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  1. I really want to watch this but we don't have Foxtel 😭, can you get it on Stan
  2. Jen jen this is true, it will not be a one off surgery as they can'not transfer a large amount of fat at one time, the most I'm lead to believe is about 250 cc and with any type of transplant/transfer your body stands to reject some or all of what is transfered . When they lipo/ harvest the fat it is treated first cleaned & washed then put into a centrifuge to seperate the plasma from the fat before it can be implanted which is why up to 50 % of the volume transferred is lost as the fat cells die off. Dr Tavakoli and Dr Mark Magnusson do fat transfer to the breast.
  3. Wow your results look good already.
  4. Hi I just had a listen to your pod cast and it was good, i enjoyed it. Thank you for making the site what it is and am looking forward to the new additions like find a clinician tab but for cosmetic / non surgical procedures. 😊 👍👍
  5. Hi hun, i have been using the Skin Physics Dragons Blood eye contouring serum whichI'm really liking at the moment and I'm also using their Advanced superlift face lifting and toning cream i am using it on my neck and face and think it'sworking as the lines on my neck are not as pronounced as they were and the skin on my face feels firmer so so far so good, i got them from Priceline and they were reasonably priced
  6. Thank you for posting this update, I'm like @sabP and have the Mentor textured anatomical implants which he did mention were safer so that eases my mind a bit, but i do have a couple of friends with the Polyurethane implants so i think I'll let them know about this new information .
  7. OMG yes and i think i had my mouth open for the whole thing , how that man can call himself a plastic surgeon or an athesetic surgeon (totaly made up term the other surgeon said 😂) is beyond me, i really feel for those women who he butchered.
  8. Wow @Lynxuskitten they look fabulous for only hours post op, i had my BA with Dr Sam Cunneen in colin st just down the road and i too walked myself diwn to the ir and had to hop on the bed myself, however my anesthesiologist was very nice and a gentle man my cannula didn't really hurt at all, my after care was simlar to your experience with Dr Vj i woke up in bed with a blanket on and there were nurse's around all of which were very nice and even helped me lower my gown to get my first sneek peek at my new boobies, i was offered sandwiches (can't remember what type) and water , tea n coffee and the rest you would already know. Its a bit dissapointing that your after care wasn't as good as your first surgery, i have a girlfriend who had her boobs done through Dr Kailis about 8 yrs ago and she is still thrilled with her boobs and they look amazing so I'm guessing yours will too once they have dropped and fluffed , thank you so much fir shsring your revision story, when I'm ready for my up grade i will definitely be considering Dr Kailis 😊
  9. As good as Cosmeditour sounds please be weary as i know of girls that have been quoted a price only to have it jump 2 to 3 thousand dollars when they had their face to face consult with the surgeon on the day of your op your's isn't a straight forward procedure and like Dr Phoon said it will require fat grafting to the breasts and possibly diffrent sized implants or lowering the breast crease to release tight lower poles associated with tuberous breasts and you need a very skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon to perform this type of surgery, i know the price seems like a lot but for my own piece of mind i would take a little more time and save up the extra money to have it done at home as if things dont quite turn out right its another flight back to see your original surgeon and there is no guarantee that it will be fixed for free as there is always a cost involved plus time away from family when you'll need them the most for support, time off work , flight costs and accommodation ect, not saying you shouldn't do it but all these things to consider, but let me ask you is your health really as cheep as 8,000 grand (sorry to sound blunt) , on a side note are any of the surgeon's experience in correcting anyone with tuberous breasts over there.
  10. Oh no sorry to hear that but good to know like you say what's going on , hopefully your MRI will be able to give you a more accurate result, and please do keep us up dated on how it goes 😘
  11. Hi hun no experience with pole dancing after a BA but have done my fair share of it before i had my boobs done and yes it dose require a lot of upper body strength and activation of the pec muscles, you are 7 mpo so you should be fine and lije you said some things felt a little weird still and your right for taking it easy still rule of thumb if it feels uncomfortable ease off and try again in a couple of weeks, as for your boobs feeling a little achy thats normal as you hav'nt wirked your chest muscles like that for a long time and especially under your bodyweight which is distributed unevenly un like the weight of a barbell , the slower you ease yourself into it the better as it gives your muscles time to adapt, it took me a good 6-8 months to really get back to teaching yoga properly without the strange pulling feeling in my chest during chaturangas. A lill bit of info about me I'm a PT and fitness instructor and have 20 yrs experience in the industry so know a little bit about stuff 😅
  12. Oh wow thats awesome, congratulations on reaching your goal weight, all your hard work paid off
  13. Oh wow so close, I'm actually excited for you. I would love to hear about your experience and progress pics, i also would like to go bigger but can't afford to do it at the moment so something to look forward to in the near future 😊😊, wishing you lots of luck @Lynxuskitten
  14. Thats great and yes please keep us updated
  15. I hav'nt had surgery with Dr Kollias personally but know of a few girls in here that have @JD* had hers done recently with him and i belive he is quite a conservative man when it comes to sizing, hopefully when she see's this post she can give you some more info.
  16. Yes it will pass, your chest muscles have to get used to the extra weight sitting on them
  17. Thats good to hear, can you still feel the lumps or have they settled now
  18. My boobs look exactly the same and i can feel lik a dull pressure behind the nipple (not painful but its the only way i can describe it ) , do you have that kind of feeling also . My left breast sits slight laterally bit like yours in the pic and I've had that from about 5 wks po , i think my implant was inserted crooked or has slightly rotated but going bact to see my surgeon is a different story so have just lived with it forthe last 13 months , but iwould say if they are anatomical then it may have rotated slightly, definitely check in with your ps hun and let us know how you go.
  19. What do you want to know, need to be more specific with your question? ????.
  20. I'm no expert but that is a 230 cc jump so I'd say you might gain a cup size or two from all the info ive read on this forum and others, will they still be anatomical implants or are you changing to rounds and will they be over your bwd
  21. I know like you that brusing and swelling can be normal after lip fillers but the lumps I'm not to sure about either, I've only had a bit of botox in my forehead lines and my crows feet , I've not progressed to fillers yet which is my next step , sorry i can't be of any help but I'm sure i read somewhere that they may feel a little lumpy for a few days and should settle down so hopefully this is the case with you. 😊 Oops edited to ask how painful was it ( my botox didnt really hurt at all)
  22. I the forum main page there will be a list of topics eg breast surgery , Tummy tuck , Rhinoplasty, non surgical procedures ect scroll down towards the bottom and you will see and you'll see the monthly surgery groups , just click on your month and year and your in. 😊
  23. Do you think it may have been because you were late, which i dont see how it could of as it wouldn't have taken that long to sign all the paperwork and draw you up i mean they do 100s of them in a year 😅 plus it would have only taken them a couple of minutes to clean you up even if you were in recovery? ??
  24. Hi, sorry to hear the start of your new boobie journey didn't start off well, there's no need to be rude we are all human and mistakes are made, think she could have handled it better especially since 99% of patients are nervous about the surgery anyways. Glad it got better by the time you saw your surgeon, also would have been nice to have tried to clean the betadine and pen marks of you while you were under instead of you trying to rub it off your tender boobies yourself ( my surgeon cleaned me up in the OR so when i woke up there was no trace of pen marks only a little bit of betadine on spits where they had missed) Your new boobs look good what size did you go from and have now and did you change profile. 😊😊
  25. Cool will pop over n have a read 😊
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