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  1. I went with Dr Andrew Greensmith - he encouraged my smaller choice of implant and was great at creating a really natural look for me. I went with 205cc's. Unsure what cup size I will end up with, since I had the surgery recently and can only wear a surgical bra, but am super happy with the size and how it looks. I have to admit I had some serious doubts about whether the size he recommended was right, but it seems he knew exactly what I was after. I had the same request as you (although I started with practically nothing) and wanted to become a full B.
  2. Mine was 9 Nov! First day was real hard and my chest muscles were so sore. I was also super fatigued. However, after a good nights sleep I felt fine the next day and the fatigue disappeared after that. My chest muscles are also okay now, but only after I tightened my surgical bra for work for the extra support (the elastic had loosened a bit over the last couple weeks). My workplace can be considered retail and I'm reaching for high places a lot, as well as standing all day. TBH the first day I went back, I thought it was a mistake and that I should've taken more time off, but it's actually okay now haha. Also, My boobs are so sore when I take the bra off honestly! And I can feel my implants moving in the pocket around the incision area... feels so weird!
  3. I didn't ice! I had bought two ice packs in preparation and the nurses told me it was completely up to me, but not necessary. I also had a really speedy recovery and was off all my opiates by day 2 and off all pain meds by day 3. I took the occasional Valium when I over worked my muscles though. I would just do what the surgeon recommends or call the clinic if there's any confusion I'm now two and a half weeks PO and went back to work at two weeks PO. My work requires a lot of reaching and arm work, which was difficult for the first day, but improved quickly after resting that night.
  4. Good to know it's not just me then ! Oh gosh I hope it goes away soon hahaha I had so many plans for the summer
  5. Hey girls! Hope it's not too late to join in. I had my surgery 9 days ago and recovery has been pretty good with no issues in that department. However, my stomach is huge! I went in with a flat stomach and came out with bloating, but while that's gone down, I've been left with an extra 2 inches of stomach fat that won't go away Is anyone else experiencing this and does anyone know if it'll go away? It feels like it'll be permanent or last another couple months... is it possible that I just ate so much these last couple weeks that it's piling on? I'm a tiny girl and went with pretty small implants, so my stomach is protruding more than my boobs!
  6. Hi guys, I haven't seen either surgeon yet, but was wondering if anyone could lend a hand in helping me decide? I was leaning towards Natalie, based on her experiences/specialty in breast surgeries, but she has no reviews and all the reviews on RealSelf seem to be written quite similarly, so wasn't sure if they were real/fake reviews. Also, she has very few before/after photos and the ones she does have look nothing like my body type, so hard to predict if she'll do a good job with my body type. Despite this, the very few photos she has show super natural results, which is what I'm after... Andrew Greensmith on the other hand seems well-known and popular, with lots of before/after photos with similar body frames to mine, but slightly less natural results than Natalie's photos. A consultation is $330 for each doctor - should I just spend the money and see both, or just pick one and go with it? So hard to decide! I've already booked a consultation date and surgery date with Natalie that perfectly matches my time off work, etc., but now having second thoughts about switching to Dr Greensmith. Would love more reviews on Natalie if there's anyone out there who has had surgery with her! Thanks
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