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  1. thanks for your reply. So no recommendations for Dr Mooney? I've had a consultation with him and like his website B/A's and dont particularly want to spend another $500 for another consultation with another DR especially since i'll be paying 15k. I'm just confused wether Dr Mooney is a plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon.
  2. Hi everyone I'm considering primary rhinoplasty with either Dr Mooney or Dr Nettle in Sydney. I've read a few bad reviews which has made me a little nervous but I'm not sure how true they are as there's no photos for proof. Does anyone have any before/after images of rhinoplasty with them? Dr Marcellas may also be an option. I have a bit of a bulbous tip so want someone thats good with that. A lot of pictures I've seen are removing the nose bridge lump (forget the technical term) so I'd love to see some others. Thank you!
  3. Hi @wantingchange Who did you end up choosing? I can't decide between DR Nettle and Dr Mooney. Any advice? Thanks
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