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  1. Best thing to do is look for before photos of women with similar stats and boobs to yourself and then look at their afters as this will give you a more accurate representation of what your post op look will look like , i found out just going in with random pictures of boobs and not knowing what their before looked like then you get your heart set on a particular look which may not be achivable
  2. Yes it can get very confusing and try not to let it get you down as long as you fill the space in your chest (maximize your bwd) then i think you will be happy with your results, When you say your a size 8 clothing but wear a 12 band in bras it the clasp on the tightest hook (the last one or first) or the loosest if the latter then you are definitely in the wrong sized bra you stare on the loosest and wirk your way tighter as your bra ages and the elastic gets looser. Meadure under your bust in inches 30" is suze 8 - 32"size 10 -34" size 12
  3. If you went under muscle placement then your muscles will still be compressing the implant, the reason they look small is because your post op swelling has almost subsided and you will soon be starting your drop n fluff stage which starts from about week 6 give or take and can last for up to the 1 year mark , yes its true you will loose a little upoer pole fullness( but not all of it) as its the law of gravity and you can't compete with gravity, as your tissues/muscles start to relax you will find that your breasts will start to grow, it is a process that takes months (mine kept growing up to 10 mpo then settled then at 14 mpo they changed again) give it time and take weekly pictures you'll be supprised at how much they change.
  4. Hi, I too have Mentor textured anatomical implants and 19 mpo so far no issues , i am lead to belive that the ALCL is associated with Allergan (Natrelle ) and polyurethane (PE coated) implants, i belive that these typs of implants have are not being made any more but there still some in circulation I have agree with @sabP and think you are unnecessarily worring yourself and like mentioned above check your breasts regularly, i would not have agreed to let my surgeon incert textured implants if i didn't believe the risk was minimal
  5. Hi i have anatomicals and am 19 mpo and still have some upper pole fullness but not as much as when they were about 6 months old and unfortunately no breast implant will retain the upper pole fullness like it has when it is first inserted its the law of gravity so if thats the look your trying to obtain then you might like to look at an ultra high profile implant (uhp or extra high ) they tend to give a bit more of a round and high look this is what happnes to the scilicon /saline in an implant after a period of time (ot the drop n fluff )
  6. Hi @simply_me just wondering how your consult went, if you have any questions please feel free to ask we are laa here to help 😊
  7. Hi @Kit i asked my surgeon for exactly that a natural augmented look and thats whst i got, i hsce 440cc hp moderate height anatomical implants dual plane, as for sizers you can google how to make rice sizers its pretty easy all you need us a bag or rice and some knee hi stockings, you will also need a firm fitting sports bra to mimic your chest muscles and a fitted white T shirt , if you send me a FR you will be able to see my progress pics and i have some in there with me in the rice sizers .
  8. Hi i have teardrop implants and am considering having them exchanged for smooth round ones in the next couple of years , did your surgeon say why there would be an increase in size as in cc .
  9. Hi and welcome @JD* @JD* went through Dr Kollias in Adelaide when she sees this post she will be able to give you more details but the avarage cost for a straightforward BA is around $9 to 11,000 and if you obtain a referral from your doctor you can claim a rebate from medicare for the cost of your consultation.
  10. Hi, is there a reason you are wearing the separation (spacer) bra were you instructed to wear one by your surgeon, only reason I ask is you dont want to be wearing anything that is designed to shift the postition of your implants unless instructed to by your surgeon as it could cause undesirable results.
  11. @margaretriver anatomical implants have a textured shell that adhere to the surrounding tissue like velcro to stop them from rotating, the first 6 wks of healing is the most crucial as it is in this time that the implant needs to adhere to your tissues after that you should be fine, on a side note i have a girlfriend in the fitness industry with anatomical overs and hers have not rotated and look as good as when she first had them she is now 7 yrs post op and has had no issues and they are quite soft and have a goid bounce and jiggle to them ( she let me have a good feel when i was in my research phase 😂)
  12. Hi and welcome, sorry to hear the start to your ba journey has not been a good one, i myself have no experience with a hematoma but i am lead to believe that it does take time for the swelling to subside, my advice would be to take one day at a time and try to be patient and kind to yourself, you have many changes to come and your breasts look good so far once the brusing and swelling has subsided they will look much better. Take care and keep us updated on how your doing.
  13. Hi , with the anatomical implants if you look side on (the profile view) the top of the implant to the fullest part tends to have a more smooth tapered take off where as a round can look a little mor fuller at the top, a round implant can tend to look a little more fake especially if you dont have a lot of breast tissue to camouflage the implant edges, although that being said some round implants can look like anatomical ones too. What kind of look are you after, if you want a more natural looking breast then Anatomical may be a good option , do you have any wish pics Here is a pic of mine front on is 14 mpo and side on is 13 mpo 440cc hp anatomical partial unders
  14. Wow you have great results and those scars look very neat they will fade nicly and you wont even be hardly able to see them when they fully heal, your surgeon did a fantastic job. Thank you for sharing your story 😆😆
  15. I didn't have a lift with my ba but i did and do have one breast that is bigger and sits lower than the other and i dropped and fluffed at different rates so yes while it can be normal i would check with your ps just to make sure ther were no asymmetry before your surgery.
  16. Hi and welcome, @JD* is from Adelaide and went to Dr J Kollias i believe and she is very happy with her results, hopefully she will see this post and reply
  17. Hi i agree with @sabP is there someone you can talk to who will have an unbiased opinion, i too had wanted boobs since my early 20s as wasn't blessed in that department then after breastfeeding 2 children they were like two deflated water baloons. There is risk with any surgery weather it be for cosmetic or reconstructive, to joint replacement ect, i did years of research and consulted with many surgeons and even though i had wanted this for years it didn't Chang the fact that i was scared, nervous and did the whole what the hell am i doing thing , but the final decision has to be yours no one can make that for you, however with the fact that you have some pretty strong feelings of doubt you could ask to postpone your surgery for a coupleof months until you have the chance to talk it through with someone, sorry i couldn't be of more help, and i wish you luck with what ever you decide.
  18. Hi I'm a PT and fitness instructor and teach a 3 Pump classes a week as well as other Les Mills programs and frestyle classes, i also run, as long as you have a good supportive sports bra you will be fine and my boobs do not get in theway at all during my training and all of my tops/dresses still fit but much better i went from a 10 A/B to a 10 E/F (depends on the style of bra to what cup size fits better). I have textured anatomicals so mine wont sag so much as they adhere to the surrounding tissue but if you go under the muscle you will have the muscles to hold the implant up plus it acts as to camouflage the edg of the implant so you dont get that bolt on look. Yes i have anatomical dual plane placement (partial unders ) , there is a very and i mean very small risk of implant rotation but if you gave a surgeon who is experienced in placing anatomical implants then that is very unlikely that it will happen and no you do not loose any shape just look at my picture above .😊
  19. Congratulations on the new boobies, and yes you'll have lots of changes to come, take weekly photos, you'll be supprised at the changes when you look at them side by side, hope the healing process goe smoothly and can't wait to hear all about your experiences.
  20. Do you workout a lot , if so over the muscle will be better as you wont have any limitations or flex distortion the recovery will be much easier, the smaller implant (350cc) will be the Mod + so that will be a little wider in the vase and have less projection but could enhance your Cleavage more and the 370 wil be the high profile with a narrower base and more projection and can give you a little more upper pole fullness so it really all depends on what look your going for , im 5'7 and 66kg i have 440cc hp anatomical and wanted a natural augmented look.
  21. My PS said that i was able to have a mammogram, ultrasound or MRI but to be honest i think I'dchoose the other two over a mammogram as dont think I'd feel comfortable having my boobs squished incase of rupture, i had to have one before i got my boobs done as I'm no spring chicken 😂 and i didnt have a lot of natural breast tissue to begin with and it bloody hurt so the mammogram is not my top option.
  22. @DrSamCunneen i am due for my 2 yr post op appointment end of October beginning November, i would like to talk to you about my concerns with my left breast and the noticeable size & shape difference and a couple of other procedures, looking forward to seeing you again ☺
  23. I'll second the wait a few more weeks before you have a drink or a smoke (no judgment honestly ) but did you know that alcohol dilates your blood vessels and thins the blood which can lead to a hematoma (intern bleeding ) , i know you feel good at the moment and believe me when i say i did i had no pist op pain had full use of my arms ect ect, but you just had major surgery and your incisions are not yet healed, ask yourself this question do you really want to risk $8-10 K you sust spent on your perfect set of boobs . Whats a few more weeks to allow your body the best chance to heal , and to add if your smoking pot (or be using something else ) but you are putting toxins i your body while it is working very hsrd to repair the damage/trauma caused to it by having syrgery and it reduces the oxygen in your blood cells that is needed for new tissue growth. Not trying to preach just stating the facts ☺☺
  24. Oh wow, this sounds very interesting, i will wait with baited breath to hear how you went, i am in the process of dropping 10kg , lave lost 7.5 and only 2.5 to go but the mummy pouch is still there like you said I'm not very over weight but just wanted to loose a bit of body fat and tone up , if you get good results think imight look into it myself or i could just get myself one of those post op garments to suck it all in 😅
  25. I was very unsure of how my mother would react when i told her i was getting a BA as at the time i was considering traveling interstate to have it done and was needing a travel companion (you need someone to stsy with you for the first 24 hrs if traveling interstate ) hunbby was going to stay home with the kids, when i told her she did ask why and have i looked at all the risks involved and when i told her i had sppnt 5 + years on and off researching she was ok with it, as for telling my dad well i waited until after I'd had the surgery before i told him as he is not as approving, there was a bit or ranting but he eventually got over it, i agree with Pink Butterfly somewhat on this one , you are a grown woman the decision to have a ba/bl is your weather they approve or not but i believe in being honest.
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