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  1. It kinda looks like your incisions were stitched a little to tight and that is why they look like they do, it also looks a little uncomfortable (hope your not in any pain) . I would wait till your 1 wk po app and mention it to your sergeon sorry to hear this has happened.
  2. Hi there glad to hear you're doing well after your seccond surgery , your breasts are looking great and they seem to be settling nicely, I'm a little jelly of your cleavage too
  3. I know its pretty easy for us to say but if you can for the first week to 10 day's try not to lift your youngest as you risk internal damage, like what Cupcake said nappy changes on the floor, nap time on the kiddy flip out sofa and maybe your older child could help you lift your youngest in/out of the bath . Definitely pre prepare some meals ahead of time to freeze as you probably wont feel up to cooking for the first few days and if you do have to lify your little one like Sabp said squat down have them put their arms around your neck and legs around your waist hands under their bottom then stand using your legs (do not bend and scoop) . Best of luck with the surgery and hope recovery goes well
  4. I like Berlie high impact sports bra for running it really holds the girls in place and for a bit of extra support i sometimes put a soft cup crop over the top if im doing HITT as for T shirt bras i can't go past the body bliss contour bras (Bras n Things ) they are so comfrey and come in a variety of colours ans they even have lacy options, i have one in every colour 😂
  5. @Cupcake85 wow your new boobies look amazing for 2 wpo, Dr Connell is a very talented surgeon. I think the bikini top looks great , enough covered but enough exposed 😘 if you know what I mean. As for high waisted bottoms hwve you tried Big W or K Mart or even Best N Less. I wandered into Cotton on the other day and tried a bathers crop top on and pissed myself laughing as it barley covered my nipples 😂 ( wish I'd taken a photo it was so funny) so safe to say Cotton on is definitely not designed for fake boobies 😂
  6. Hi I'm a little simlar to you in that i have Mentor anatomical implants and am nearly 2 ypo , my left implant dose tend to move around every now and then also,but i do not have the pain i instead found a lump on my left breast. I went to my local GP and got a referral for an ultrasound but when i went back to my doc to get the results she said it was a granuloma or what lookes to be scar tissue on the inside of my capsule so she has given me a referral to go back and see my surgeon as she says it may need further testing so i would go see your GP for an ultrasound and take it from there.
  7. I too have Mentor anatomical implants and sometimes myleft implant looks a different shape , i do not have any of the pains you mentioned but i would definitely contact your surgeon and get it checked out.
  8. Glad to hear that things went well with the seccond surgery and kerping fingers crossed that all heals well.
  9. Ok I'm a bit late on my update as had to reschedule my appointment twice due to getting a new job . I've had my ultrasound and the sonographer said that she could see a lump and it dos'nt look suspicious and that both breasts look fine , she did say however it looked like scar tissue within the capsule and it could be a result of the surgery which seemed a little odd to me as wouldn't you find scar tissue near my incision site and not an inch off to the side of my nipple. Onse i see my GP for my formal results i think I'm going to ask for a seccond opinion as I'm not totally convinced its scar tissue. Has anyone else ever heard of having scar tissue within the capsule. 😞
  10. It will take a good 6 months for them to feel completely soft like natural breasts but they will get softer and softer as the weeks progress. I have textured anatomicals and it took a good 6 to 10 months before i could give mine a good squish , 1 mpo is still very early in the scheme of things give it time 😊
  11. Hope everything goes well with the surgery, keeping my fingers crossed for you 😊
  12. Everyone recovers diffrently and yes the surgery can knock it out of you by the sounds of things it sounds like your not over doing it its just your body's way of saying remember to take it easy , porrering around can sometimes tire you out , the ach's and pains will get better soon be kind to yourself and try to be patient, hoping you feel better soon.
  13. Yes it's all hapening very fast but i guess the sooner you can get them out the better, that being said how have you been feeling. Please keep us updated on how things go and thinking of you and hoping all goes well with the removal.
  14. Hi i went through Dr Sam Cunneen in west Perth and he was great very meticulous and knows what he's talking about , you could also look at Dr Guy Watts he's just down the road and very good also.
  15. Hav'nt been through Assure myself but hav a few friends that have and know of lots of people and i hear nothing but great reviews, the Surgeon's they have mentioned are Dr Anthony Willams, Dr Nathan Stewart, Dr Marh Hanikeri and Dr Vij and Dr Bridget Corragan . Assure was on my list of places to consult with but at the time of finding out about them i had already had 4 consults with individual surgeon's so thought that another one would be to confusing for me 😅
  16. Oh no how scary for you, the waiting is the hardest part, I'm pretty sure i read you have the textured Allergan (recalled ) implants will you be seeing your surgeon to discuss whats the next step . Sending you positive vibes and pkeas keep us posted. Will be thinking of you.
  17. Al though i have not been through Dr Tavakoli myself i would not hesitate to contact him for my future revision ( nothing wrong with my implants but would like to go a little bigger some day and exchange for smooth round imolants ) at the time of doing my research i would have very much liked to have Dr Tav do my BA but decided to stay local (Perth) just incase of any complications, and yes i heard he can come across as arrogant but i think thats just because he's such a perfectionist and is renowned for his impeccable work.
  18. I know its hard with young ones as most of the time all they want is mommy , your ps is right try to minimize how much you pick them up for the next week or two if you can as you risk damaging your pocket or you could rip some internal stitches which may result in surgery to fix (i know its easy for me/people to say so sorry if it sounds harsh) but yes you did spend a lot of money so your just gonna have to improvise and get creative, if their mobile and totting around try to get them to climb (with your help) up onto a chair then lift them onto your lap then stand up or use the scoop n squat method i mentioned earlier, the less you can use your arms/chest in the first 4-6 wks the better off you'll be the pain yoyr feeling is a sign that your diong to much, i dont think by the sounds of things you've done any damage but if you keep diong what your doing you might. Hope i hav'nt come across to harsh i dont mean to just remember you've had major surgery and you need to take it easy. 😊😊. Keep me posted on how you go.
  19. The full heavey feeling you describe is whats ferered to as morning boob ( but not just related to the morning like morning sickness is usually all day sickness 😅) and thats quite normal and will settle over the next few weeks, i would say that you may also be doing to much especially if your running around after a toddler, If you need to pick him/her up squat down scoop them into your chest 1 arm around their back 1 under the bottom and use your legs to lift do not bend from your waist and use your arms as it puts to much strain on your chest which is trying to heal. Dont be to alarmed if you start to experience sharp stabby like pains as well as your about to come into the zingers stage which is just nerves regenerating and this can last for months but the frequency gets less and less.
  20. Glad you're feeling better and your results look great so far, once the brusing and swelling has settled i think they are going to look amazing. Hope the recovery goes smoothly.
  21. A quick update, my surgeon is out of the country for the next couple of weeks so saw my doctor and have an appointment for an ultrasound on the 9 September (its the easiest i could get in i rang 3 places) so as soon as i get my results i will let you all know, keep yourfingers crossed its nothing to serious.
  22. With a breast lift there is a small amount of skin that is removed in order to lift the breast so it is highly likely that you would loose some breast volume a small implant as well as the lift should help maintain the perkiness and volume. . hopefully someone will be able to help you out with some more info.
  23. I've heard of many girls having to wear the strap and it did help you just have to give it time but yes if it dos'nt work then it may mean another surgery to release the pocket, keeping my fingers crossed that the strap helps.
  24. Welcome to the other side hope surgery went well and congratulations
  25. You will need to send a FR and when she accepts it you will be able to see her gallery pics 😊
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