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  1. Hey! Newbie here too. I'm just starting my Breast Augmetation journey and meeting the first surgeon this week. I am 179cm tall, 61kg and 10Bish. 2 kids here too. I've never been a boobs gal, I've always been happy with my small bust but after having kids my boobs are sad and deflated and chosing nice tops and bathers(!!) is so hard these days.
  2. I am a newbie and have my first consult this Friday. Friends of mine have recommend Dr Connell and Dr Duncan-Smith. Dr Connell is too expensive for me so I'm going to see Dr D-S first. I am also hoping for recomendations for cheaper surgeons.
  3. Hi ladies, Total novis here! Just wondering if any Perth ladies have feedback on Dr Duncan Smith. I have my first consult in a few days to discuss implants. How were your results & how much did it cost overall? (cost is a factor for me) I have been referred his details as well as Dr Connells but I think Connell will be out of my budget. I'd also love to hear from any ladies who saw some of the 'cheaper' surgeons in Perth. I am tall, athletic build with approx 10B boobs which are droopy after 2 kids. Ta
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