I'm glad to hear your recovery is going well and wow time travles fast, you'd be around 7 wpo now, bet it feels great to wear pretty dresses again i too was not much of a dress person before boobs as i have no waist 😂 but boobs helped balance out my silhouette ,. Have you tried David Jones for small band bras i recently lost 15 kg and wear an 8 to 10 in bras also, i found some nice bras at Honey Bridette but they are a little on the costly side so wait till they have a sale . Hope all is well with you and stay safe 😊
  14. Thank you @LaurenT it was bloody hard work and took the better part of a yr to loose 15 kg, I did it naturally and the hard way . I mean no detox or special diet plans just clean eating ,watching my calorie intake and lots of heavey strenght training . 😊
  15. Hi and welcome, i am 5'7 and was 72 kg (34A) when i got my boobs and i am also quite Athelitecly built i just wanted to bakance out my proportions and was worried that boobs would make me look matronly but that was not the case, i have 440cc hp anatomical implants which balanced me out nicly the pic of me in the blue set is me at 70 kg and the pic of me in the crop top is after loosing 12 kg , not much changed in the boob department after the weight loss but having a smaller waist dose make them look a bit bigger but in a good way lol😅
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