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  1. Hi @Aqua85, I can not comment on Dr Szalay but I have already had one consult with Dr Cheng with a second pre-op consult soon. Dr Cheng was my second initial consult. The staff have been really great so far and Dr Cheng was really nice. So much so that I felt really at ease with him and I ended up cancelling my third initial consult with a popular PS here in Brisbane. I suggest taking in a list of questions to ask him if you are still wanting to know more and to get more out of the appt. But I had plenty of time to try on sizes and take photos and did not feel rushed. I am having surgery in July so I can let you know more then if you like? I really liked Dr Chengs gallery pics compared to the other popular Brisbane PS too. Good luck x
  2. Hi Mob1014 , There is a July 2017 'boob job' board where you can freak out with us who are also going through this procedure in July. I am feeling all the same things you are going through, highs and then lows, definitely a lot of over thinking going on here too! I think the payment and parting with the money is the reality check that this is really happening . x
  3. Hi Jenny1002, Wow, you would be very confident in your surgeon to let him decide on the size on the day. Which is great, everyone seems to rave about Dr M . I am probably too much of a control freak to do that, haha. Gosh we are getting so close now! x
  4. So true, I understand everything you said! I think I am pretty settled on 425's for now??? Although I am a tad concerned my two (6 and 8yo) will blab at school and tell their friends or their friends mums that mummy's got big boobs now and I'll become 'that mum' hahahaha pmsl. x
  5. Fair call , I have my excited days and my WTH am I doing days!! Haha, my hubby has been overseas so lucky for him he has been spared most of my boob gibberish. He gets back Thursday so he may cop it all then . Second consult coming up on the 30 Jun. What type of implants are you going for if you don't mind me asking? x
  6. Hi Bluegumboot, Glad to hear you are still happy with everything. I have had my first consult and have a second coming up soon with Dr Cheng. I can vouch that so far the staff have been very friendly and accommodating and Dr Cheng seems pretty cool. His gallery was my favourite out of the Brissy searches I had done (more of the look I was after).
  7. Hi lovelies, I just come back and it is still really quiet here, I hope everyone is doing great :-) @Boost8 @lovejugs @Jel93 @Jenny1002 @Emz @BunnyHop anyone still here. I need someone to freak out/get excited with :-) x
  8. Thanks girls, thinking about it some more I guess I could be happy to bra and crop top while running. What ever will be best for the new girls, I definitely do not want to be back under the knife anytime soon after this BA (thanks for that realisation). I'm the kind of girl who de-bra's as soon as I walk in the door. So I know I have some changes to make. I am looking at 400 or 425s but keep freaking out they will be huge on me and my lifestyle, like I said I wish I had that crystal ball !! x
  9. Hi @Chinchilla, Thanks for your feedback! I am not sure about double bra-ing, I can get a bit claustrophobic in clothes, haha. Maybe I will stick to a good sports bra, although I am tossing up to go a smaller size implant still (only got three weeks to decide though ). Wish I had my crystal ball sometimes! x
  10. Hi all, Probably more for all who have already had their surgery, but how did you find running with implants? Those who are runners did you opt for a smaller size implant, or did you not find any negatives with big boobies and running....or does a good sports bra keep everything in place? Thanks xx
  11. Hi all, Looks like I am probably going to be joining you all in July. I have a tentative date booked for 11 July. Pre op appointment is 30 June to confirm size, surgery and payments etc. I am still in a bit of disbelief I am doing this, I have my hot and cold days, please tell me I am not alone in feeling this way! Work is notified and happy for me to be away a couple of weeks in July, GP is aware, husband is on board but just wants me to be happy and loves me the way I am. I am not telling any of my family yet, it will be more like a reveal whenever I get to see them next (I live in Brisbane but I am originally from Perth). Argghhh!!! x Hi Love Jugs, Same same, I am a bit nervous. And I have two young kids, I just hope they give me a rest too and hubby helps out where needed Dr Richardson was booked as my third consult but after my second consult I found my PS that I am happy to go with. I am looking at a size that I never even thought of prior to my second consult. 400 or 425's, probably 425's as the PS said they will be more like a 400 once in and the muscle is holding them in . Have you got a date yet? x
  12. Hi, no advice as I am still somewhat looking too :-) But I guess all surgeons are going to have their good days and their not so good (so to speak) or surgery that just don't work out as planned. But it will generally always be the bad that gets the big air time. I am trying to stay neutral about any negative/positive feedback as everyone is different and I guess everyone will have different standards and different results. Just my five cents ;-) Good luck finding the one x
  13. Hi @Paradise, I am just wondering if you are around on the forum still and how your consult and if you went through with it, the surgery with Dr Ali was? I have my very first consult with him this week and I would love to hear from anyone who has dealt with him personally recently. Thanks x
  14. Thank you @LaurenT for your feedback. I had not thought too much about rippling and nothing about sagging with overs, definitely something to consider then! I will definitely discuss this at my appointment. xx
  15. Thank you so much @ayesha79 and @Kenzo. This is exactly the feedback I am after/need. Maybe I am on the money for 380s... I love the comment 'they are kind of "did she or didn't she" results'. I think this is what I would like :-) One thing I have noticed is that a majority seem to go 'unders'. To be honest I can not tell the different in photos between over and under. From what I have read, I understand why surgeons/people go under but my untrained eye can not tell, haha. And I am keen for a faster recovery so still thinking overs. Unless anyone has some advice to provide on this matter? xx

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