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  1. Ive seen his work one of my friend had a boobjob wt him and turned out good
  2. Hey lovelies, today i was feeling waaaay better! I was so suprised when i woke up i didnt felt much pain anymore!! I was up at 5.30am went straight to had breaky then didnt stop moving til dinner time. Went shopping all day and didnt feel sore at all. Went back to the hotel had dinner took my meds and feel asleep like a baby! Nurse came and visit me today and said im goin back to hospital so sh can take the drain out.... I must say the first day after the surgery was rough but i jus wanna tell you to all the girls who about to do it trust me you’ll feel better in few days! Im a person who cant handlle pain and yet i got through it!!!! Xxx
  3. Hey ladies, it is my second night after my surgery. The day after surgery i was in so much pain, and the next morning too i was jus a wreck couldnt do much but nurse told me to relax my arm and move around so i heal faster... Being alone jus not making things easier too. But ive got some help from the hotel staff and tonight i felt much better now... I ended up getting 350cc, dual plane high profile... But still cant see the girls yet doctor will see me again on friday... Im pretty stoked to see how big they are now tho.. Thanks ladies for thinking of me.. Ill post some photos on friday... Hugsss
  4. @Wanting boobs thanks hun, im flying to Bangkok tmrw and having ny surgery on saturday o my gowddd im jus soooo excited and nervous!!! Im trying to pack now and hopefully i dont forget anything important!!! Ill keep in touch wt yous when im there. Love yas and thanks for all the support! Yaaaayyyy xx @sabP thank you thank you thank you!!!! Surgery is less in 48 hours whooppp whooppp!
  5. @sabP my GP gave panadine forte and it written my name in there, but if its too risky ill rather not take that wt me.. Thanks lovelies for the advice. Its now 8 days to go til my surgery!!! @Wanting boobs thanks hun, 8days to go til my surgery! I havent been able sleep well from how excited i am for this!!!
  6. @Wanting boobs it is now 13 days to go until my surgery! I am more excited than nervous atm, but when i start thinking how am i gonna do it all by my self i start panicking! Jus thinking about ill be in so much pain for the first 3/4days??? Im going to BKK is it safe if i bring my pain killers from Australia? I dont want o do anything against the law?
  7. Finally i jus got my confirmation email from DB, it feels so surreal now! 27days to go! Been wanting this whole my life!!
  8. Hi y’all, i finally booked my surgery and put down payment for my BA on may next month! Jus wondering if theres any girl here who will be going having surgery at the date as mine or will be there during my stay? Would be nice to meet up since ill be going alone, im usually okay travel alone jus this time wt surgery im a bit nervous about it. Anyone had their BA through destination beauty? Pls kind enough to share your experienced wt them.. Im booked wt Dr. Angkana if anyone know about her?
  9. Hi @kirra thanks for that! Yeh ive been in contact wt cosmeditour after i saw their prices was 6grand i thought that was good! But then they quoted me for 8grand or more so i decided to go to Bangkok now with destination beauty! 4 more weeks to go!!! So how youre feeling now? When can you get up and walk again after the surgery? Ill be going alone so im a bit nervous about that
  10. @Mell62 did you end up getting BA in Sydney hun? Could you share your stories, whos your surgeon and how long you have to stay there? Im about to book wt cosmeditour but feeling like i need more info about them...
  11. Wow really?? Im ready to book everything my self aswell jus could get anyone who can speak english.. Whats world medical centre??? Is that the namenof the hospital you had your ba done??? Do you have their contact number?
  12. Is there anyone who succesfully booked your ba on your own without using an agent in bangpakok 9 bangkok hospital? Ive been talking to Destination beauty, and any other agent. Been hearing bad stories about each of them but cosmeditour seems alright to me. But if i can i wanna contact bangpakok 9 my self, been calling them and emailed them. Email only responded once, and calls never get through. Starting to wondering maybe they do this cos they work together wt agency...
  13. Hi ladies, is there any pornthep's ba patient here? Would you mind sharing your experience wt him and maybe send me before and after photos? Im quite small frame, 151cm and 47 kg... Im a small B cup and im aiming to get full C cup... here below i attached my photos...
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