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  1. I think i am going to go by myself too. Only 2 weeks now, can't wait
  2. Who are you all planning to/ did you take with you to the consult?
  3. Hi Just wondering who everyone is taking with them, if anyone, to the consult. My husband will come with me but wonders if thats strange.
  4. I haven't heard about moisturising before... what is the intent if that. Who are you booked with lychee?
  5. Great. Did your price change at all after the consult. What size did you go. I am 172cm 60kg and 10a. I dont know what size i want but something like below. I want rounds under muscle, i have slight asymmetry.
  6. Hi I am booked in with Dr Dash 11 september for the consult and surgery 26 september. Has anyone recently seen dr Dash?
  7. I am booked in with Dr Dash in September. Glad to hear yours went well
  8. Interesting because i asked cosmeditour to reconsider and they said no. Ill look into Dr Kenny too. I am really undecided who to go with because price is a factor for me
  9. I also sent images to cosmeditour and TCI. Cosmedi said teardrop TCI said round, which is what i want. I booked with Dr Tang gof 31 august and jyst got a call to say he has resigned ? I now need someone else I
  10. HI I was booked with Dr Tang but got a call today to say he is no longer working there? I am now considering Dr Kwok. How has your experience been. I cant find many reviews in him.
  11. bwood

    Boobs in July ?

    I am booked in with Dr Tang 15 sept.. are you happy. I am also very similar stats to you although i do have slight asymmetry and am worried he eill say I need teardrop implants and the price will skyrocket
  12. Hi I'm booked in for consultation with Dr Tang at TCI Sydney 31 August 2017 and surgery min September has anyone had any experience with him? i am leaning towards round implants as I have nothing to begin with and want the fuller look, however I do have slight asymmetry. anyone have rounds in different sizes? they told me teardrop is an extra $2000 which I really hope I don't have to have. Thanks
  13. I am booked.in mid September with Dr Tang. How is everything with you?
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