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    Breast fed beautiful children & now have not so beautiful (empty lol) breasts. 5'4, 48kg. Excitedly awaiting BA September 17! This is my second BA as i had first over ten years ago then had them removed prior to children. (280cc teardrop textured under)

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  1. Hope you are feeling a bit happier. I understand as I felt like that after my first BA & had them removed over a year later & was happy with that choice. (Felt similarly to you) The PS did not charge & they were unders. Over 10 years later & after having children (who left my boobs flat as pancakes)I am 2 weeks post op with BA # 2. They are a bit smaller, I am so happy & love them ?...so different to last time. It was all meant to be as breastfeeding was a very special time in my life & now I have boobies ? Follow your gut feeling & take care
  2. Hi ladies, My BA is booked in for September( can't wait- flat as a tack now) & I will be under 300cc... but still deciding on the magic number ?. Was thinking 250 or should I go 275 ? I'm 162cm 50kg, BW 11.5. Don't think I've seen 250's ever mentioned, even on girls smaller than myself but I want to look in proportion, not top heavy. Going round smooth HP unders. Don't want too big as I run & lift weights ect. Interested to hear or see photos of ladies similar to my size as it will help with decision. TIA. So happy I found this forum ?
  3. Hi Ladies, I am interested to know who had drainage tubes for a few days post op (BA performed in Australia). I have spoken with two surgeons, one uses them & one doesn't as he believes they can increase the risk of infection. Just wondering if many use them. Who had them? TIA : )
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