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  1. One side tighter

    I seccond what @sabP said, my left side was always my stubborn side and it always felt tighter and sat higher than my right. It also felt a litt weird when i would start running i can't explain how it would feel exactly but it was like a pressure feeling behind my nipple (not painful) and would only last about 5-10 mins, ithas now disappeared over the last couple of months . Like SabP said two boobs two surgeries and two healing times, take things easy you are still recovering. Welcome to the forum by the way 😊
  2. Perth Surgeons

    Hi love what are you wishing to know. I have had my BA done by a Perth surgeon last year Dr Sam Cunneen and @sabP had Dr Timmothy Hewitt from Assure in subiaco.
  3. Hi I'm 5'7 and 68 kg with a 13 cm bwd abs was an A cup before my BA so similar stats, i have 440cc hp anatomical dual plane Bre BA 12 A 6 1/2 mpo 12 DD if you FR me you can see my progress pics 😊
  4. Newbie! Getting my new boobs in December

    @Teardrops is right i was told by my surgeon to avoid sleeping on my side for 6 weeks, its to give the anatomical implants enough time to adhere to the chest wall this will help minimize the risk of rotation in the future, as for the sleeping i was told to sleep elevated for a week to help with the swelling and getting out of bed it is a little uncomfortable and awkward but it's only for a short time. Good luck with your BA journey and keep us posted on how you go. As for sleeping on my side it took a good 3 months before it was comfortable to sleep on my side again your boobs will feel very firm for the first few weeks and sleeping on your side can feel very strange as they wont move 😁
  5. Newbie! Getting my new boobs in December

    Hi @AllyT and welcome, i was like you i procrastinated for about 10 yrs too 😁 and finally had my BA in November last year. I have 440cc hp anatomical dual plane and am a fitness instructor so was worried about this myself. It took a good 8 wks to get back into my weight training ( light cardio and lower body training at 3-4 wks first) then at the 8 wk mark i started light upper body weights and slowly increasing the weight and intensity over the weeks. As for the push ups/ pull ups ect i can do them but it feels weird like i can feel my chest muscles pulling the implants outward so i try to avoid those exercises where possible but Teach Pump classes 3 times a week so not totally unavoidable but i do very girly ones 😂. My Ps reccomended i try to avoid those exercises and any isolated chest like flys as it can push your implants towards you armpits over a peirod of time causing an unusually wide cleavage gap, that being said i am now just over 6mpo and back to pre boob fitness and strength and can do everything but i do modify some exercises to accommodate my implants. Hope this helps some. If you FR me you can see my progress pics 😊
  6. Big bras

    Ooh thanks for that will have to have a look. Do you reccomend going up a size @Cupcake85. Glad your sips surgery went well and your feeling good. Hapoy healing 😊
  7. Vaginoplasty

    I to am interested to hear how it goes please keep us up dated. 😊
  8. Hi thanks for giving us the update, and sorry to hear your first couple of days were hard but as the days pass im sure you will start to feel better, let us know how you go on Friday after your po check and im sure you'lllove the new girls.
  9. Pre-surgery boob greed! Am I crazy?

    Hi @Lanim i just wanted to check in and see how you went with your surgery. Hope all went well and you are resting and not in to much pain.
  10. When did yours drop?

    Trust me @Zoey23 and @Ss84 it's like what @sabP said it will be the swelling that is starting to subside so they will look smaller, you still need to fluff and drop. Let me explain it in lamens terms. Think of your implant as a water baloon and your hand sa your chest muscle in the beginning the chest muscle is very tight and its been attached to your chest wall and hac been cut into to release part of it to insert a foreign object like with any injury the area swells restricting movement so this means your muscle is compressing (flattening the implant ) over the next few weeks your tissue swelling starts to subside and your muscles and tissues start to relax and stretch allowing the implant to regain its original size IE: fluff then as all this is happening your implant will eventually drop into the pocket your surgeon created IE: drop so yes over the coming weeks you will notice many changes and not at the same time either one may take longer than the other. Try to be patient i know its hard it is for all of us, trust the process it's a marathon not a race 😊. Hope this has hepled explain it better for you . Please keep us updated on your recovery's
  11. Aaaack! First peak!

    @Zoey23 OMG my tummy bloated so much after surgery i felt like i was 3 m pregnant again literally 😂 the pot belly and the tight engorged boob feeling but it will go away just give it some time, if your compression bra is getting to uncomfortable you could try going up a size, it needs to be firmish and supportive but without being uncomfortable /painful as it could be causing more harm than good. If your not wanting to spend a whole lot of money on another bra then Target have some comfy po bras which have a ligh compression feel at a reasonable price.
  12. Hi @Annisa just checking in to see how you are feeling and how you went with your surgery. No rush to reply just wanted to let you know we were thinking of you. Rest up and talk soon. Oh and congratulations on the new boobies 😆
  13. Localized pain

    Hi @Zoey23 i think it's what @sabP said a bit of localized brusing , i had a similar type of pain in the first week or two right in rhe middle of my sternum and at one of my po consults my ps said that my left chest muscle was harder to release as it was much tighter than the right side so it could be that the muscle in that area is a little tight and will relax with time, mine went away eventually but if it dosn't ease up in a day or two please contact your surgeon
  14. Rounding the corner!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better and yes you are right it dose take a few days and then like you said it's like turning a corner a nd suddenly you feel better. Your girls are looking good by the way and can't wait to hear more about your recovery process.
  15. Sexy Post Op Bras

    Target have a nice lacy post surgery bra its not as compressive as some of the post op bras out there but it dose look nice in comparison. If your surgeon has provided you with a compression po bra then i would suggest you were it or some other type of compression bra as this will help support your new implants and help with swelling and the healing process. Carefix have some nice ish compression po bras but you will find they are built more for comfort /support rather than style 😂