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    Breastaugmentation -440 cc anatomical implants
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    Dr Sam Cunneen 8 November 2017
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  1. I HaveBoobs

    Cosmetic Evolution Dr Lee?

    I'm with the The Fox on this one, i personally wouldn't go to a cosmetic surgeon for a plastic surgery procedure. If you do a little more research you will find some very good reputable plastic surgeons that don't cost the earth. You can use the tab in here (find a clinician ) and thete wil be lots of reviews by real people. 😊
  2. I HaveBoobs

    Headaches and dizziness post op

    Hi love this is all very normal after surgery, some people react better than others the numbness is also very normal and it will return in time but when i cannot tell you as its different fir everyone. At about 3 days i had some brusing come up and by day 5 it was half way down the sides of my ribcage i also had terrible bloat right down to my pubic bone all of which is very normal , if your not feeling to dizzy try to get up and move around bit and drink lots of water to help flush the bloat which is all the excess fluid they give you during the op.
  3. I HaveBoobs

    Lets talk...

    Oh hunny I'm sorry you feel this way, but your only 3 mpo and all the swelling has gone now so maybe give it a bit more time as you have only just begun to D&F , i know it's something that gets said quite a lot and it probably dosn't make you feel any better but fingers crossed that in another 6-12 wks they will fluff some more , just looked at your post op pics and i think they look great by the way. 😘
  4. I HaveBoobs

    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    Congratulations on the new boobies @BAM hope the recovery goes smoothly.
  5. I HaveBoobs

    Loads of views no replies

    Hi i just recently up loaded my D&F photos to the D&F topic so if you want to pop over and have a look your welcome.
  6. @Neverbeenthishappy I am glad that our information and self experiences were of some help to you, its always nice to hear about the the experiences of others and i lover the girls in this forum we all support each other. Keep us posted on your recovery.
  7. I HaveBoobs

    Difference in under muscle and ontop..

    A lot of how boobs will look on someone will depend greatly on their anatomy , shape of chest wall, existing breast tissue, height , weight and BWD so someone with 450 cc hp implant (example ) on a 5'7 64 kg (142 lbs) with a bwd of 12 cm (pre A cup) will look completely different to someone who is 5'4 55 kg (122lbs) with a bwd of 12 cm but started with a B cup.. Under the muscle will look smaller to begin with as the muscle is compressing the implant but as your tissues and muscles relax the implant will fluff to its original size hence the term fluff and the drop well the implant dosn't actually drop its the filling inside the implant that settles to the bottom giving the appearance of dropping. Over the muscle will look a little different but they akso drop n fluff and they can appear to look biger. Here is a pic on D&F i found
  8. Hi and congratulations on your new boobies, i had my breast augmentation with Dr Sam Cunneen in November last year and i have to say i am also very happy with my results, Sam is everything you have said and that is why i chose him also. If you FR me you will be able to see my progress photos. 😊he is truly an amazing surgeon and thank you for sharing your story, gkad you are happy with your new boobs.
  9. I HaveBoobs

    Cleavage gap

    @KLJ From memory i had a follow up the day after surgery then at 1 wk to check my incisions, then one at 6 wks, 3 months then 6 mth and my 1 yr one is coming up in mid October and I'll be 2 wks just shy of 1 year. But i did go in recently as i had developed mondors cords at 7 mpo which is not usual and he just wanted to check me out to make sure everything was ok. If your concerned about them then i dont see why not he is very accommodating . Let me know how you go.
  10. I HaveBoobs

    Before D&F and after D&F pics please

    Drop n fluff pics. 4 dpo, 1 mpo 5 mpo and 7 mpo.
  11. I HaveBoobs

    Drop and Fluff

    So I'm 8.5 mpo and its about time i posted som D&F photos. I probably have some more changes to come but they look very different from post op to now the first pic is 4 dpo,then, 1 mpo, 5 mpo and 7 mpo
  12. I'm wanting this done also so following your thread, but I'm in Perth so any Perth reccomendations would be appreciated.
  13. I HaveBoobs

    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    My back got a little achy at first, i think it was from having to ajust my posture with having boobs πŸ˜… it did get better but can't for the life of me remember when it went away i just woke up one day and by the days end i realized that my back didnt ach.
  14. Good to know, thanks for the clarification 😊
  15. I HaveBoobs

    Cleavage gap

    If its a real issue you can ask your surgeon about the reverse bra, its like your po bra but only has the cups removed so your boobs poke out and there is like a strap in the middle to help keep them separated but other than that i can't think of anything else