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  1. Alexa1994

    It's a............

    That's really great news, all the best for Dec...
  2. Alexa1994

    Implants and running

    All you need is a great workout bra and don't go straight ahead let them heal for a time and then start slowly
  3. Alexa1994

    Lowering breast fold for size

    I also got them lowered, it okay to get nervous. All the best for the appointment...
  4. Alexa1994

    Hilarious things since I got boobs.....

    Its great feeling when the girls get me noticed and seek attention
  5. Alexa1994

    Hate my rhinoplasty results

    @Chloe36 sorry to hear of the results. Can you name the surgeon so that other can not go there...
  6. Alexa1994


    I am with you @cosmetic love Kombucha. Using my granny recipe and loving it...
  7. Alexa1994

    Sleeping in crops after BA

    Kmart works better for me!! Highly recommended.
  8. Alexa1994

    June BA

    Ah, yes sometimes I also feel it. Looking for some professional to reply on this issue.
  9. Alexa1994

    Dr Shaz Musavi

    Yeah, I also find personal trainer more useful and beneficial than liposuction. Although, a personal trainer will take bit more time than liposuction.
  10. Alexa1994

    Liposuction with Dr. Preeyaphas Nilubol

    Great! How much it costs you?
  11. Alexa1994

    Dentures ?

    Well, Veneers can be beneficial and affordable for you if you try to find someone in your budget.
  12. Alexa1994

    Porcelain Veneers?

    I am also concern about the whitening of my teeth because it is one of my biggest insecurity. So I am also looking for veneers I hope it will work out for me.
  13. Well, Yes I am afraid of having a cosmetic surgery on the face, for this, I really need a professional doc.!!
  14. Alexa1994

    My story so far - BA in Perth

    Wow, that look awesome.!!