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  1. Hi there I've seen some posts regarding this but they're all quite old so I'm hoping to get some new responses. I'm desperately wanting a tummy tuck. After 3 caesareans and weight loss, I'm left with so much sagging skin and muscle separation. I don't have private health and the prices I seem to find in Sydney are all around $30,000 which is not going to happen. Is this just the standard cost now or is Sydney expensive? I'm happy to travel. I've also been considering overseas surgery but I'm a bit scared about it and don't know where to start. Has anyone got a tummy tuck
  2. Narnie66...I'm not sure if you're still on here but I just wanted to let you know that it was because of your comments that made me book a consultation with Dr Choy. I just got back and have booked my surgery for breast reduction. He was really great and made me feel comfortable. And this may be weird but I'm pretty sure I saw your photos and you look absolutely amazing. You are exactly what I aspire to be a couple years down the road. I turn 41 on Friday and I've been waiting for this for a very long time. I'm super excited and nervous and I loved reading about your story.
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