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  1. Hi ladies, just posting to seek some solidarity and to know I'm not the only one going through this... I am nearly a month and a half post op with 450cc round HP overs, and I'm EXTREMELLY unhappy with my result. They're SO SMALL, they look so out of proportion still with my body and there's a huge gap inbetween my boobs. The outcome is not at all what my surgeon and I had discussed and now i have to pay all over again for a revision to go to a bigger size that'll actually look like I've had something done. I think I need around 700cc to get the look I want which is what I've posted the two other photos of.. they're my goal boobs!!! I'm so upset ☹️ I'd love to hear some stories and get some support. X
  2. @dream it - live it Oh well that worked out well for you hehe! Dr cooter cleared me to start cardio (low-moderate intensity) 1 week post op and that's all I've been doing since. I had some trouble with my post op bra from burnside lingerie.. first she sized me wrong, way too tight! So I had to go back for a larger size. Then about a week later I had to go back again because the stitching from the bra was creating HUGE indents across my boobs.. not cool. Dr cooter wasn't a fan either, so after all that I went back a third time and got two bras with NO stitching. The smooth ones. bra dramas lol. Anyway here's a photo... pre op 10A VS me today 2.5 weeks post op. Still super firm and tight but looking better by the day xx
  3. @dream it - live it i did soooo much research before I chose my surgeon and Dr cooter couldn't be faulted in all the reviews and people that I spoke to.. I'm SO glad I went with him. He's so knowledgeable and experienced, he's been amazing to me. I got mentor 450cc HP round cohesive II overs. I'm just over 2 weeks post op right now and they're starting to look absolutely fabulous!!! I can't wait for my D&F they're going to look unreal. Im so happy. I'm 171cm, 68kg, pre op was a 12A cup. I'm in a D cup post op bra ATM so I'm thinking once they D&F I'll be atleast a DD. Where did you go for your post op bra? When did dr cooter clear you to go back to gym etc? Xx
  4. @dream it - live it I've just had my BA done with Dr Cooter, I'm 5 days post op. I've only just come across this forum in search of post op support, and your before and after pic makes me SO EXCITED to see what mine look like once they heal and drop!! Yours look amazing!!
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