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    @InsertUserNameHere I wasn't either, my girlfriend had hers done two years ago and tried to warn me about the emotional aspect re: the detachment from our old tummy and I laughed at her thinking nahhhh I just want this gone BUT it is real it is a real emotion that shouldn't be ignored, for me I feel now looking back at that time as I was just not use to thaw taut feeling like gosh ever since my first baby at the age of 21 I've had loose sagging skin so one tends to get use to this as the new "norm" now we are having to get use to another "new"norm and I can say being 6.5weeks my tum tum is still taut but lax now especially in the mornings I feel "new norm" 
    the saying time heals all I've never really believed in but in this aspect absolutely "time" does heal all including the emotional aspects xx
    p.s I was so upset at losing my belly button the one thing that gave me life but I look at my new one now as my "new life being reborn" ???? I know it's Cooky but that's where my head went in the early stages ???? I can laugh now 
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    People reacted to Bre in Liposuction around Gold Coast/Brisbane??   
    If you are looking for plastic surgeon for liposuction then it is either Dr. Boyle or Dr. Kennedy . Both been doing it for a long time .  From my research ,  most plastic surgeons don't like doing liposuction.  Cosmetic surgeons seems to be better at doing liposuction.
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