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    TV shows on botched surgeries

    Me too they all seem to be of over seas, which is not a bad thing hopefully that means we have some pretty goog surgeon's here in OZ .
  2. I have just discovered two new surgery shows on Netflix, The ugly face of surgery and Botched bodies, some of it is quite graphic so not for the faint harted. It also baffles me how so many people jump into getting cosmetic surgery without any research being done at all ??????
  3. Ooh i did not know that, might have to drive up for a look. 😊thanks.
  4. I HaveBoobs


    I hav'nt had an up size but i have had a couple of friends who have up sized and for it to be noticeable you will need to go at least 150 to 200 cc bigger 😊
  5. I HaveBoobs

    Rotation 😟

    You are right LaurenT my ps said no massage as this would interfere with the implant adhering tothe the surrounding tissue and no you do not want your anatomical implants to rotate, yes i have heard some surgeons reccomend to massage smooth round implants but some don't, my girlfriend is 4 months post op and has smooth rounds and her surgeon dosn't want her to massage as he told her that there is no infinitive proof that massage actually helps the implants to soften or drop faster.
  6. Wish we had a VS here in Perth, i also liked the compleet comfort bra which i did have onne before my ba but the BNTs own brand is not quite the same, i do like the vs bras will have a look at the link 😊
  7. I HaveBoobs

    Goal weight

    Wow how amazing, and congratulations 😊😊 you must be feeling great to be so close to your goal weight, i wish you look with your consults on the body lift and lipo and breast revision, will you be doing the body lift and lipo first then the boobs.
  8. I HaveBoobs

    Pain under right breadt

    Hi love i agree with @sabP like she said it may just be a cyst but i would go and see your doctor/surgeon just to rule anything else out, do hope its nothing to serious.
  9. I HaveBoobs

    Do you Fake Tan?

    It's a little tricky but thanks to my yoga practice I'm pretty flexible in my shoulders πŸ˜‚ and i usually go over my back with the mit and some Tan on it just in case i miss any bits, or if hubby is free i get him to spray me ( he's actually getting quite good at it now)
  10. I HaveBoobs

    Do you Fake Tan?

    I'm a Bondi sands girl also, but recently i bought the Mine Tan personal spray kit (gun and two bottles of tanning lotion) and am loving how easy it is to do myself and the colour is great too my fav is the Absolute X20 for that uber dark tan and i also have the violet base one which is a medium to dark colour. Definitely reccomend
  11. I definitely agree with TheFox a qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon will be better equipped to hande even l the most simplest and complex surgeries, i wish you luck in your BA journey and feel free to ask any questions you may have we are all here to help 😊
  12. I HaveBoobs

    5'7" 145 lbs. Can't decide on size, help!!

    Hi hun i am very similar stats to you and have 440cc hp anatomical dual plane, i went from a 34 A to a 34 DD/E depending on the style of bra, i would go the 520 , while I like the size of my boobs i do kinda wish i went the 500 cc . Ps FR accepted 😊 and welcome to the group. Oh and you should be able to see my progress pics now
  13. I HaveBoobs

    Thread lift

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone has had a thread lift before and how did you find your results, I'm not quite ready to go down the face lift road yet but looking for a fresher faced look even ok if i still have some of my wrinkles afterwards πŸ˜…
  14. Hi and welcome, 2 hours dose seem like a long appointment and like TheFox mentioned it may include the sizing you up and filling out some of the paperwork. I also had 3 consults each took around 45 mins to an hour (so if funds permit I'd see all 3 surgeons to see who you like the best ) the consult coverd all the pros and cons of having a BA and any possible complications length of surgery what to expect ect, you will also get to ask all of your questions an any concerns and look at goal pictures, you will normally be sent home with a lot of information which you will ned time to read and let sink in then you will go back the next week for your sizing and booking /confirming surgery dates. ☺
  15. I HaveBoobs

    Thread lift

    Thanks for your reply @TheFox , I'm just looking into it at the moment but getting just as many bad experiences/reviews as good, think I'll stick to my wrinkle relaxers fir a little while longer 😊
  16. Wow they look great, I'm thinking uhp for my revision some time in the future (nothing wrong with muy original set) just thinking of up sizing in a few years πŸ˜…
  17. Funny you should say that, when i went for my 1 yr po appointment in November last year i took my surgeon boobie cupcakes say thank you and i kept one for myself and still have the boobies in a bra from off the top of the cupcake πŸ˜… (aka wanting boobs)
  18. I HaveBoobs

    It been over a year since revision love my boobs

    Hello beautiful lady your back , made me smile when i saw your post. I'm glad everything has gone well for you and that you and hubby love the new girls , i had quite sensitive breasts/nipples before my BA but now they are more sensitive also (in a good way πŸ˜…) so hoping thats what you ment .
  19. I HaveBoobs

    Comparison images

    Have you looked on instagram or the Eden knows implants website there are a heap of boobie inspo pics on there. https://edenknowsimplants.com
  20. Hi and welcome to the group, I'm 5'7 (170 cm) and 70 kg i have 440cc hp anatomical unders i started off with a 12A and now a 12 E so it will give you some idea of what you would end up with , just send me a FR and you'll be able to see my progress pics 😊
  21. I HaveBoobs

    Sooooo.... Revision.... Again

    It's so hard to gt things perfectly right the first time around, i think about 95% of us say i wish i went a little bigger/smaller myself included and while I'm happy with my size i do wish i went that little bit bigger . A friend of mine has 480 uhp smooth rounds under the muscle and she looks great for 5 mpo still sitting a little high so is having to wear the strap , her boobs have quite a bit of uppre people fullness which is why she and her surgeon picked the uhp as thats what she wanted but unfortunately she is not on this forum. I wish you luck with your new research , re you going bact to your original surgeon or looking for a new surgeon.
  22. I HaveBoobs

    Rotation 😟

    Hi hun, if your past the 2 month mark then you should be fine with most of the exercises but i would just let you friend know that you had breast surgery as you will need to modify some of the moves as yes they can place a fair bit of strain on the chest muscles. Have fun i love reformer pilates
  23. I HaveBoobs

    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    I'm glad things are going well with your recovery and I know what you mean about boobs looking uneven in pictures and not i real life i think its the angle at which we hold the camera and the shadows from por lighting , (i so need to learn hiw to take a good selfy πŸ˜‚) its a bit of a bummer about the position of your scars but you still have some drop n fluff to go so hopefully they will be hidden in a couple more months
  24. I HaveBoobs

    Considering BA

    I also have an under bust incision and if you have a very skilled surgeon like Lauren T said the scar will be barly visible, you can hardly see mine and it sits right in my crease so is only visible when i lift up my breast (and only barly visible), plus if for some reason you need a revision surgery down the track it will be done with an infamamary incision
  25. I HaveBoobs

    Considering BA

    Just to make you aware that if you are wanting a transaxilary incision (armpit) then you are limited on what size implant you can have as the surgeon has a greater distance fron incision site to the actual pocket to place the implant and if your leaning towards the teardrop implant then you will most likely have to have an infamamary incision , most surgeon's won't place anatomical implants through a transaxilary incision as the possibility of rotation before the implant is in it's propper placement, i asked my surgeon this question in my consult and that was his answer