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    Gippsland victoria
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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr tang tci sydney july 19th
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    50kg was 10a bra size
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  1. Mich

    Boobs in July ?

    It was driving me nuts trying to sleep on my back i worked out i could partly lay on bk and side without putting pressure on my boob that works good i get a better nights sleep
  2. Mich

    Boobs in July ?

    @Freckles im 5 weeks po feeling good they seem to be a little sensative to cold my right boob hurts a little if i wake up on right side was feeling my boobs were small got sized yesterday measuring a d cup so im very happy hopfully by next week i can wear normal bras all my recovery seems to be easy i just be carful with what i lift and push
  3. @ck678 thats sad you got that call i jad dr tang im now 3weeks post op i jad heard very good feed back from him and i found him to be fantastic
  4. Mich

    Boobs in July ?

    @Mumof3boys i got 365cc dr tang choose round implants he said for my body 365cc is highest i can go
  5. Mich

    Boobs in July ?

    Im recovering fantastic starting to be able to lay on my left side not my right yet still feel a little tight in chest been back at work for 2 days on light duties hit 2 week mark today cant wait to be fitted and put an old bra onnto see difference still wearing surgical bra for another 4 weeks
  6. Mich

    Boobs in July ?

    I dont mean rupture i mean the capsular contactor thing u pay insurance for i have no idea what the rotation is ur talking abouteither way mine was set price before i even dwcided type or size
  7. Mich

    Boobs in July ?

    Theres no gurentee they will its just less chance thats what he said with the capsular thing same with incision point i liked that fact he told me what was right for my body
  8. Mich

    Boobs in July ?

    What cc's did u say u got? I was a 10a i got 365 am trying to work out what i will end up being
  9. Mich

    Boobs in July ?

    As far as i know he only does round less chance of rupture he is fantastic very professional n my recovery seems very easy compared to most people on here i was told $5990 that was even before my consult i travelled from vic had my consult next day was procedure and i had paid in full a week prior i would recomend buy a second surgical bra from them will make it easier
  10. Mich

    Boobs in July ?

    I returnback to work tmrw plan on not pushing myself im more worried bout getting tired i have been very tired for last 2 weeks
  11. Mich

    Boobs in July ?

    Yes am also interested what size you are now?
  12. Mich

    Boobs in July ?

    Wow really depends where you go i went to sydney with dr tang on july 19th he told me biggest i can go was 365cc i was a 10a before lost all my confidence i have 3 kids so i lost my boobs after breast feeding i had my days sore took 1 panadeine fort for first few nights otherwise just panadol first photo is before second is 1 day after 3 rd is 1 week im looking forward to seeing my final size
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