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  1. Glad to hear your consult went well, i think we are similar stats as my BWD is 13 cm too and im looking between 395 and 415cc anatomical implant. The 3D photo is quite daunting isn't it , to see yourself like that . I have my Sergey booked for 8 November so only about 9 wks away now .
  2. Thank you, my PS uses Mentor implants so that makes me feel a little more at ease.
  3. Thats good to hear Elleg , his recommendation for me is the same as you, he told me that he prefers to use the anatomical implants as he can creat a more natural looking breast. What was yiur quote if you dont mind me asking mine was $10,500 . Thank you for the article @MrsGreatfull00 very interesting read.
  4. Hi guys, just wondering what eye creams you have all used and reccomend for dark under eye circles.
  5. I was/am in the same boat as you @elleg but our PS uses Mentor textured implants and he told me that the type of texture on the Mentor is diffrent to most of the other brands so its rate of developing ALCL is lower, he will explain this in great detail to you at your consult, but do mention to him your family history. As to the breast implant sickness thing no one knows if you will get it until you do so that is one of the risks you have to weigh up. These are things he will go through with you in your consult so just make sure you ask LOTS of questions. Hope all goes well tomorrow 😊😊 try not to stress about it and just enjoy the process.
  6. Hi @ Annisa i can't help you with the BA with PIAC but endoscopic means that they would probably make the incision in your bellybutton, insert a tube with a camera attached to make the pocket then insert the implant in the same method, or a small incision can be made transaxilary (arm pit) but if you google endoscopic breast augmentation you wil find something on you tube. Hope this kinda helps.
  7. I took a sports bra (crop top) with the padding removed @elleg and a girlfriend told me te wear a white T shirt over the top, i also had my list of questions i wanted to ask and my I pad with my wish pics and pictures of boobs i didn't like on it, dont be afraid to ask lots of questions. Good luck with your consult and let me know how it goes.
  8. Hi @BNAdelaide welcome , you are posting just fine. As to your BA question check out my reply in the feeling disappointed thread about BA and exercise, as for the football thing and running my PS said no running for 4-6 weeks to allow the imp,ants to settle/ adhere to the pocket but that would all be dependent on what type of implant you end up choosing and the placement, ie under muscle or over.
  9. I took my hubby to all 3 of my consults as i wanted an extra pairof ears (lol) just in case i may have missed anything as all that information can boggle the mind, pluss some moral support.
  10. Ooh that is so exciting @elleg let my know how you go and what he says 😊😊😊 Try giving Assuer cosmetics a call @Fin as Dr Mark Hanikeri has some great reviwes and you might be able to do a Skype or phone consult, plus thes have a BA package for $8990, a couple of my gym members have been through him and they love their boobs, i think they look pretty good too 😊
  11. @Fin @Fin @elleg have you looked into Assure cosmetics in Subiaco, if uoy download their BA inof brochure it has a few before and afters will post a pic of what it looks like.
  12. @mybajourney94 im 170 cm tall and 68 kgs currently wearing a 12 A bra, cloths i wear a size 10 but i have a very athletic build as I'm a personal trainer fitness instructor and when im not in the gym im also hairdressing 😀 my hubby is starting to get a bit over it too 😂
  13. Hi @Stemschicky i forgot to tag you in my last post so thought i would do it now. Have you had any luck with your question yet.
  14. Hi @mybajourney94 welcome, im booked in for 8 November with Dr Sam Cunneen in Perth, im getting anatomical implants dual plane but hav'nt decided on exact cc or projection i am hoping to have a decision in my pre app in October but like both the 375 and 400 cc moderate pluss profile however Dr sam did say he would have both implants in surgery and see which one he liked on me the best.
  15. Hi guy's not sure where to put this post but it's to do with drop and fluff so i thought here was a good place. I know what drop and fluff is but i have conflicting information, a couple of colleges at work who have had BA have said that you can loose up to a cup size after DF and others have said they have gotten bigger, so my question is what has been your experiences as i too am getting textured implants.
  16. @FinHi @Fin a standard BA is when there is minimal to no asymmetry and you dont need a lift and the surgery is usually done with round smooth implants. @elleg my surgery is costing that much as iam having anatomical (teardrop ) implants which is 1500 more expensive and requires more skill and time to create the right shape and size pocket.
  17. @elleg i have heard great thigs about Mark Hanikeri and Dr Guy Watts and dr Watts was one of the sergeons i saw but when i went to see Sam i felt that he knew exactly what result i was after and even though i went in fully researched he explained everything in great detail. I would be a little carefull of CS as they do not have the extra years of training that a PS has so keep researching, both Guy and Mark do BA packages for standard BA $8990 if price is a consideration. My total cost with Sam will be about $10,600 by the time ive purchased my po bras and meds. Hope this has helped a bit.
  18. My sergeon said not to use Bio Oil but i was fine to use Rosehip oil which ive been using on my whole body for a few years now along with vitamin E cream .
  19. Hi @Fin i am similar stats to you and due to have my BA in November with Dr Sam Cunneen we hav'nt picked a size yet as i like both the 385 and 400 cc implantsand i too would like toend up a full C/D cup, so he is goint to have both in surgery and decide which one he likes best. I also want to add that i trust his judgment 200%. As to the BWD that stands for breast width dimension i am 13 cm you can try to measure yourself but its a bit awkward and not 100% accurate but it will give you a rough idea i will post a pic at the end of this post.
  20. If you dont mind me asking @sweet_suga how much did it cost you as i see on his website that he dose inter stare packages, plus how long did you have to stay before you were allowed to fly home.
  21. Dr Guy Watts is around $8990 for a straight forward BA with smooth round implants. Its an extra $500 for textured and an extra $1500 if you need teardrop (anatomical ) implant from memory but best to email or call for a consult.
  22. Hi Stemschicky if you tell your anesthesiologist that you are prone to nausea with anesthetic they can usually give you something post op for the nausea.
  23. Hope all goes well with your consult. 😊
  24. Oh no i don't have my new boobies yet and already get boob sweat 😂 hope it dosn't get to bad.
  25. Hi @IBR i hear Mark Hanikeri is a fantastic PS i have spoken to quite a few women who have had thire BA and BA,BL with him ive also seen his work on these women in person 😂 and i must say that they all look fabulous. I'm told he dose BA package for around $8990 and $1200 if you are needi g a lift. If yoy Google his name you can look at the website. I have one more consult to go on Monday with Sam Cunneen then its decision time Dr sam or Dr Briggs . Hope you find a sergeon you feel comfortable with for your Sergey, very excited for you. 😊😊
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