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    BA 425 CC Motiva Round Duel plane
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    Dr Matthew Peters 14 July 2017
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    163cm, 60kg

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  1. Hi Ashcam, I had my BA in July, 12 C to a 12 E. Recovery was really great. Surgery at 8am, was home by midday and slept propped upright for the remainder of the day. I was prescribed Endone for pain. I took one that arvo but it made me vomit so i stuck with 2 pandamax which case a little codiene every 6 hrs for the next 3 days, then no pain relief as I felt great and was moving around ok .I also alternated between a bag frozen peas on each boob and a hot water bottle to receive discomfort. Warm showers were also amazing for pain/discomfort so I had several a day. I have 2 teens who were great and my sister was visiting but she really just looked after the kids as I was ok to move around. I stayed mostly in bed for the first 2 days then got up walking for the next few days. I found the most pain which I would say was an 8/10 was when you change your angle, i.e. lying down for the night as they adjust to reclining and in the morning when you ease out of bed and upright. I did hang out washing and vacuum in the first week but was sore for the effort afterwards. I think trying to move around after the first few days of bed rest is helpful in recovery. By my 7 day check up at my surgeons I was able to move quite freely and raise my hands above my head, washed my hair on day 5 I think. But listen to your body and surgeons advice. Try something gently and see how it feels at the time but the pain/discomfort can grab you later in the day or at night at rest. I slept upright until about 8 weeks, I still sleep in my post op bra which was a straight jacket for 8 weeks but still my most comfy and supportive around the house bra. So in short, I did very little for 2-3 days on Panamax then started moving gently and testing how things felt. All the best, keep us posted and Best of Luck!!
  2. Hi all, just passing on this email re Motiva Implants Show Clinical Superiority in Aesthetics Surgery Journal Establishment Labs have announced that the results of a three-year, retrospective clinical study using the Company’s Motiva Implants® were published in the peer-reviewed Aesthetics Surgery Journal. Why Settle? These findings help validate the differentiated safety profile of Motiva Implants. Motiva do not believe that industry, doctors, or patients need to accept the complication rates associated with the majority of implants today, and that high complication rates do not have to be endemic to breast augmentation. Click Here to Read More & Download Clinical Paper http://care.us6.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=61f5333edda53ba442da9cb35&id=82644f0a5e&e=ab2f24cb54
  3. Sorry to hear you are not happy, such a big undertaking and so personal. I had a BA with plastic surgeon Matthew Peters, Brisbane in July. He actually ordered 4 different sizes for my surgery and had them on hand! He first tried 450cc but said they didn't look right, too narrow and projected too far out for my wide good width, "ball in a sock". He removed them and put in 425cc which had a wider base and gave better side boob and cleavage. He also had 385cc and 500cc on hand. I think a great surgeon will be happy to have options on hand. Dr Peters is just lovely and Im very happy with my results! Wishing you the best!
  4. Hi, I have Motiva 425cc Round silk surface, base is 13cm, projection is 4.3cm. Wanted a natural appearance & went from an empty 12c to a full 12E. 7 weeks post op, everything is going great, very happy so far. Best of luck!
  5. Hi! I think your pics look great. You look in proportion and balanced to me I also had a consult with Dr Cheng. He pushed 500cc and higher for me as well, which I was a bit put off by to be honest. I felt he pushed a bit too hard for 500+, but that was my opinion. I am 163cm, 60kg and was an empty & saggy 12C, 45 yo mum of 2. I was after a fuller DD/E natural appearance and am very active so didn't want them getting in the way or looking obviously enhanced, just fuller and a bit perkier. Had my BA with Dr Matthew Peters mid July so 6 weeks post op this week. I went with 425cc Motiva Round duel plane and am now a full perky 12 DD/E with most swelling down. Excellent recovery, and follow up care. Dr Peters actually had 4 different sizes on hand in the surgery to see what worked best for what I was after, 385, 425, 450 & 500cc! Couldn't be happier, exactly what I was after and can't recommend Dr Peters highly enough. Wish you the best of luck, so very exciting and I hope you have amazing results!
  6. I swear by coconut oil. I have organic unrefined coconut oil in the kitchen and the bathroom. I use it as a all over body moisturiser after my shower and have found it to turn back the clock on my 45 year old sun loving skin. Im 4 weeks post op and have used it on my boobs since day 2 and my first shower. Not on my scar however. 4 weeks post op my scar is barley noticeable, testimony to my plastic surgeon Dr Matthew Peters!
  7. Hi, I had 10DDish boobs in my 20s, breast fed 2 kiddos and have been an empty and saggy 12C for the last 10 years. I had a BA with Dr Matthew Peters, Plastic surgeon in Brisbane 4 weeks ago. I had MotivaErgonomix Round Silksurface 425cc Dual plane. Am so happy with my results as i wanted fuller but natural looking DDs again. I had faded stretch makes from breast feeding. You could notice the texture but not really a discolouration. The stretch marks have now filled out and barely noticeable. The BA has just filled them out i bit if that males sence? I think I'm actually a bit smaller than I was in my 20s with natural boobs, Im now a 12 DD/E at 4 1/2 weeks post op.
  8. Thats Great Aqua 85! Wishing you a a great recovery and Im sure your results will be amazing! Looking ford to hearing how you progress Mrs Freckles - how are you finding week 4? Im finding lefty has dropped a smidgeon more than right and tends to be more achy and tender. How are your scars doing? and are you still on 'high beam' a lot?
  9. Hi, Dr Matthew Peters Valley Plastic Surgery is amazing! 4 weeks post op and very happy!
  10. Dr Matthew Peters in Brisbane, Valley Plastic Surgery!!!!! Im 4 weeks post op for a BA and VERY happy!
  11. Sorry, this may be a bit late for you. I had consults with both Dr Cheng and Dr Matthew Peters. I found Dr Cheng was pushing 500cc or over which was not what I was going for, for a fuller natural appearing DD. I ended up with Dr Matthew Peters and had my BA on July 14th with amazing results. He has a lovely bedside manner and did an amazing job. Good Luck with your adventure, wishing you the best.
  12. July 14th here! Had 425cc Motiva Ergonomic Round Silksurface, duel plane nearly 4 weeks ago with Dr Matthew Peters Plastic Surgeon in Brisbane. I was an empty ski jump 12C from 11kg recent weight loss & breast feeding 2 kiddos, now 14 & 16 years old. Im 45 years old in pretty good shape, 163cm tall and 60kg. Now the very happy full and perky owner of 12DD or possible E when the girls settle. Used to be a 10 DD in my 20s before kids so have kind of turned back the clock and filled out again, which is lovely. Recovery was better than I expected, made it through on Panadol, frozen peas and my hot water bottle! As far as exercise Im just walking around 4 k now and about a thousand squats a day, just body weight but its keeping me sane. Very happy with my results, Im very techno challenged so will attempt pics soon. xx
  13. Hi there, Great topic. Im 4 weeks post this Friday and can't imagine doing my beloved Insanity workouts or running again at this stage. I was an empty ski jump 12C from 11kg recent weight loss & breast feeding 2 kiddos, now 14 & 16 years old. Im 45 years old in pretty good shape, 163cm tall and 60kg. Had 425cc duel plane nearly 4 weeks ago with Dr Matthew Peters in Brisbane. Now the very happy full and perky owner of 12DD or possible E when the girls settle. Used to be a 10 DD in my 20s before kids so have kind of turned back the clock and filled out again, which is lovely. Just walking at this stage and doing about a thousand squats a day to keep the butt in shape. Looking forward to cardio but it seems a long way away.
  14. Hi Gals, Newbie here. Im day 7 post op. First post op check up this arvo. Had 425cc motiva duel plain in Brissy. Im 45 years young 163cm and 61kg, 2 teenage kids and was what Id call an empty & saggy 12C before surgery. So far so good, very happy with my results. Im techno daft but will try to upload before and after pics soon.
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