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  1. So i found a lump in my left breast last night 😟 its only small but its hard and is a little tender to toutch, i am going to call my surgeon an gp tomorrow to see who i can get in with first but just wanted to know has anyone had anything similar and did it turn out to be nothing as I'm a little concerned about all the hype with textured implants atm (almost 2 ypo with textured anatomicals ) i have marked the spot where the lump is.
  2. As your swelling goes down then yes you will need to move the hooks to the tighter setting , but if you feel that it is a little to snug for your liking atm then leave it on the looser for a few mor days then try it again. It needs to feel like a firm fit but not uncomfortable.
  3. Dr Watts and Dr Anthony Willams are both very good surgeons so if your torn between the two then you have a tough decision to make πŸ˜‚, I'd go with whome you connect with the most.
  4. Dr Vij or Dr Connell would be my go to as both are verry well sought after, i hav'nt heard much about Dr Murray but know girls that have been through Dr Vij and Connell and are very happy with their results.
  5. My surgeon has just started doing it, i was going to ask him about it at my next appointment as i have a little asymmetry that i would like evened out. DR Sam Cunneen in West Perth
  6. I'm lead to believe that he uses a few different ranges from Mentor, Allergan, Motiva, if you email the lovely girls at his office I'm sure they will be able to tell you. 😊
  7. Just reading the previous posts and that makes more sense that you would still be uncomfortable as you went under the muscle, recovery for under the muscle will be more uncomfortable and can take longer than overs but it dose get better and yes the antibiotics can make you feel a little nauseous they did for me too, if your feeling up to it get up and move around as much as you can this will help with the swelling and help you to feel better and once you are cleared by your surgeon to start light exercise you'll feel much better . Hoping recovery is going well
  8. Hi i had tp purchase my own po compression bra and was instructed to wear it for 24/7 for 6 weeks and only allowed to take it off to shower, at first with all the swelling it was a little uncomfortable but as the swelling went down it got more comfortable to wear and for a short while afterwards i would still wear it to bed now i just wear a soft crop top to bed as a bit of light support for my girls but every now n then let them run free πŸ˜‚. I would definitely follow your surgeon's post op rules as how long to wear your po bra
  9. Great read, and glad all went well thank you for sharing your story
  10. Oh no so sorry that this has happened, a lot of different factors can lead to bottoming out, surgical error, implant in the incorrect plane or tissue elasticity (skin/ muscles integrity ) not good so if you decide to up size you will have to consider the extra weight of the implant on your existing tissues as this could be a factor in possible bottoming out again however your surgeon can place some internal permanent sutures to help prevent this from happening. Hope all went well with your appointment and do let us know how you go 😊
  11. @Kit every recovery is diffrent and it all depends on how tight your chest muscles were before surgery the typ of implant, placement ect as how things are going to progress so it may not take 10 months for you but i just wanted to let you know that it is a process and it can take quite a while so don't get discouraged just yet. 😊
  12. My breasts dropped and fluffed at different rates throughout my whole recovery up until about 10 mpo then they evened out miraculously over night πŸ˜‚, 3 wks i still pretty early in the recovery so give it sime more time.
  13. For me i started back at the gym by 3 wpo just walking and stationary bike, 5-6 wks i was back to doing lower body workouts like leg press and bodyweight squats /lunges and back to my regular routine by 8 wpo but still taking it easy (running was 6-8 wks po with a good sports bra) and by 6 mpo i was back my normal weights with the exception of chest exercises which i no longer do . But i will say please follow your ps reccomendations on exercises to minimize po complications. Same here, some days mine looks kinda weird and then other days it seems fine, how often do you notice yours moving, i feel the pocket may have been made a little to big which is why i think it would move .
  14. Hi @Bec217 welcome, i went through Dr Cunneen about 19 months ago for my BA and while I'm mostly happy with my boobs and the size there is a small issue I'm not completely satisfied with, i belive my implant (the left one) has slight rotated not so much that my breast looks a funny shape but i have a flat spot/ridge in the cleavage area and my nipple sits to laterally to the side and i have flex distortion so will be seeing him at my 2 yr post op and asking what can be done to correct it. (I will add that I'm a PT and fitness instructor so am very active also) Other than that i cannot fault his professionalism his attention to detail, he is a very straight forward meticulous surgeon and will guide you in the best direction he is very caring and nothing is ever to much trouble (i went back 4 x to try on sizers before I settled on my sizeπŸ˜‚) the whole process was made very easy and i never felt pressured into committing to the surgery. I never got to have my consult with Dr Watts as after i met Sam i just knew (i did have 3 consults before sam) so i cxld with Dr Watts and i akso hear great things about Dr Connell so I'd say you have a very hard choice as all are great surgeon's.
  15. I have to agree with the other ladies even though you were looking at women with simlar stats the same size implant will look very different on everyone as we all have our own unique breast footprint (like a finger print no two are exactly the same ), there is only 20cc which is about 2-3 table spoons between the two implants so like the others i think you'll still end up a C cup but the 295 might just give you that bit more fullness, wishing you luck with your surgery and welcome to the group 😊
  16. Wow that was a curve ball bet you weren't expecting to hear you also had double bubble, its great that the private health is covering the majority of the surgery so that one cost you won't have to worry about and hope everything goes well with the consult for the body lift must be exciting, keep us posted on the progress.
  17. Hi and welcome, this i a very old thread and you might find that most of these girls are no longer on this forum, you would be better off starting a new thread as you might get more of a response, good luck with your BA journey and feel free to reach out with any questions 😊
  18. Hi @Baileys 6 weeks is still pretty early , your swelling has just started to subside which is why you are feeling a little deflated (literally ) in a few weeks you will begin the drop n fluff stage and its here where the changes will begin, take weekly pictures so you can see just how much they do change😊
  19. They say by about 6 mpo the drop n fluff is complete but for me I'd say they were still changing up till 14 mpo, I'm now 19 mpi and they dont seem to have changed any more since. If you look at my post op pics you will see a 12 mpo they were still quite round looking but by 14 months they hadsettled more so I'd say give it a good 12 months.
  20. If you have a skilled surgeon and your pocket is created to the exact size of the implant then the risk is very very small, and you would have had to Not follow any of your surgeons post op rules at all , in a dual plane placement the top of the muscle will hold the implant in place and your surgeon will place a number of internal sutures to make sure this dosn't happen. 😊 heres what i found during my research. http://www.the-cosmetic-surgery-directory.com/article-breast-implant-bottoming-out.html
  21. I tried them all lol, but for me i felt that the creams suited me better, i tried the scar FX scilicon tape, stratamed gel and vitamin E and Rosehip oil
  22. I have many girlfriend's with smooth round implants (i work in the fitness industry so most of us at the gym have implants πŸ˜‚) they all have different sizes and profiles and all are happy with them and a friend of mine just recently had hers done , smooth round uhp 485 cc but wanted the more fake look she is 8 mpo and is over the moon with her results.
  23. I had day surgery, went in first thing in the morning and home by lunch time so was able to relax in my own home while kids were at school, i have older kids so they catch the bus and i had hubby for the first 3 days to help out with the household chores. But If i had to do it all again i still choose day surgery i prefer to recover in my on home but if i had small children then maybe i might stay the night so i could at leadt get a good night's rest. On the day of surgery you will be given a script for your pain meds , i personally wasn't in any pain until the next day and even then it wasn't pain just stiffness, the first week will be the hardest as you will feel tight , stiff a pressure feeling and your new implants will feel heavey on your chest but know all this is temporary and will pass in a couple of weeks, i was able to drive by 7-10 days post op and was able to use my arms for almost everything i will say if you have long hair have it washed the day before surgery and have it braided as you may not be able to wash it for the first week. I have 440cc hp anatomical dual plane (partial unders ) and yes I'm happy with the size but like most sometimes wish I'd gon a little bigger πŸ˜‚
  24. @Glissm If your measuring a 33 .5 " then you'd be an 8 DD if you wanted your band to fit snug or a 32-10 D if you prefer a looser band, and the reason you measured a 12 just after bub is that your chest would have been carrying extra weight & fluid from breast feeding, fast forward 12 months after feeding has stoped and you should be back to your normal size. Just remember 500 cc will look different on every body trust your surgeon to give you the look your after.
  25. Best thing to do is look for before photos of women with similar stats and boobs to yourself and then look at their afters as this will give you a more accurate representation of what your post op look will look like , i found out just going in with random pictures of boobs and not knowing what their before looked like then you get your heart set on a particular look which may not be achivable
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