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  1. Getting a loan

    I see my sergeon on tuesday @MrsGTO to pick the size and profile, but in my first consult he mentioned i could go anywhere from 350 to 415 mod + to high profile, he has reccomended anatomical but im not 100% compleetly sold on them yet i want to see how the 3D Vectra photos with the rounds and anatomicals look before i make my final decision. Not long for you now are you ecxited .
  2. 12 Months On after Revision

    Wow they look great, in your first pic i dont see any rippling like you mentioned i think they look amazing. Has it been 12 months since your revision or 12 months since your first BA.
  3. Need help

    I agree with the other girls, i saw three sergeons before i made my final decision. Two reccomended rounds and the third reccomended teardrop so it pays to shop around if you know what i mean, you will know the right sergeon for you at your first consult i cant describe it excatly but you will know he/she is the right one. Good luck with yiur journey to amazing boobies 😊
  4. Dec surgery recovery question

    Oh no @jinx369 sory to hear you have had to push your Sergery back, hopefully you will be able to enjoy your Christmas but as to the drinking thing so soon after recovery i think i would stick to the mock tails if you know what i mean. Im not 100% on this but alcohol can thin your blood and it could increase your risk of a hematoma if you over did it by accident and not realize. If you are stying over night somewhere just make sure you have enough pillows to prop yourself up if need be. 😘
  5. Hi @raeoakes im due to have m BA with Dr Sam cunneen in West perth, he and his staff have been great so far and can't wait for my time to come. Dr Guy Watts and Mark Hanikeri are also very good i have girlfriends who have been to all of these sergeons but Sam was the one who i seemed to connect with the most. The avarage cost of a BL& BA is around $12,500 but i would suggest having a consult to discuss what is excatly required for your case. Good luck with your journey and looking forward to reading future posts.😊
  6. Getting a loan

    So far so good, go back to see my sergeon next Tuesday to pick size and profile, i also want to discuss more about rounds and anatomicals as he has reccomended anatomical but im not 100% sold on them yet although he is very good with them but i have huge fears of them rotating . I'm a PT so my job is very physical . What do you have at the moment and what are you changing to.
  7. Sedu Revolution V/S HSI professional flat Iron ??

    Hi im a hairdresser by trade and i have used many straightners in my time but my all time favorites are the Muk straightner and the Silver bullet 230 keratin straightners which i use atm they both straighten the hair very well and do beautiful curls. They retail for around $195 to $220 i know Price Attack and Hair house warehouse sell them, they both have a variable temperature control so if you have very fine hilighted hair you can turn the temp down so you dont scorch the hair shaft. Both have floating plates to reduce pulling and drag on the hair, silver bullet has titanium plates and so sose the Muk but the muk has a FAR infrared heat strip to help seal im moisture and prevent frizz. This is my reccomendation hope it helps.😊
  8. Getting a loan

    Thats great @MrsGTO have yiu picked a sergeon and date yet. Exciting times ahead 😆😆😆
  9. Post B/A Blues - Can't Stop Crying

    Hi @E1098 im so sorry to hear that your BA did not turn out as expected, i hav'nt had my BA yet but i hear that the boobie blues normally hit around day 3-5 as the anesthetic and pain medication can mess you around a bit . I don't really know how much swelli g you have right now and i do know that under muscle placement can compress the implant a bit at the beginning you are still quite early in the recovery process but as you drop and fluff they will change but it takes a lot longer with anatomicals than rounds. I know its easy for me to say atm as im still 7 wks out from my op but try to look on the positave side and if yiu are feeling pain or uncomfortable then i think you should at least take a paracetamol to help with the pain. On another note do you know what your BWD is as this would have given you a rough idea of the width and size/projection of implant you would have been able to take. Im 13 cm bwd and have been reccomended anywhere between 375 and 400 ccs mod + to hp and im 5'7 and 68 kg .
  10. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    I have my follow up app on the 26/9 so will let you know what i /we finally decide on @jinx369 and @elleg i to am thinking rounds like the both of you but will wait and see what he reccomends. I tried on 400 cc rice sizers today and think they look ok what do girls think.
  11. Labiaplasty Perth

    I hear Drs Sam Cunneen and Guy Watts are very good. My sister has been looking into this and thinking of having the procedure next year after she finishes off her dental work.
  12. Best lip balm or moisturiser

    One of my favorites is Lanisnoh i think thats how to spell it, its a nipple cream for dry chapped nipples when breastfeeding and i also like the Lucas pawpaw ointment. I too am going to try out some of the other suggestions, i found the lanolips at Priceline and they have a tinied range which is the one on the right in the picture.
  13. Spider and varicose veins

    Hi guys can anyone tell me if you have had treatment for spider veins and what the recovery and what your results were like. Thank you 😊
  14. Cooking with kids

    Hi guy's it's Saturday evening and I've just finished cooking with my kids and it got me thinking. What is your favorite savoury and sweet cheet meal to cook with your kiddies. We just made pizza and brownies yum
  15. Bleph - 1 day post op!

    Wow your results look great, im thinking of having this done next year as need to save up the funds again .