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  1. Hey! Hope your all getting very excited, if you havnt yet had your surgery yet, and good luck! Those who have hope your recovering well and loving your new girls! I’m 2 weeks post op today! The pressure and tightness has really eased up, but not much drop and fluff. Back at work full time this week. I work in a clothes shop and also in an aged care home running activities, so nothing too strenuous. 100% reccomend picking the bigger size, I hope mine go up a size when they settle. However I’ve got the biggest size I could get so can’t complain so far happy with everything, can’t wait to sleep normally and wear a proper bra
  2. Yeah that's fair they will look so different in 3 months time, yeah true, hopefully I'll be right by Thursday, I go back to work
  3. Thanks, yours are looking great too, are you happy? Yeah I agree I get tired pretty easy, trying to be patient too and wait for them to fall into place starting to get frustrated not being able to do things
  4. Hey guys, today I'm 4 days post op, I had my surgery at TCI Southport on Wednesday, I got 345cc and 365cc dual plane high profile, round textured. So happy with my result, pain killers didn't agree with me so had a pretty rough couple of days being sick but much better now, just taking panadol. Can't wait To feel normal. Here's a pic from before and from day 1 post op.
  5. I went to my bank, (commonwealth), I got a personal loan. I feel that's the safe way to go
  6. Hey everyone, wondering if you guys know the rules with tanning. It says no tanning 4 weeks prior but is this just for the area around my breasts? can I tan my arms and legs? Thanks in advance
  7. They took the $150 I payed for my consult off the price I'm going round textured, under the muscle also, moderate profile. I'm also slightly asymmetrical. i haven't been able to pick my cc yet as it will depend on my measurements and all that, but from reading lots of post and looking at others I'm thinking 300-350 cc. I may not be able to go this big though because I haven't got a lot of breast tissue or skin. My stats are pretty much the same as yours, except I'm not a very full 10A haha feel free to message me
  8. I had my Skype consult with him a week or so ago and I was really surprised with how friendly he was, super informative and answered a lot of questions. Pretty happy with my decision to go with him
  9. Hey I'm a newbie too! Just booked my BA with Dr Dash on October the 4th, also with tci in southport. I've been having lots of those feelings too, if it's the right decision, will it be worth it, worried what people will think, but I know it's what I want! I'm 21, 169cm, 60kg and maybe like a 10aa-10a cup. At this stage I'm going with round moderate profile, but unsure on a size, would love someone to chat with!!
  10. Hi girls I'm new to this forum and having my ba on October 4th with Dr Dash at TCI Gold Coast , I'm super nervous and would love to chat, please message me
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