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  1. I went with Dr Miroshnik, he's reasonable price for a plastic surgeon and very down to earth and patient focused. Couldn't recommend him enough. He does the best natural ones I've seen.
  2. I had 10DD boobs whilst growing up, I lost a lot of weight and my boobs with it. I had stretch marks before my BA. I was a 10b prior to my surgery. My stretch marks are there but less noticeable since getting my BA. But if you're worried a dermal roller will fix them. I haven't developed anymore due to having a lot a of breast tissue. It may work in your favour. You can slightly see them in the middle of my cleavage. X
  3. I looked at this thread when I was getting my BA. I can now finally post my own ?. 1week - 4 months
  4. Bio oil was too heavy for my skin. It's not recommended by my surgeon. For my stretch marks I used a dermal roller from Australian Skin Institute and a high % vitamin A serum.
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