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  1. I HaveBoobs

    Comparison images

    Have you looked on instagram or the Eden knows implants website there are a heap of boobie inspo pics on there. https://edenknowsimplants.com
  2. Hi and welcome to the group, I'm 5'7 (170 cm) and 70 kg i have 440cc hp anatomical unders i started off with a 12A and now a 12 E so it will give you some idea of what you would end up with , just send me a FR and you'll be able to see my progress pics 😊
  3. I HaveBoobs

    Sooooo.... Revision.... Again

    It's so hard to gt things perfectly right the first time around, i think about 95% of us say i wish i went a little bigger/smaller myself included and while I'm happy with my size i do wish i went that little bit bigger . A friend of mine has 480 uhp smooth rounds under the muscle and she looks great for 5 mpo still sitting a little high so is having to wear the strap , her boobs have quite a bit of uppre people fullness which is why she and her surgeon picked the uhp as thats what she wanted but unfortunately she is not on this forum. I wish you luck with your new research , re you going bact to your original surgeon or looking for a new surgeon.
  4. I HaveBoobs

    Rotation 😟

    Hi hun, if your past the 2 month mark then you should be fine with most of the exercises but i would just let you friend know that you had breast surgery as you will need to modify some of the moves as yes they can place a fair bit of strain on the chest muscles. Have fun i love reformer pilates
  5. I HaveBoobs

    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    I'm glad things are going well with your recovery and I know what you mean about boobs looking uneven in pictures and not i real life i think its the angle at which we hold the camera and the shadows from por lighting , (i so need to learn hiw to take a good selfy 😂) its a bit of a bummer about the position of your scars but you still have some drop n fluff to go so hopefully they will be hidden in a couple more months
  6. I HaveBoobs

    Considering BA

    I also have an under bust incision and if you have a very skilled surgeon like Lauren T said the scar will be barly visible, you can hardly see mine and it sits right in my crease so is only visible when i lift up my breast (and only barly visible), plus if for some reason you need a revision surgery down the track it will be done with an infamamary incision
  7. I HaveBoobs

    Considering BA

    Just to make you aware that if you are wanting a transaxilary incision (armpit) then you are limited on what size implant you can have as the surgeon has a greater distance fron incision site to the actual pocket to place the implant and if your leaning towards the teardrop implant then you will most likely have to have an infamamary incision , most surgeon's won't place anatomical implants through a transaxilary incision as the possibility of rotation before the implant is in it's propper placement, i asked my surgeon this question in my consult and that was his answer
  8. I HaveBoobs

    Considering BA

    Hi hun and welcome, if you look in the find a clinician tab o here you will find lots of fully qualified plastic surgeons in youe area if you click on their name you will be able to read reviews from actual patients, also RealSelf has a lot of info and patient reviews . Have you started any research on diffrent implant types, brands, placment , incision site ect and have you looked at women with similar stats to find goal boob pictures. Also a big tip dont get caught up on cup size you only want what you think will look like a C/D cup when the actual CC amount will be very different.. if you have any more questions feel free to ask we are all hete to help 😊 On a side note i think Mac credit do payment plans for cosmetic surgery or you could call your bank to enquire about a personal loan which might have a cheaper intrest rate.
  9. I HaveBoobs

    Rotation 😟

    @BAM when trying to find some info on rotated implants ( and there's not a lot) most people describe a pressure like feeling behind the nipple and the obvious which is the breast looks an odd shape, i have had this pressure type feeling behind my nipple from about 2mpo and it comes and goes my breast did look a little different but now it looks ok-ish just looks like its sits a little more outward than central if you know what I mean . I think an ultrasound is the best way to see if it has rotated and i dont think any cosmetic surgery even revision surgery is covered any more .
  10. I HaveBoobs

    Health Insurance

    Hi hun, oh no another ba revision, are you not happy with your down size ? Im not 100 sure but i dont think you are covered for anything related to cosmetic surgery these days unless its medically necessary so if your Rhinoplasty is fir medical reasons then yes i think some of it will be covered as to which are the best health funds I'd shop around a bit to see which one will be better value to you for what you need, i used Iselect and Compare the market to help me compare health funds.
  11. I HaveBoobs

    Rotation 😟

    Hi love I'm pretty sure we are friends on this site so you should be able to go back through and look at my progress pics, as for my boob all seems to be ok atm , its still a it different to my right breast and sits lower but so far (toutch wood) it seems to be behaving but yes mine has always felt different right from the start , my right breast completely feels like a part of me like i dont even know i have an implant but my left i can still feel a foreign object so to speak but that might be normal im not sure. If you send Stemschicky and elleg a FR and they accept you will be able to see their galkary pics.
  12. I HaveBoobs

    Something pre implant?

    The only thing you can try pre implants is fat grafting there is no filler that can be injected into the breast. A year or so ago i remember seeing something on the news where a woman in Sydney died when an unqualified practicioner injected scilicon into a colleagues breasts.
  13. I HaveBoobs

    Bra Fitting

    Ooh nice, did you manage to find a bikini for the new girls 😅
  14. I HaveBoobs

    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    @Frankie* Glad to hear everything went well and your doing fine, and enjoy your Christmas boobies, congrats 😊
  15. I HaveBoobs

    Different implant Brands

    Yea i saw that too @sabP , I'm still not happy with how my left breadt is a cup size bigger than my right and sits lower so was thinking about a revision in a couple of years when i save up the money again and yes i mentioned in to my hubby who said that there is a difference but its not a big one and if I'm un happy then he is behind me wanting a revision so thats a little weight of my mind. I'm thinking of switching to smooth rounds but not sure what brand I'd like to go with, i like the sound of the Motiva implants but there dosn't seem to be many options for size and profile.