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  1. Hi Girls, Is there any place we can find sexy post op bras? I had breast implants myself and have been seeing a lot of people having it. And the post op bras provided by surgeons all look very ugly. Does any know the reason why only ugly post op bras are on sale in market? I would love to see some thing sexy to lift my mood up during recovery time.
  2. Oh I can see 1 photo in your gallery .looking good for the first week my 8week appointment went well. The doctor just had a look, make sure everything is ok then he told me don't need to use tape anymore. But as I got history of raised scaring so he gave me a roll of silicon tape to put on the scars for few more weeks. I got clearance to go back to the gym on that day too and can where any bras if I want to as long as it's comfortable. That weekend I went shopping for new bras at bras n things. First time I got my breast measured after ba and they are 8d/dd. they don't have much size 8 there so I had to get 10d. Ended up getting just a nude bras very comfy one. I will put a photo later for you. I was allowed to wear wire bras but it didn't feel too good. I wanted to leave it settle and heal a bit more . I just had a few nice lacy bras last week. It looks so nice and I couldn't help but kept staring at my boobies. I now wear it at day time and change to post bra at night My breasts now are settled nicely . More pics coming when I've got a chance lol. They are quite soft now. My partner can touch it and I feel pretty normal .
  3. @tsal finally you got yours done. I have been so busy and couldn't keep up with all posts lol. How are your boobies ? Any pics to share with us ? I had my 8 week appt free but i didn't ask about the 12month appt coz it's still so far away. if you have any concerns just give them a call or email his PA. She will reply to you in a sec. ? I find out that post op bras are pretty comfortable to use until now I'm almost at 3 months mark. I still wear it at night so my nipples dont rub on blanket. I slept few night without bras but it wasn't very comfortable.
  4. asianbabe

    Boobs in July ?

    Your result is absolutely stunning. Many of us (including me) doesn't have much breast tissue and the breasts scary to me for the first week po lol . I didn't have to wear a band but I'm sure the surgeon knows which case need to wear it. Are your incisions where breast folds are ? I can't even see in the photo. @sweet_suga
  5. asianbabe

    Boobs in July ?

    Looking so good @sweet_suga you must have some breast tissue pre op ?
  6. asianbabe

    Boobs in July ?

    @Bonny6 looking awesome. You must be thrilled I used to thought the surgical bra is too small but it turned out not after week 2-3 as the swollen has gone down
  7. asianbabe

    Boobs in July ?

    @Jenny1002 looking great ?? what is your stats and what size of implants are you with now ?
  8. @Nelly22 @Rubix gosh I kept thinking about the size of my boobs too. As now they are not swollen I feel like they've got smaller ? But my surgeon told me since start that this is good size for me. I am already thinking of getting a revision and get a bigger size . But now it is too soon. May be I will do it after I have a baby . I have gap between 2 boobies too so I don't think I can get a nice cleavage but I never thought of getting fat grafting. I will wait until 6months PO at least to see how soft they are . As now they are still hard and pushing them together doesn't look as good
  9. asianbabe

    Boobs in July ?

    Your results are stunning girls. Hope you all are recovering well .
  10. @tsal don't worry you will be fine. I was a sook that's why lol
  11. i know how you feel ? have you got a date for surgery yet ? which surgeon did you pick? @tsaloh i forgot to answer your question about the drains. as they put my bras on really tight after surgery plus the drains were there so they both made it very uncomfortable. i didn't dare to fix my bras on the first day as i was afraid i couldn't put it back. But next day the nurses removed drains very quick and easy , no bleeding at all. she also helped me to adjust the bras straps so it was so much more comfortable.
  12. thank you @Kismet i have been thinking i should have gone a bigger size lol. i have boob greed already ? how are you doing by the way? @Nelly22 omg you are a champ. i don't think i could even do it before i had surgery.. it looks so hard.
  13. Thank you @tsal how are you doing ? Mine are dropping and softening quite a bit . I'm being very patient lol
  14. @Rubix I totally agree with you. Bigger boobs makes everything look smaller hahah especially the waist. I haven't dressed in tight top to go out as yet as the post bra doesn't give nice shape and it shows my nipples . Plus it's been too cold so I've been wearing jumpers or jackets.My boyfriend was like ?when he saw me wearing tight top at home hahahaha . I can't wait to go back to gym as I start loosing my muscles ?
  15. I also got a tape given and change every week @Kismet i'm at 20 day po now and here are the scars. One side looks better than the other. Sorry it looks a bit sticky as I just took the tape off lol The pain has gone away , just a tiny discomfort when i move my arms towards my back. I can walk normally now without leaning forward as I used to for 2 weeks. I also started sleeping on my side couples days ago. I have to say it's not the best felling as yet as I don't want to squash my boobies to much. I didn't tell any one at work but few closed friends and my sister. I feel awkward if I let my work know then everyone would keep looking at my boobs hahaha
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