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    Perth surgeon ~ 19th December 2017. Revision required in 2019 with Tony Connell for Symmastia
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  1. I had mine done with Dr Cunneen and now have Symmastia. I will be having them removed eventually and am considering not replacing them at all. Like @elleg I feel it was a complete and utter waste of money. I do have regrets about having them as well now. They are uncomfortable and I can’t even show them off or wear anything slightly revealing because they look terrible. Plus is if I do decide to re-implant after having them removed it’s going to be a long process that I just can’t afford with time off for 2 more operations. (1 to remove and another 3+ months later to re-insert)
  2. I just want to play devils advocate here. I made the choice to get implants, and I love having boobs. But unfortunately I’m one of the ones where something has gone wrong and I need a revision (I had my op Dec 2017) and I knew within a couple of months I would have to get them fixed. Make sure you go with a surgeon who guarantees their work and will fix if anything goes wrong at minimal cost to you, otherwise you could be paying 2-3 times what you initially thought you would be. I have to make another appointment with my PS to discuss revision soon. This will also mean More time off work after another operation, so lost income on top of everything else as I am self employed. And Medicare and Private Health no longer cover any cosmetic procedures.
  3. Thanks, I’ll make an appt when I get back from Sydney in a couple of weeks. I’d love to get this sorted out. I feel the communication breakdown between reception and myself has let your team down. I’d love to turn this little saga into a victory for the both of us
  4. I’ve been looking at Private Health a lot lately and it doesn’t look like any cosmetic surgery is covered at all (not even hospital fees) unless it is required such as a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy for example. Any surgery that you choose to do such as augmentation is not covered at all, and I believe it was all stopped in Oct this year.
  5. I totally agree with you. I am sooooo disappointed with the whole thing. I’m glad I didn’t write a good review early on and decided to wait. I will be writing an honest review now that 12 months have passed so other people are aware that all is not as perfect as it seems
  6. I had a different experience with dropping and fluffing, I don’t think I reached my final size until 9-12 months post op. I bought some DD’s around 6 months Po thinking they had finished changing, but the bra’s no longer fit now, and are way too small. My boobs just kept getting bigger and bigger!
  7. This is most likely the route I will take too. From textured anatomicals to round smooth and a smaller size.
  8. Just saw your pics @elleg there is definitely a big difference between the 2 of them
  9. @elleg I don’t think anything is covered by Medicare or private health anymore, I think a lot of those things that were able to be claimed were dropped in Oct this year. I’ve searched high and low and a lot of private health now won’t insure for anything to do with cosmetic surgery unless it was medically needed. I don’t know if they class revisions as a medical thing or a cosmetic thing, hopefully someone who knows can fill us in? I’ve never been comfortable with mine, I think it due to their size, I have always had aches and pains, and I remember the feeling of the skin coming away which was painful, but was told it’s normal to have aches and pains after surgery so I didn’t worry too much about it, thinking it would all settle down.
  10. I won’t be going back now. The trust is completely gone. I would be so scared that I would end up botched again. Pretty sure @I HaveBoobs thinks hers may be rotating as well ?
  11. I know! I think a lot of people who do have complications are too embarrassed to talk about it. I was so disappointed with how it ended up! This was my experience when I went to talk to him about a revision: When I went back to talk about it (was only a few of weeks ago) he said in his consult room that he would fix it and put smaller implants in at minimal cost (2 surgeries over 3 months to let the skin reattach to the sternum) when we went out to Jo he told her (actually he whispered to her because the waiting room was full) to give me a quote for the procedure. Jo said she would email it to me by the end of the week. The end of the week came and went so I emailed her and asked her if she had perhaps forgotten all about it and if she had managed to get the quote sorted. The reply and I quote was “No” that’s it, no Hi, no sorry nothing, just NO. I did eventually get the quote a few days later, and the only thing that was on it was the removal, which was still $1500 and had a Medicare number attached. When I asked about the rest of the procedure (reimplanting smaller implants) she sent me a photocopy of the pricing list that gets handed to you when you book your initial appt, so they want me to pay the full price for his mistake. I replied asking for her to please speak to Sam as that is not what was discussed while I was there and to clarify the pricing, I haven’t heard back yet and that was over A week ago. I hope you have more luck as you may not need new implants, just going in and putting it back to where it’s meant to be. May be an easier fix than mine!
  12. Oh no! I think we had the same surgeon too and I’m almost 12 months too and having issues (issues that were very obvious early on) and getting nowhere with him. I’ve booked in with Tony Connell instead. You are now the 3rd person this week that has developed issues 1 year Po with him!
  13. When I rang I could have got an Jan appt, so I don’t think the wait is too long, I only chose Feb as I have so much on with family coming over in Jan.
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