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  1. This is good news. Glad to hear your incisions are healing well.
  2. That sounds like a good idea, if your not feeling up to it then taking a little extra time off would be beneficial, best not to over do it so soon after surgery and remember when you do go back to work fully to take it easy for a good week and ease yourself in gently.
  3. Glad to hear your feel better, your over the hardest part and it will only get easier, if you would like to friend request me we can see each others po pictures 😊
  4. Hey @CJ- i took 3 weeks off my job as a hairdresser as it involves lots of time (all day in fact 😂) with my arms raised and lots of blowdrying , my first werk back i was a little sore and tender but every day got easier. I also took 8 weeks off from my PT and Aerobic instructor job as you can imagine it is very physical, i started back at the gym at 3 wpo with light cardio and at 1 mpo i started with some light bodyweight lower body exercises and by 6 wpo i had started lifting light weights with my upper body (all of which was cleared by my surgeon first) Please listen to your body if you try to push/ lift something heavey at work and it dos'nt feel good then ask for help and wait a few more days before you try again.
  5. Hey @CJ- if you have no luck with your GP you can buy panadol Osteo over the counter from your pharmacist to hepl ease the pain a little. Your doctor dosn't sound very empathetic and i hope you were able to get some sort of pain relief, the sleeping on your back thing can be very uncomfortable and down right painful at times but this will pass so just know its not for to much longer, if its more upper back pain than lower back then you may have pinched a nerve between your shoulder blades, you could also try a heat pack to help relieve the pain.
  6. @APerth glad to hear your surgery went well and hoping your recovery runs smoothly. @Bec217 i had my BA done through Dr Sam Cunneen and am very happy with my results, Sam is a very meticulous surgeon and knows his stuff i left the size choice to him in the end as wanted a fake natural look and thats exactly what i got. I would have to agree with the Moderator on Pia Muehkenbeck's look what you think is a C or D cup is actually more a DD or even E cup if you look at my photos you would think i was a D cup but in actual fact I'm a 10 E
  7. Hi @Rose2019 i would have to agree with the above comments, although i myself did have a pretty easy recovery i had full use of my arms right after surgery but had restrictions on lifting anything heavey , over reaching and driving , i had little to no pain and came out of the anesthetic very easily but some people are not so lucky, while i didn't technically have rapid recovery my first 2-3 weeks were fairly easy but i did take that time to rest and recover as like mentioned above it is major surgery. You also mention you have little ones, you will have lifting restrictions even with a supposedly rapid recovery so picking up your little ones will be very hard for the first week at least so i reccomend you have someone who can help you for that first week.
  8. Hi @Frankie* i am 2 yr po and yes i still slerp with a soft support crop top on ( the zip up ones from KMart) i like the feeling of my girls being supported also as for the night time boob sweat i didn't find it bothered me to much it's more when I'm working out 😂 that i hate the boob sweat.
  9. Ooh your results look great, the comparison from before to after is amazing you definitely look younger and more refreshed.
  10. Glad to hear your surgery went well @MellieMoo , and yes i found sleeping on my back a little frustrating at first (I'm a side sleeper) but you eventually get used to it, hope your recovery goes well , and i bet they will look amazing after the D & F
  11. Oh wow so sorry to hear you're going through this but glad to hear that its getting better slowly, keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery, on a side note make sure you have a good probiotic to take after all those antibiotics.
  12. It kinda looks like your incisions were stitched a little to tight and that is why they look like they do, it also looks a little uncomfortable (hope your not in any pain) . I would wait till your 1 wk po app and mention it to your sergeon sorry to hear this has happened.
  13. Hi there glad to hear you're doing well after your seccond surgery , your breasts are looking great and they seem to be settling nicely, I'm a little jelly of your cleavage too
  14. I know its pretty easy for us to say but if you can for the first week to 10 day's try not to lift your youngest as you risk internal damage, like what Cupcake said nappy changes on the floor, nap time on the kiddy flip out sofa and maybe your older child could help you lift your youngest in/out of the bath . Definitely pre prepare some meals ahead of time to freeze as you probably wont feel up to cooking for the first few days and if you do have to lify your little one like Sabp said squat down have them put their arms around your neck and legs around your waist hands under their bottom then stand using your legs (do not bend and scoop) . Best of luck with the surgery and hope recovery goes well
  15. I like Berlie high impact sports bra for running it really holds the girls in place and for a bit of extra support i sometimes put a soft cup crop over the top if im doing HITT as for T shirt bras i can't go past the body bliss contour bras (Bras n Things ) they are so comfrey and come in a variety of colours ans they even have lacy options, i have one in every colour 😂
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