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  1. Hi! I originally got 320cc anatomical in 2018 and have almost exact same stats to you. Started out as an A cup. I ended up with HUGE boobs that made me look bigger than I really am... my bra size was 32DD and I looked liked a solid DD too. So many people would comment on how big my boobs were and I hated it... even though they did look natural. Fast forward to this year and I've switched over to Motiva Ergonomix 275cc and I already feel way better. I feel like around this size, no more than 300cc will bring you to your goal.
  2. Hey girls, I’m recently back at the gym! ?? Im building my own low weight circuit and am having trouble coming up with some arm excercises to slim them down and tone. i need to be wary of my implant type and don’t want them to move out of place. Can anyone recommend which machines I could use with low weights? And also what dumbbell excercises are good. I have been using the ropes but my gym is small and it seems to be annoying for people to jump over me when I’m doing this. ?
  3. I am so terrified of this and have gone into a reading hole!!! I'm not sure what to do :/
  4. I have textured implants and if I push hard on my breasts they hurt. This is after 4 months PO. I also cannot sleep on my tummy still. :/ They look great but feel pretty hard and hoping this stops soon because they don't feel like they belong to me.
  5. I really hope so! But when can it happen? I feel like I’ll be waiting at least a few more months haha
  6. Anyone doing a vigorous yoga that includes many chatarungas?
  7. Would love to know about this too! Especially for anatomical implants.
  8. Thanks so much @sabP I’m updating my album now! Weird rock feeling has calmed down slightly over the last few days. I’m also a bit scared as they feel a little sore still and when I hug people I feel it especially.
  9. My implants seem to be dropping a fair bit. On one side my boob has dropped over the crease if that makes sense... the other hasn’t :/ i still feel at times like I have rocks attached to my chest. They are hard to the touch. However looking at them you’d think they would be normal squishy boobs. I am almost 10 weeks out and honestly hoping this weird rock feeling goes away and that they start to feel lighter and more like real boobs ?
  10. He’s an awesome doctor. I’m just over 2 months post op and have had amazing results. Have not heard a bad thing about this doctor. He should be charging more in my opinion because he has some of the best work I’ve seen!
  11. Hi girls, A quick update date that at 8 weeks PO my implants have softened only slightly. Mainly at the top and at my cleavage area. The rest of my breast still feels quite tender. My back and neck pain is slowly going away and my energy levels are slowly coming back. I am still finding bra shopping very hard as the bottom of my implants are too stiff to squash into an underwire bra. At night I sleepy on my back with no bra. Side sleeping and tummy sleeping are impossible as it still hurts and I am so freaked out by the idea of rotation!! ? Aesthetically they look awesome I
  12. When can you go braless after surgery? I'm 7 weeks PO with anatomical. Would love to come home and wear no bra and maybe even sleep with no bra
  13. I was so scared of people noticing. Literally not one person has noticed- not even my mum. I went from a B to a D with 320ccs. I’m at 7 weeks post op and still feeling pretty firm so I guess it looks like I have a padded bra on all the time haha.
  14. Hey girls, I'm almost at 6 weeks post op now, which means I get to ditch this hideous post op bra! My implants are slowly getting softer but don't seem to be able to squish into an underwire bra if that makes sense. I know I have a lot more changes to come... does anyone have any bra recs for the time being? Something supportive that gives a nice shape with no padding? I'm not ready to splurge yet- so something nice and affordable. I'll purchase something super nice in 6 months. X
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