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  1. Honestly no idea. I even use my fitness pal to track my food intake. All i can think of is i lift heavy weights and im a lot stronger now than a year ago. That or i must have some hormonal or thyroid issue!
  2. This type of service is everywhere unfortunately.. it def helps, i check everything!! Every single review yes.. so maybe try post somewhere else. ??
  3. I don't know about dr Ajaka but I had lipo done at the GC clinic and my results are bad. Completely careless job, like someone who really did not give a sh1t ! I'm flying to the US for revision.
  4. Hi Not sure how this popped up but I can confirm I did not have a good experience with Cosmos. Really sloppy work! Careless!
  5. Hi I'm interested in results please. Anyone willing to share photos and which surgeon? Im petite, athletic with minimal loose skin. But I'd really like a TT. Really appreciate photos and recommendations of surgeons. Im in Brisbane area..
  6. This is an interesting topic. I decided to weigh myself now over a year since lipo and i gained 4kg!! Im shocked. Ivd not eaten differently and i eork out a lot. Yes ive gained muscle but surrly not 4kg weight gain. My vlothes still fit too! Im so confused! Anyone er else?? Mskes me think perhaps the body really fights to gain weight after lipo or sonething?? Before lipo i was 61kg After lipo 58kg Now 62kg Holy cow!!
  7. I've seen another very bad surgery from Dr Chin. I wish you good luck with your revision!
  8. Hi Amy Who was your lipo surgeon in Sydney?
  9. For some reason there are a few awful reviews of this surgeon .. your TT looks so good though!
  10. Ok i need to go and see Dr Widdowson. He did your TT right? I have very little loose skin and been told i cant have full TT. Im also athletic and chose lipo but unfortunately i was left with a small dent that im hoping can get fixed with a mini TT which seems to be what you had.. i also have some muscle separation. Im just so confused with all the choice of surgeons..!
  11. Anyone had liposuction revision in Australia and willing to share experience? thanks in advance..
  12. If you look a bit further there are studies to support this and doctors who very much believe in it. However I wont post links etc here as I'm worried about getting into trouble. In fact I'm going to leave this site now. All the best
  13. Hi No need to be like that. All i said was for her to do her own research. Not to believein it. At least if she does her own research she can make an informed decision. All the best
  14. Im no surgeon but in your case I would opt for lift only. You seem to have a decent amoint of tissue but sagging. Remember to reasearch breast implant illness and lymphoma in regards to implants. Always good to make an informed decision (breast implant illness and healing by nicole is a good site) x
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