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    Breastaugmentation -440 cc anatomical implants
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    Dr Sam Cunneen 8 November 2017
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  1. Day 2 Swelling

    Definitely swelling some get it really bad some don't but give it 2-4 weeks for the swelling to go down, plus you not used to seeing your new boobs on yourself, it will take some getting used to. 😊
  2. Breast augmentation

    Hi Dr Niro is a cosmetic sergeon i belive. Have you looked into a FRACS plastic sergeon. My sergeon id Dr Sam Cunneen and i cannot reccomended him highly enough he was fantastic, answered all of my questions in my first consult before i had even asked them, he listened to what i wanted and my concerns like being able to to go back to my PT job and all of those sort of things, he informed me of all the complications that could come with a BA ant the scientific research to back it up ect. He was more than through he has a great sense of humor and his staff are lovely. I am 10 wpo and love my new boobies 440cc anatomical hp dual plane Mentor implants.
  3. Cosmetic Surgeon vs Plastic Surgeon

    Yes a cosmetic sergeon has only done the required 5 years at medical school and is capable of doing minor sergery procedures like sutures wound dressings ect and a plastic sergeon has completed the extra 4 yrs of training i think in surgery (general sergery ) to begin with then they choose a specialty eg orthopedics or plastic and reconstructive sergery this is usually called a fellowship, the rest gets sa bit foggy fir me frim there, brainfog πŸ˜‚ but how did i go , i think I'm pretty close.
  4. Extremely poor results Dr Miroshnik *pics attached

    Your cleavage gap is decided in the womb it is a genetic thing that you are born with a breast augmentation will just enhance what you already have, although in saying that your ps can suggest things like fat grafting to the breast to try to even things out, Dr Miroshnik is a very skilled sergeon and like @sabP said if you have a consult with him let him know of your concerns and take lots offwish pics of girls with similar stats (before) as yourself. Have you looked into Dr Tavakoli and Dr Donna they both are very experienced sergeons and have experience wirh pigeon chest.
  5. Breast augmentation

    Hi @Lisa Mackin Dr Niro is a cosmetic sergeon i believe there is a topic on him in the forum somewhere it might be in tummy tuck ect. I would be strongly looking into a FRACS (fellow of the royal Australian college of sergeons ). There are some really good plastic sergeons in Perth, you could look up Assure Cosmetics in Subiaco as they are all FRACS qualifed. My sergeon is Dr Sam Cunneen he is in West Perth, and Dr Guy Watts is also very good. If you send a FR you can see mu pictures. Welcome to the forum and best of luck with your BA journey. 😊
  6. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    You should be able to wear a nice non underwire bra by now @elleg have you been shopping for any yet. How is the drop n fluff going, Im still feeling a little lopsided as my left seams a bit higher still so trying to wait patiently and keep telling myself they will even out, so far im sitting as a 12D ( started with an A ) so so far im happy with my size but wouldn't mi d if i fluff a bit more πŸ˜… boob greed.
  7. New Boobs for PBB

    Glad to hear your surgery went well. Wow must have been scary to find out that both implants had two ruptures but not bad going for 30 odd years, your husband sounds like a wonderful man not only for all of his encouraging notes on the bathroom mirror but for even buying your ps a rose too. I'm sure your new boobs will look amazing, rest up and cant wait to hear more about your recovery. 😊
  8. Finally it happened to me!

    Congratulations on the new boobies, you are gonna love them and you so deserve them i dont know how you have managed to be so patient as i know how long you have had to wait for this. So excited to hear about your recovery. 😊
  9. Tomorrow is the day

    Hi PBB hope your surgery went well and you are resting, thinking of you. 😊
  10. Favorite Bra Pre Op and Pos Op

    Thanks TheFox 😊
  11. Favorite Bra Pre Op and Pos Op

    Ooh they sound good @TheFox do you know if they still stock them or was it quite a while ago.
  12. Favorite Bra Pre Op and Pos Op

    Before my BA i used to wear the oh la la bra from Bras n Things it was supposed to give you up to 2 cup sizes and extream push up but with my barley there A cup i think i only got about a cup size and not a lot of push up πŸ˜‚ cant push up what's not there. As to whats my favorite post BA bra well I'll have to keep youposted as im still in non underwire bras for the moment till about 3 months then I'll go and get properly sized then new bra shopping πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† 3 more weeks cant wait.
  13. Light duties after surgery

    Hi i kinda felt like i could go for a 10 k walk as i felt so good and wasn't expectingto feel as good as i did but i didnt go as my hubby probably would have dobed on me to my sergeon πŸ˜…
  14. Surgery Moved Up YEA

    This was my first BA and even though mu PS dosn't say he dise the rapid recovery technique i think thats what i had as i was given stretches to do straight after surgery and i had virtually no pain and had full movement in my arms although i had to constantly remind myself that i just had my boobs doneπŸ˜… so recovery for me has been pretty easy. Hope you have an easy recovery which you should do as im told that because of the musclesbeing stretched from the first surgery that the boob tightness is nowhere near as bad just some incision pain so fingers crossed its a cruisey recovery.
  15. Surgery Moved Up YEA

    I love how your hubby leaves you little messages on the mirror that is so sweet and its great that he is there to support you through your revision. I have a very supportive hubby too and i think that makes all the difference he was great the first week after my surgery he did everything without any complaining he did the school runs, to and from their dancing and sporting commitments, laundry ect he would even set up the Netflix with my favorite shows every day so theywere waiting for me when i woke up.