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  1. you will get so addicted once you start! my lips look so plump and natural i love them soooo much. Im pretty sure i had juvaderm and it was 1ml. My doc is amazing. He is at Eleventh Heaven in Newstead Brisbane. He used numbing cream so it didnt hurt much at all. Its around $449 for 1ml. His name is Dr. Ricky. Good luck!
  2. I am looking at getting veneers in Brisbane. I have been researching more about composite veneers and am aiming for a ''hollywood'' smile. I think i will need 8 veneers maybe? I have not had a consultation yet. I would love some recommendations of cosmetic dentists in brisbane, preferrably Northside however i can always travel! What was your experience like? Cost? What was the process like? Thanks so much
  3. I am recently new to getting injectables too! My mum gets botox done at Eleventh Heaven in Newstead brissy. She looks amazing and she is mid-late 40s. She has been getting her botox done for a while now, looks so natural. People always think she is way younger. She recommended me there for my lips! I had 1ml filler in my lips recently and i am in love with them! i get so many compliments. The injector is Dr. Ricky Sia. Cannot recommend him enough as he makes you feel so comfortable. He is SO particular and cares so much about you the clinic is SO PRETTY too!
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