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    BA & Internal BL
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    Dr Sanguan 17/07/2017
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  1. Hey AshC I was wondering how you went with your Op with Dr Sanguan and him doing an Internal Lift? He has recommended this to me but its not that common. Do you love your results and do you have before and after pics?
  2. When you say filled your script what did you have to get? also is anyone taking anything in particular leading up to surgery to help to lessen bleeding or scaring, heeling etc? .
  3. 100% Im exactly the same! Ive never been under either! Scares the hell out of me so much! And also have no idea about what to tell the kids. Ill be away for 10 days so ill just say I'm working then I think I won't be able to walk around naked for a while at least or maybe its the end of that now. haha where are you getting yours done?
  4. Yay how cool! OMG every time I come on this page and read stuff my stomach churns so bad!! Its intense!! Im trying not to be nervous but I so am!!
  5. Yours are incredible!! This is what I want!!! Are you happy with them?
  6. Yes he is at PPSI in Phuket! I seep freaking out too! But I've wanted this for so long now! Im hoping it all goes smoothly! Where are you getting yours done?
  7. Yay we are on the same day! I also have 3 young kids, 18months, 6 and 8. Its the 18month old that will be tough! Im also struggling to picture mown boobs bigger.. I see photos I love but then I think I might be getting my hopes up wanting them to look that good?
  8. Ive actually just moved surgery earlier so now I am going in on the 17th JULY! so 12 days! Dr Sanguan is my surgeon! Hi Ash! When are you going over? I have surgery with Dr Sanguan on the 17th July!
  9. Hi Ladies. I have just confirmed my surgery with Dr Sanguan on the 17th July (in 13 days) and about to book flights now! OMG now I'm nervous! I am having a BA and Internal Lift that he has recommended. Im going to PPSI. Is anyone going to be there at the same time? Would love to connect.
  10. Hey Ladies Im new to this asset! Im booking in for Phuket for a BA & BL in August to! So nervous! Will be going alone but through Cosmedi tour.
  11. @Millz I am also going over in August to Phuket for a BA & BL. What dates are you going?
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