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  1. November 17 BA

    Hi hun and welcome, pop over to the November 2017 surgery group there is qiute a few of us in there to chat to and some that have surgery the same day as you. 😊
  2. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Im in Perth hunni and live south of the city about an hour away, if you look up some local rec centers near you and ask what classes they run or look up Meta fit and see where they run classes when do you move and whete are you hun.
  3. New bras and sizing

    Cant wait for no bra time πŸ˜‚ this po bra is starting to get a little claustrophobic , i love it when its shower time as i get to let the girls free for a few minutes
  4. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Hi @Airy welcome , yes it's completely normal and its still the excess fluid as your body is in a state of shock so to speak when you twist your.ankle it swells with fluid to prevent you from over using the muscle causing more damage, your body is doing the same thing right now and because its in your chest you will be bloated right down to your hips for a few more days but it will settle , i was the same , its much better now , im not back to my normal self yet but i think i have gained a few extra kgs as im not exercising at the moment . @Summerlovin i had my 1 wk po app today as well and had my dressings changed, i can go back to the gym for light cardio and lower body too thank goodness im going stir crazy sittin at home πŸ˜‚ i too am missing my Meta Fit and Meta Power, (i teach these classes at my local rec cntr) but probably wont be doing thest until after my 6 wk check up like you, 😁 we are opposites its my left that is sitting higher but thats becaude my left pec was more developed than my right, Sam says my scars are looking great and in two wks i can start scar massage to encourage them to heal faster and flat , are you going to try thossscar gels i might give them a go by the sounds of things we are both healing nicely 😊 @Amanda0630 you'll be fine hun and the nervs are very normal, yess they will feel weird for a while and not your own and you may not love them straight away either but just think how good your gonna look in a bathing suit 😊

    Hi hun were you at the clinic with your daughter today as i may have passed you in the waiting room, i had my first po app at 10/11 am . Yes i had 440cc hp anatomicals dual plane, yes ithink the 495s are mod+ , yea i woke up pain free because of the intraoperative local anesthetic which is a long lasting one acording to Sam it takes about 24 hrs to wear off, after that i wasnt in pain just felt like stiff chest muscles and breastfeeding engorgement which the stretches he will give you helps lots, i got some strong pain meds(Oxycodine) which i only took for 3 days along with some anti-inflammatorys and panadol osteo and i mainly took those didnt get any constipation or nausea except for coming straight out of the anesthetic on surgery day which they gave me a shot in my iv and then i was fine, you will wake up with ice packs on your upper poles to help with the swelling and when you get home make sure you have a few to rotate as these were my saver for the first 3-4 days, you only need to sleep proped up for about a week then after that you can sleep which ever way is comfortable for you so i was and still am sleeping on my back from 6 days po, im a side sleeper but it's not comfortable to sleep on my side yet. Think ive remembered everything any more questions just ask, oh just remembered had dressings changed today and told i can remove them in two wks and then start my scar massage.
  6. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Hi @Summerlovin im sorry to hear your having a hard time at the moment, men can be so insensitive sometimes and the fact that its that time of the month won't be helping i hope things settle down for you and remember its a cross country run with the boobies there will be ups and downs for a good 3-6 months, well that's what i keep telling myself, try to stay positive and just think by January you'll be rockin a bikini with your new girls πŸ˜€ @Mrs R what size po bra were yiu fitted with if you don't mind me asking as it might be a bit to small , im normally a 12 (34) A pre BA and was fitted with a 36 (14) E 😨 which i freaked out at but the lady at body pluss said it needed to be bigger as i will have a lot of swelling which i did she said start at the loosest hooks and as the swelling goes down work my way in, your bruising will settle in a few days, i hav'nt had any should pain but ive had a bit of back ach from sleeping on my back as im a side sleeper, ive also had a gurgle or two lol its sounds so strange but the one thing that's a bit uncomfortable is ive started to get some zingers (nerve endings staring to heal) more in the side boob area. By l the way ladies thanks for the info about the Kmart bras think i might get some tomorrow
  7. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    @elleg when i saw my boobs for the first time straight after surgery i think i was more excited that i had boobs but when i got to see them the next day when the swelling and franken-boob set in along with the engorged feeling i was like i hope ive done the right thing and had to tell myself in time they will look great. So don't expect to love them straight away as i wasn't sure i did but ast time goes on im starting to like them more and more
  8. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Hi @Summerlovin it sounds like the boobie blues have hit, i had this too and i promise you that it will pass in a couple of days i went through the excat same thing omg what did i do they look huge everyone is staring at me ect i still get the breathless thing but more in the early evening so i guess im still getting used to the weight of them on my chest, on another note you mentioned you and @Mrs R were wearing the Kmart zip up bras i was wondering how you are finding them as im starting to feel clostraphobic in my po body pluss bra and was wanting to alternate my bras for a couple of hours or so and wondered if it would be worth buying some.
  9. Ladies! I need your honest truth about recovery

    Lol @AshCam i too have done this (air dryingπŸ˜‚) and yes its like playing tetris trying to dry our boobies without catching sensitive nipples ,i did try shaving my armpits last night and that was a little more tedious than i expected as i think im starting to get some side boob. Im sure that in another week you'll be able to hug your Littles , i am able to give hubby and my kiddies a gentle hug, I'll be posting some more pics shortly and am seeing some small changes, so yes @Sunchick with overs you will drop and fluff faster, would love to see some photos if you dont mind, you can see mine in my gallery if you fr me 😊 Glad to hear you are both recovering well
  10. Ladies! I need your honest truth about recovery

    Hi how are you ladies feeling today @AshCam and @Sunchick how's the recovery going and have you taken any pics yet.
  11. surgeon recommendations

    I hear very good things about Dr Andrew Greensmith on here there are a lot of ladies that have been through him, welcome and happy researching.
  12. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Hi @ elleg i think they have droped a little bit but still look like they are sitting quite high, the swelling is starting to settle and my sternum is still very swollen but i remember Sam saying it can take up to 3-6 wks for the swelling to settle so im trying to be patient, lefty is still a little higher and looks a little bigger atm so im hoping with time it will even itself out . As for them feeling foreign i dont think they feel that weird , this was one of my bigest worries i cant feel the implant so to speak but sometimes i can feel the weight of them on my chest and they don't quite feel like mine yet, i do love them a little more every day as it was a bit of an ajustment seeing myself with boobs lol, i think they balance my hips out nicely and in clothing they dont look that big which is kinda what i wanted (an augmented natural look) , the boobs are feeling ok now at 10 dpo but my sternum still feels tight, dont regret having my ba i think that when you get to around our age you accept that things like this take time to see the end result . Did you hear back from Jo re the consult cost coming off the surgery cost, what was her reply, have my 1st po app on Monday not counting the one the ddy after surgery.
  13. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Oh no thats no good, hopefully it will go as quick as it came on, i had a bit of bruising too but thats all gone now , my swelling is almost gone and it's mainly around my hips now, other than the swelling and bruising im glad you are recovering well.
  14. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Recovery is going well ladies ive been off all pain meds since day4-5 would take a nurofen when i woke up in the morning, what i have started to experience is the super sensitive nipples the kind like i said to hubby touch them and I'll ***** slap you πŸ˜‚ i had to buy some breast pads as even my sergical bra was to much for them and my boobs are super itchy so have been using palmers coco butter lotion on the top and sids only. I have also been giving the girls a break from the bra for about an hour a day (only the last couple of days) in 20 min blocks as dont know about you other girls but im starting to feel clostraphobic πŸ˜‚ and boy dos it feel good to let them out, anyone else
  15. Driving?

    Like the others i drove on day 5, i drove the kids to school it was a short drive about 7 mins away. Im 9 dpo and drove to my local shopping center on day 8 to do some grocery shopping and that is just another 3-4 mins further down the road i felt ok afterwards but made sure i took it easy for the rest of the day.