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    Brisbane/Gold Coast
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    Interested in BA, From A cup, hoping for D cup.
    295cc mod plus anatomical under the muscle
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    15th September Dr Aline Wickert
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    Height: 175cm. Weight: 57.5kg. Current Bra Size: 10A. Natural breast tissue: 136cc & 160cc
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  1. Yeah they do, and they are fully qualified plastic surgeons. I would consider it as going elsewhere will cost me $8,000 upwards. And they didn't do a bad job of the surgery itself, in my opinion, they were just super unprofessional with the way they handled the size drop, as I had two consultations so I don't understand why it was brought up to me minutes before surgery. So yeah I would consider doing my revision through them, I don't have much of an option considering money. Well I'm glad you're happy with your results! Congrats
  2. Yeah I know, but I have such a wide gap in my chest I think the extra centimetre each side would have made a bit of a difference bringing together my cleavage, it showed majorly in the vectra. And going from what I wanted 375, down to 330 down again to 295, I think it just got me really down but either way I think I'll just look into revision. I've come this far and spent this much money I may as well go the whole way and get what I want in the end.
  3. Hey TheFox, Thank you for being so honest, it's refreshing not to hear the whole suck it up and give it time speech. I knew there was something not right about this whole thing. I was told the surgeons at CosMedi Tour were all fully qualified and had plenty of experience but had moved from different countries hence being supervised, so I didn't think I would run into any issues like this. They did explain that they could lower my fold when Dr Stradwick came to double check the measurements before surgery, but he then said "no we can't because her crease is too defined so there is a high chance of seeing her old crease giving the double bubble effect". I've looked up people with well-defined creases and it is an issue they can have, but the first surgeon I had a consult with before cosmedi Tour was going to put in 380cc rounds and never mentioned a thing about the crease being too defined to lower etc, I just wished I had the knowledge back then to ask him about it, but I knew nothing of this crease-lowering until the day of my surgery when they were tossing it up. I think you're right, and I will write my surgeon an email. I just don't want her to take it super offensively so I've been trying to write one since yesterday but just lost for words
  4. my BWD was 12 and I weight 57kg. They said my breast crease was very defined so they wouldn't be able to lower it to insert a bigger implant without me seeing the old breast fold on my boob. Wish they told me beforehand. No mention of the ordering of two sizes at all
  5. Hey Elleg, Thank you, and no I haven't told my surgeon but she knew I wanted 375cc and just told me it wasn't possible so we settled on 330cc, so I would assume she knew and could tell by my face and voice, that I was pretty disappointed on the day when we downsized once again moments before surgery. And I feel really guilty to ring her and tell her because I know I'll cry and there is nothing she can do about it, it isn't her fault I suppose She did her best I guess. I just don't understand how in my first consult with a different surgeon he was going to give me 380cc rounds.. how would that have been possible if my surgeon couldn't even give me 330's without guaranteeing I would get the double bubble or something?! So frustrating. I had my 5 day post op appointment and the Dr told me my breasts won't get any larger, they will change shape but remain this size (a small-ish C cup) and also said my cleavage won't come any closer together. I'm hoping this is not the case as when I look at everyone's D&F pictures, they definitely get more cleavage, and the vectra images showed I would have relatively close together breasts with teardrops compared to rounds (hence I went with teardrops). But the outcome looks nothing like the vectra at the moment. I do understand I need to give it time. Just a disheartening start to the journey.
  6. Yes that's true. If you don't mind me asking, with your revision, was that because you were unable to go as big as you wanted the first go, due to small measurements? Or just because you wished they were bigger after the fact? And was there extra risks involved with going again only a year later? Cosmedi Tour dont offer you the one year warranty for revision so I'm wondering if that is because it's associated with extra risk? How did you find it? Are your scars a lot worse for it? I'm going to look into revision if I'm not happy at the six month mark.
  7. Thank you, I've just heard about the 3-5 day rule and it makes sense. As for my BWD I can't exactly remember because I didn't ask I just glanced at the paper when she wrote it down and I think it was roughly 12cm. I do know I had 130cc of natural breast tissue in each breast though if that helps any. They said the main problem with me was that my nipple to fold distance was short and I had a very defined fold, so stretching the limits and putting in an implant that was going to be my exact length/width would mean risking double bubble or they would have to pull some skin from my abdomen and slightly lower the fold, but because my original fold was so defined, I would risk still seeing it slightly up my breast. All sounded very complex.. wish it was explained to me earlier, not 2 minutes before operating. I don't even know if I would have bothered paying all that money and going through this experience if I knew I would only get 295cc implants. May as well have waited until after I had kids and breastfed etc. But that's probably the blues talking. Hoping to see some major improvements over the D&F period!!! Thanks for your positivity, and good luck with your surgery!!
  8. Hi All, For years and years I've desperately wanted B/A as I was a small A cup and hated my body. I'm tall and have wide hips so wanted to look womanly and fill out nice clothes etc. I had a few consults, picked Cosmedi Tour and was added to their forum where I saw hundreds of posts from girls immediately after their augmentation saying how they were ALREADY in love!!!! I was so so excited and just knew I'd get the same feeling. I was told in my first ever consult by a very well known PS that he would give me 380cc round unders to help me achieve my dream look. Cosmedi Tour PS, however, said this would never fit my dimensions, look very fake, and increased the risk of CC, rippling, and double bubble so we settled for 330cc mod plus tear drops to give me a natural look while. I was still quite happy with this although really wished I could have gone 375cc tear drops ideally. But I didn't want to take any risks. Leading up to the day of I had these nightmares that I would wake up from the surgery, look in the mirror and see my old boobs on my chest, but be in a lot of pain and have the scars from the surgery and the surgeons telling me 'yes of course we put the implants in, they look great'. So I was clearly nervous the size was going to be way too small. On the day of my surgery I got into my gown and sat in the consult room minutes before hopping on the table and they said they had re-assessed and I was not a good candidate for 330cc either and they brought in 295cc tear drops. I had about 2 minutes to say yes and had no idea what my options were so just said 'Well I'll trust you then, I guess put in the 295's". The surgery went smoothly, I recovered well and got home, was so excited to see the results and had a look straight away, and my worst nightmare had come true. I saw nothing but a little swelling and basically other than that.. my old boobs were still there. Everyone assured me that with time, patience and dropping and fluffiing they will look amazing.. but I don't see how a 175cm tall girl getting under 300cc moderate profile implants will really look that different when all other girls I see with 290's are tiiinyyy girls with slim tiny bodies and they still just look very proportionate. BUT I managed to stay positive, and held up an old bra against my body and saw the difference, I've kept a smile on my face and hoped for the best since then. My B/A was 5 days ago now. Today I can not stop crying. I wish I'd had more time to think and ask for the 345cc high profile implants, as they have the same length and width but a cm more in profile which I have seen on a girl with roughly my stats and they looked amazing, but I never had the time or information to do this and feel like I've made a big mistake. Maybe I could've gone rounds, or over the muscle instead, so I could get a bigger size to make it worth it, who knows!!! I've spent my life's savings on these things and even took out a small loan to make up for what I didn't have. I put all hope of my happiness into them and expected to be thrilled like all the girls on the forum. Instead, I am so sore, in so much pain, can barely see a difference, and broke. I am so upset. I'm not sure if it's because my mum went home today and I am now home alone, or if it is because today is the first day I haven't taken pain medication, or if the way I feel is completely warranted. Anybody who has been through this I would love your advice. What did you do? Did you pay another few thousands and wait for the 1 year to go bigger, or did you deal with it, or did this emotional state pass? Please help Thank you!!!
  9. Hey Honeytea, I'm booked in for BA on the 15th of September too! Boob buddies!! I have my consult with CosMedi Tour next week, but have already had a consult with another surgeon so have a pretty good idea what I'm after, but from the assessment photos I've sent to CosMedi Tour they're suggesting different things then I was told in my first consult, they seem to think I need tear drops and I had my heart set on rounds but they made some pretty good points so now I'm confused. Fingers crossed I can get it all cleared up and make a good decision next Thursday when I meet with my new surgeon!!
  10. Thank you so much for your help, reading that has really put my mind at ease a bit more about Cosmedi Tour. Yeah Dr. Perron is actually in Brisbane now, but about a year ago he was working under Dr. Stradwick for Cosmedi Tour because he moved here from Canada. I was really worried about Cosmedi Tour sounding super dodgy because you have to pay all that money without knowing who your surgeon is, so you can't look them up and get a feel for their reputation etc. But when I found out Dr. Perron was there not long ago I started to look into it more, they must be good surgeons because Dr Perron has a great reputation and I personally know friends who have had him but for different surgeries. So I suppose if so many people have done it through CosMedi Tour and had good outcomes I will just have to trust the process. I'll see how to face to face goes. Thank you!
  11. Hi, I am about to have a BA, and am really struggling with choosing between Dr Justin Perron, or going through CosMedi Tour Australia on the Gold Coast. I had my initial consult with Dr Perron and loved him! I've read nothing but great reviews about him. I looked into CosMedi Tour on the Gold Coast purely because of the amazing price difference. I found that the surgeons aren't listed and you don't know which surgeon you will be assigned until after your consult which is super scary. All procedures are done under the supervision of Dr Luke Stradwick, who also has amazing reviews, but it scares me and makes me feel like these surgeons performing the BA are not skilled enough, as they obviously need to be supervised. However, they have a $350 revision surgery warranty for 12 months where it covers everything which is excellent. Just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on Cosmedi Tour or Dr Perron. I am super nervous!!! Dr Perron Suggested 380cc round under the muscle implants. Cosmedi tour recommended Firmer Gel Allergan tear drop implants due to my large gap in the middle of my chest, saying round would make me look too far apart and fake. I am really seeking a natural look but Dr Perron. showed me before and afters of round implants and I could barely notice the difference so was convinced I could save money and not run the risk of the tear drops rotating. What are your guy's thoughts, and what do you think of the brand implants recommended? I have also heard there is less chance of CC with tear drops. Any advice is so greatly appreciated!! If you need photos to help me I will upload them. THANK YOU!
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