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    Dr Joseph Rizk 28th Sept 2017
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  1. Hi, Removal can be covered by Medicare as long as you take a Drs referral for your 1st appointment with surgeon & as long as it is to do with pain caused from CC problems, surgeon will be able to submit claim under a certain Medicare number.
  2. Woohoo I've finally had my well overdue upgrade @Wanting boobs..... I'm 4 days PO & feel fantastic, my surgeon was great I've had no bruising & my recovery time has been awesome. I only ended up with 500cc which I was fairly down about as I really had 550 in my mind & to be honest if he had have said you could have 600 I would have said yes but unfortunately my BWD could only take the 500 round HP & he said 550 was not able to be safely done so I'm obviously more happy to go with safer option & I love the shape already ??
  3. Thanks heaps @Wanting boobs...... That's great that you have picked your implant size & profile, I bet your now excited... when is your surgery date ? Woohhooo 1 more sleep for me....
  4. Yes it's certainly hard deciding on which profile to pick, I'm sure once you see the pics it will help you to decide on what look you are wanting to achieve. I can't believe it's now 3 more sleeps! Time is just flying bye so quickly...... im excited but still nervous at the same time
  5. I have anatomical 330cc gel & was very happy with them as I've always had natural look however after 2 children & years of training they have definitely changed in appearance & I have now got capsular in 1 side so I'm now going with round as I'm really wanting that upper pole fullness which I've never really had. I'm unsure at the moment the Dr has said for me to get HP but then I sent him more wish boob photos & he said I should consider UHP so now I'm worried as I definitely don't want that cone shape sort of look.... do you know what size your thinking you would like!
  6. Yes I sure have @Wanting boobs I'm having surgery on 28sept with Dr Joseph Rizk in Sydney.... excited & nervous at the moment as it is revision surgery for me after having my 1st implants 16 years ago ..... well overdue for an upgrade.. lol hows your journey going?
  7. I've got my loan through mac credit, they were easy to deal with & can pay out loan quicker also if you like.
  8. Hi lovely ladies, My surgery date is 28th Sept I'm having breast revision surgery with Dr Rizk in Sydney. i currently have 330cc smooth teardrop under muscle which are 16 years old! so I'm very ready for an upgrade..... I'm getting 550cc round HP mentor implants dual plane this time as I'm wanting more upper pole fullness, I'm very happy as I don't need to have a lift. Dr has told me that 550 is max I can go in the HP for my BWD. This time in 2 weeks I will have my new upgraded boonies..... can't wait, although I am a little nervous & anxious.... does anyone have advice as it feels like a lifetime ago since my first BA & im more nervous this time Lol oops *boobies* not boonies!!!!
  9. Hi there I have the same surgery date, I'm having breast revision surgery with Dr Rizk in Sydney. Im getting very anxious & excited..... its great that you work from home Hun as it will be a lot easier in terms of recovery. i currently have 330cc teardrop smooth implants & changing to 550cc round HP. Look forward to hearing about your journey... good luck Hun x
  10. Hello everyone, im having breast revision surgery done shortly & I have the choice of having a Mentor implant or Motiva implant, I would love to hear anybody's feedback about both of these implants & would really love to see any pics that anyone would like to share. thanks so much & looking forward to reading your replys... ?
  11. Hi just wondering which Dr you had your revision surgery with for $10900?
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