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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Robert Goldman 14/12/2017
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    5”2 56kg 12B
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  1. Omg I had this the day of my surgery up near collarbone left breast very squelchy when nurse pressed. I’ve never tried it again it scared me but it is common I hear.
  2. Hi how was your surgery? I had 355cc and 335cc motiva? 2 weeks tomorrow so getting dressings off. 😉
  3. I am booked for the same day 14th December!!! Super excited for my new boobs. 40 mother of 3 going from small b to hopefully c/d cup. Slight assymetry so using 355cc motiva High profile and possibly 335cc other breast. Will post up pics before soon.
  4. Finally I’m having my surgery on December 14th. Going with 355 cc High profile motiva. Hoping for c/d cup. I’m 5”2 approx 56kg. Anyone have similar?
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