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  1. Hi ladies just wanted to check in... I had a good chat the nurse yesterday .. was good to get lots of questions answered that i had going on... 1 boob dropping and not the other.. I may need to start massaging my left boobs... Normal ? each breast is different. Also 1 boob is bruised and the other not. Normal? even though this was the breast with only 280cc Right breast was 300cc.. Pins/needles/ stabbing pains/Sharpe pains/pulsating .? normal all the nerves are slowing rejoing and waking up. Right Shoulder pain probably muscle related as it's a constant pain. Saw some of my family last night, thankfully it was cold and I had my jumper. If I over stretch I did know about it !!!! Also finally starting to be able to sleep on my side... not comfortably though .. Hope you other ladies are doing well with your revovery and happy with your results so far..
  2. @HXC yes I'm right handed. Also my right Bob has already dropped slightly where my left breast is bruised and not dropped... I wonder if i should stay using or stretching my left arm more ??? Wow midwifery great career... how many years left ??
  3. #hcx hope you enjoyed your shower ? Still having shoulder pain today maybe cause my right Bob was 300cc ??? But my left boob which was only 280cc has the big bruise ???? Last day of work tomorrow.. thank gosh but it's my big day.. looking forward to resting my shoulders/boobies on Friday ?
  4. Hi Ladies.. hope your all getting better each day.. has anybody else notice they've put on weight ?? I'm a little shocked by the scales... not sure if it's cause I'm eating with the meds or just not being active at all.. still getting pain in right shoulder.. have found nurofen plus has been helping... still having too lye on my back which sucks ? Alll llllll for a good cause come summertime i guess ??
  5. Ladies your more boobies are looking awesome i must say. I only went 280L and 300R with a lift... i must say ive NOT actually had a good stare at them YET... believe I've done it. Have a sore RH shoulder today.. not sure what that's about ?? Also can still feel when I've overstretched. Hmmmmm guess I'll have to play the waiting game for that one... .
  6. GRACE 4 W@Mumof3boys i ended up going 280L and 300R both with a lift... have either of you girls have a bloated stomach ?? Or have put on some kg ?? The scales are scaring me soon with my bloated stomach. I'll try and attach pics 1st pic 4days po 2nd pic bandages off 5days po
  7. Hi ladies just thought I'd touch base.. things are going nicely.. keeping up with pain relief and sleeping... kinda getting nervous knowing that I'll be back at work on Tuesday, i can feel when I've over stretched things.. but on the other hand i need to get back to doing things. I've also got my daughter's 7th birthday on Monday, and my partner will be back at work. No-one apart from my miss 11 knows what I've did so I'm going to somehow ask for help. I remember the nurse telling me that the smaller the chest the more pressure/ pain you get.. if i reach / turn to far i can feel the stretch So yep i can vouch for that. It's really bugging me not being able to sleep on my side... I've not even really checked out my new babies.. i dont feel like that are the size/ shape that I've been wanting.. but they are also still all padded up.. so time will tell i guess.. PS wrote this yesterday but didn't post.. off to see nurse today so fingers crossed .
  8. honestly ive not heeded ice packs ( bags of peas) does't myself up on the first day/*night to get some sleep as Sunday night I was awake most on the night.I wore a light easy on/off skirt and a zipper jacket on the day which was again easy to take off on. My partner has been great in reminding me to take pills eat, and helps me get up and help me move around. If I can't open a jar he comes and does it for me. My PS gave me a call today as did the hospital from yesterday. It all still seems very surreal, I guess every experience if different. Will keep you ladies updates
  9. Hi ladies.. 1 day po for me.. so far so good.. just keeping up with pain relief and A'B.. have endone but not needed it.. just panadeine forte. My partner has been awsome helping me. I never got this much help or support with my ex after 2 babies in arms.. 3 MC and 1 stillborn.. my partner has made up my pill regime ... ??? I actually thought my boobs would be bigger...???but maybe cause they ate hiding under my layers of clothing ??? My girls were really good with me last night and this morning.. they'll be at their dad's tonight and tomorrow.. follow up appint with the nurse I Friday to take bandages off ???? hope it alll goes well just have to keep reminfing myself of how saggy and sad my boobies were looking for op.. good luck with you ladies... thinking happy thoughts for you ??
  10. @Miss77 they ummm look normal. They look great ?
  11. Oooh i found the piece of paper that I've scribbled on .. I'm getting 300 right breast 280 left breast x high profile under the muscle plus a lift... sounds intense.. I out having drinks tonight... kinda nice to be hanging out and having some drinks... sounds very surreal.. I'm sure it will hit me Monday morning.. hope your feeling better as each day passes...
  12. @Miss77 thanks for the update.. thinking of you wearing an awesome swimsuit in summertime .? Thanks things one day at a time? P.S. I'm sure I'll have that "freak out ???" moment
  13. great news @Miss77 wow... can you believe it now..that its been done... do they do before/after pics for you?? SOOO happy for you
  14. @Miss77 thinking of you today... the first day to a new you.. xx @T_Rouge you must be having butterflies now.your big day is now 1 more sleep away.. All the best for you ladies... please keep us posted when you can xxx
  15. Heelloooo I'm sitting in the waiting room of Dr Richardson office... there's another lady here with her family.. is she on this forum as well ????
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