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  1. Hello Everyone Recently I had my Rhinoplasty with Dr Narendra Kaushik in Delhi and I wanted to share my experience with you all, Hoping that my post here can help someone looking for best nose job option in India can help. I was looking for my nose job option in India Delhi and noticed that there are many, I was confused and didn't know what to do. I started reading out the post from different blogs and forums but nothing helped me, I decided to go for face to face consultation with the surgeon, I went to many I had shortlisted cosmetic surgeons having plastic surgery degree. Rhinoplasty is one of the major decision anyone have to make. I have to be really sure about what I am looking for and which surgeon can do this job best. Finally, I found Dr Kaushik, I was overwhelmed by his consultation and knowledge about the topic. I must say Dr Kaushik is very popular in his patients. But it was a headache in finding many details about him online. He is the most underrated player in rhinoplasty. I checked out his website and found some amazing results there. By the time I had already made up my mind and was looking forward to the experience that was waiting for me too. Dr Kaushik before the operation again discussed things with me. Dr Kaushik was being realistic. That's what I wanted. Every surgeon should be realistic in terms of discussing best options for you. Finally woke up after the surgery and found a big plaster on my nose. The staff at Olmec is great, caring and friendly. I got discharged in the evening the same day. I had regularly visited Dr Kaushik of bandage and clean up. He is very professional with his work. I was amazed when he showed me my nose. Falling in love with my nose. I am attaching my Before and After photo that I had requested Dr Kaushik to send me.