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  1. Thanks @oncewasasurfboard! I’m very happy with my results, def wanted a natural look but would like them to be a bit bigger so hopefully they fluff more. You’re recovering well!!! The asymmetry is definitely normal and will be more obvious in some than others. You’re still very early post op so be patient and try and not freak out too much, they have a long way to go. I remember I was overanalysing every little thing but it’s better to just let go and go with the process. Your dominant side will heal a lot slower than your less dominant!
  2. Every looks amazing!!! I’m at 6 weeks PO now and they are VERY slowly dropping and fluffing. I’m loving the progress though. Was fitted today as I had to buy at least 1 bra to wear and I went from a 10A-AA to 10C yay! Hopefully they fluff some more so I’m a C/D ? Pre-op, 1 week post and 5 weeks post below.
  3. Thanks for the reassurance @HXC. You look incredible! So natural. What size you were you pre-op? Wow @thumper14 the drop and fluff process has been amazing for you!! Can’t wait to see them in 6 months time!!
  4. Omg wow welcome to the other side!!! You look amazing!! they’ll continue to change every week ? such an interesting journey! They have dropped and fluffed so nicely!! Oh nooo!! Hope you are feeling better. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience, hopefully t passes soon. Get plenty of fluid and rest and stay on top of your meds. Hope everyone is healing well! Can’t wait to see some progress shots. I’m now almost 4 weeks PO. Was feeling great last week but really feeling exhausted this week. It’s been up and down for me and I have some sharp shooting pains more frequently. Boobs have been dropping and fluffing although pretty sure it’ll take a lot longer for me but I’m very happy with mine so far!
  5. Welcome and how exciting! That’s what I thought and wanted as well but tbh my surgeon went with the smaller ones (which were only 45cc smaller so not noticeably smaller anyway) because my skin was too tight and my chest muscles pressed down so there wasn’t a way to safely insert the larger ones. I’d rather be a bit more conservative than risk damage to my body! Can always do a revision down the track. I’ve had one style as so far but I am getting some skin blisters. Not sure what from!! Will be asking my dr on Wednesday at my follow up/dressing change. My surgery cost included 1 post op bra and I purchased 2 extra ones because you have to wear them for weeks after to keep on rotation during laundry cycles. I cant remember the website but if you google “carefix post op bra” the sites should come up. Suggest asking your surgeon what size to buy as a guide.
  6. Agreed with all of the advice @iDream_of_CeeCees! It might feel quick but if you had booked for a longer period it feels like forever and you'll be impatient (like me). Good luck! Let us know how you go Day 9 update: feeling pretty much like myself. Just a few minor lifestyle tweaks like walking a lot slower, more mindful of arm movements esp above the head, no heavy lifting or strenuous activity like changing bedsheets etc. otherwise I am off the meds and the bloating is FINALLY subsiding slowly yay! Cant wait for them to start the drop and fluff process (fingers crossed they actually do) and also to get back into exercising. Hope the other October babes are recovering well! X @thumper14 @Courtneyalyce @MissF
  7. Thanks @Courtneyalyce! I'm actually not sure how I feel about them yet cos there's still so much change to go through. I'm just going to take each day as it comes because I still have pretty good movement through my arms I'm getting paranoid that I'm overdoing it! So maybe not being able to do much is a blessing in disguise x
  8. I had prescription for movicol to reduce the bloatedness etc. I've been taking 2 satchels of the movicol a day and have been eating a few prunes throughout the day as well, can finally say I'm back to being semi regular on day 3-4. Hope that helps!
  9. You are looking great @Courtneyalyce!! Sorry to hear the painkillers weren't agreeing with you. I think if I wasn't able to take the painkillers I would've been in a very sorry state! Props to you for pulling through. Can't wait to see the progress Update: I'm 4 days post op today. The first day/night was pretty rough. First day PO wasn't bad but mainly because I was pretty drugged up for most of the day. Second day PO I experienced nausea for the first time and spent most of the day sleeping. Third day PO was better, not as sore so I switched from endone to panadeine forte only. Morning boob was pretty bad for the first few days but was a little better this morning. The sore/tight feeling isn't unbearable so I'm grateful it's been a smooth ride so far. I just get very tired after small tasks like taking a shower or going outside to chat with family for a few mins. All in all I think I've been pretty lucky with recovery. I still have pretty good arm mobility, but of course don't want to risk lifting above shoulder height. Feeling less bloated and returning to a more regular routine now. Cant wait for my new babies to drop though!!
  10. They look amazing! It's called morning boob and it's def real! It's cos when you wake up in the morning your muscles are extra stiff from inactivity throughout the night. I get it across my chest and on my right side as well. It does go away after a few mins though after moving around. I am also bloated like crazy!!!
  11. So happy you hear you're happy with them! Hopefully you're feeling a bit better now x
  12. @mybajourney94 @MissF glad to hear you ladies are doing okay and are happy with your result. How did you overdo it @MissF? I had mine yesterday and it was pretty rough afterwards and last night but feeling much better today. Thank god for painkillers!! I've been taking the anti-constipation satchels but still so bloated and backed up, anyone have any suggestions? Also my skin was super tight my PS opted for the smaller of the 2 sizes (375 and 330). Hopefully it will still give me a nice C cup!
  13. They look so good!!!! Wishing you a speedy and smooth recovery. My surgery is today! Cannot wait ☺️
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