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  1. I had that problem with my first BA as they were completely under the muscle, I use to hate it, however with my second BA they're sub muscular which got rid of that issue.
  2. Thanks for that, I'm looking forward to it as I think it will help support my posture while training & make my waist look smaller.
  3. I'd like to read some opinions to as I've just ordered mine online.
  4. I'm sorry to hear you're not happy with your implants, but either was I with my first BA & I also didn't like my gap, I had 300hp, that was the biggest I could get at the time, however after 3kids skin/muscle has stretched, so I was able to get 545xhp this time round, I now have a small finger gap & love the size, I have a small frame so they definitely give me a descent vavavoom! Looking at the photos you want, I would agree you would need 600-700cc, did you show your surgeon those pics?
  5. I'm 3months po with textured silicone & although I voted 1-3mths (wish I cld change my vote) it's more like the swelling is all gone, therefore it makes them look like they've dropped. Surgeon said, where ever he puts the implant is where the implant is going to stay, so for me it's going to take at least a year to see final result. revision to go larger, from 300cc hp to 545cc xhp
  6. My first ba were 300cc hp & I wore size 10D & sometimes 10DD bras, I'm 164cm & 53kg.
  7. I had a consultation for breast revision with Dr Layt, waste of a consultation, I know sorry it's not for rhinoplasty but I didn't like him at all, I found him wanting to only do easy procedures, he couldn't be bothered doing more difficult surgeries & doing rhinoplasty it takes a lot of skill which I don't think he has. i would love to recommend you the surgeon I had for my rhinoplasty but he's now retired unfortunately. just make sure you see a lot of before & after photos with the surgeon at your consultation when making your decision.
  8. Hi, yes completely normal, mine are sub-muscular & it's been almost three months now since I've had my revision & the lower half of my breasts are still numb, don't worry in due time you will have feeling again.
  9. Yep, I felt the same, but once the swelling went down & the discomfort was gone, I now absolutely love my boobs. breast revision 11wks ago, 300cc hp round textured silicone to 545cc xhp round textured silicone.
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